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    dream fragment

    Fragment of Dreams

    1. TWO in ONE

      by , 03-25-2012 at 04:13 PM
      I had 2 dream, wich i dont think they are related.
      the 1st ona:
      There was a "race" of beings wich i can compare to the Behemoths of FF-XIII. there was a Alfa Male that was Blue coloured, and his wife/women was Red coloured. they had a son that was Grey.
      Some kind of catastrophe happened and they had to abandon the place they were resided, and becouse of that they left. i have a hole here, and the next time i remember something is that Blue, Red and Grey (im going to reffer them as that, for i do not know their names) were in a glacier that was breaking. i do not remember if there was more of this "behemoths" with them. Grey was in the water, and his father and mother tell him to come back but he keeps swimming to the center of the glacier.
      Grey is in a COMICBOOK-STORE(i assume the one from the simpsons, i never been in a real comicbook store), with 2 humans. someone arrive screaming that X person(i do not remember his name) transformed himself. Grey asks him what X has become, and this man showed him a picture in wich you can see a human/behemoth (2 stripes going down from his head and back, big hands, etc..) that was BLUE/RED coloured, like those colours shifted all over his body. Grey get's angry and starts running to find X.
      There ended the first dream.
      The 2nd one starts like this:
      There was a group of people in the top of a mountain. They went down from that mountain and went trough a path, in wich i started to remember (or i was showed) who they are and what they did.
      The only one i remember clearly is the one from the "old man". i remember he entered a crypt, in wich he fought against skeletons and that sort of things with a sword. this goes on for a while until he reaches a grave, in wich he fights "death" and steals his Scythe.
      next thing i remember, a little kid from the group starts to run and get's into a sort of abandoned factory, half of it in still hearch and the other half in the water, with beams holding it. the kid started to move through this beams.
      i do not remember anything else.
      Thank You For Reading
    2. The town, the bunny and the highway

      by , 03-24-2012 at 03:21 PM
      hello people, i just woke up and i remember some fragments of a very weird dream
      this is the traduction(i will post the original, in spanish, if someone want's me to, it is easyer to understand):

      It was a town like "chacabuco". We arrived in a car to a church. it had a highway on the side of it (right side), and a bird was standing in the "wall" of the highway(you know, like when there is a pillar holding the highway?), "picking" the other wall/mini-stripe-of-material next to it. then my dad told me something and I STARTED TO FEEL, SMELL, HEAR AND SEE like an animal (i believe i "possesed" him somehow, like taking over his body). i/him started to run through a park/forest that was near the church and when i/him was eating a bird, A NUMBER WOULD COME OUT OF THE BIRD counting how many i already ate. this went for a while, and in a moment i jumped to the top of a small building, closer to the church. i saw a bunny, and i ate it, but the number didn't was from 3 to 4, or 7 to 8, it was like 12-19 or something like that. i looked back and i saw my father, who told me "did you see that they are better?" (that would be: "¿viste que son mejores?).
      I believe that the animal was a fox, a dog or a wolf.
      i did some childish drawing of a "map" of the whole place, i am redoing it again in paint and i will upload it
      thank you for reading