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    If you happen to be looking at my Dream Journal,well then,yay.I hope you are not disappointed.

    I occasionally have lucids,so I would post them here.I will try to post as much as I can.Even the boring ones.

    Currently,I have one dream goal.Its a bit personal,so,for now,Ill just say that im searching for someone.He is very important to me,so,umm,yea.

    I believe in shared dreaming,so if you want to try it,Pm me.I'm all ears.You can also come to my dream world too,when you feel like it.I would like the company.Although,I might be nonlucid.You can make me lucid though,I would very much appreciate it,since I dont get a lot of lucids.If you want to fight me,awesome.Im all up for it.I love dream battling.

    Well,have fun reading.

    1. Forever 21,Bus,,more boring stuff

      by , 03-17-2012 at 06:01 AM (Um.Hi.)
      Note:Wow,i Haven't been here in a long time.I've completely slacked off my lucid dreaming,and as a result,I am back to square 1. I'm a noob again -.-.Well its my fault,but whatever

      Type of dream:Nonlucid

      Not much I can recollect.I was on a bus riding to the mall?I think it was the mall.Anyway, there was a lady on there who was freaking out because she was new to the country and didnt know how to ride a bus,much less know where she was going.She asked me for help and I gave her a bus map, and told her how to ride a bus.She thanked me

      I found myself in a mall with Ana.We were going to Forever 21.In the end she left me, so I walked into the store myself.I was looking at bags and dresses.Saw a nice green one,and a weird pink dress with a hole where the stomach area was.It was weird.
    2. Twilight,Fighting Sea monster.

      by , 11-13-2011 at 10:09 PM (Um.Hi.)
      Type of Dream:Nonlucid

      Apparently,Im Bella Swan from Twilight.I was talking to Jacob on the front porch of a house with a lot of stairs

      something like that,but higher

      I forgot what I was talking to him about.Anyway,he turns to leave,when suddenly a huge sea monster comes out of nowhere.It brings water with it and almost reaches the top of the stairs.The monster has a lot of tentacles

      Its suprisingly really cute.But the stupid me screams in fear and crawls back to the door.Jacob springs into action and starts to dive in.He call to me "Bella!We have to deafeat the monster!"
      I scream and shrink back even farther "No!Its gonna kill me!"He just shrugs and jumps in the water.I watch him fight it,then I decide to join in.So I kick off my boots and jump in after it.I swim and manage to grab one of its tentacles and rip it off.It dies and then dissapears to nothing.We then start running as fast as we could out of there.I stop and hold my stomach and tell Jacob "Quick Jacob!Give me that shirt that you gave me as a gift when we were five years old and I promised to treasure it always and never ever lose it or get it dirtied!"He looks concerend and gives me the shirt.I look at it for a minute,then I throw up on it."Ahh,much better"I get thr thrown up shirt and give it back to the devestated Jacob.He just looks at me and-

      I wake up because I couldnt stop laughing
    3. Anime android 10/22/11

      by , 10-23-2011 at 09:32 AM (Um.Hi.)
      Type of dream:Nonlucid

      I am in some sort of anime like world.I'm an android robot,part of some kind of goverment group.I looked something like this

      I was assigned to kill some kind of man who was against us.They set it up so i could meet him at a resturaunt.When I walked in,he was at a table,waiting for me.I took a seat across from him.I forgot what we talked about,all I remember was the end.Something was going wrong,my eyesight was getting messed up.Then he asked me
      "What's wrong?"
      "Oh,it's nothing,I think im getting a little headache."
      "You're lying."his voice suddenly got stern.It surprised me.
      "I know what you are.I know that you're here to kill me.Its a shame,really,what they are doing to you."I looked at him,even though I couldnt see him well with my deteriorating eyesight.He looked like he pitied me.I immediately got angry.I was an android,the elite in my class.No one pities me.I grabbed my gun,and pointed it to him.
      "Die."I tried to pull the trigger,but my body was malfunctioning,I couldnt move my fingers.What was wrong with me?This has never happened before.What the hell was he talking about?
      The man sounded sad.By this point I was going blind.I tried to get up and run,but I stumbled,then fell.My legs couldnt move.
      "What the hell is happening to me?"
      "They are desynchronizing you.You're going to die."I was bewildered.
      "What?No,you're lying"
      "Then why are you slowly breaking?Its not a malfunction,your one of their elites."
      lapse in memory
      Somehow my body became back to normal.I saw the man holding out his hand to me.It was apparent that he was the one who restored me.
      "So what do you say?Would you join the resistance?Keep in mind if you take my hand,you are becoming an outlaw.You will be killing your own kind as well.So,what will it be?"
      I smirked,grabbing his hand.
      "Lets kill those bastards."

      Notes:This was an abnormal dream.Normally,I dont have these kinds of dream.Too bad it wasnt a lucid though.