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      Remember me~? Long time no speak, hmm?
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      Sup, my student.
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      Well, thank you very much and I must say that I absolutely love your avatar.
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      I thought we were as well. Oh well :p
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      Hey, I don't know if you remember me but, welcome back to the forums.
    6. I really need to force myself to record my dreams, im so out of it in the mornings and i usually just lay there for awhile :/ that, and i will post a new dream in my dream journal for the first time in months tomorrow. i just have to finish recording it(never finished, but i remember the rest of it) and then put in on my computer happy lucid dreams to all!
    7. So on Friday night, i remembered 3 dreams, and last night, i remembered 2 dreams. So my recall is fine as long as i get enough sleep. I just need to make myself write it all down as soon as I wake up because I did not do so either night :/ oh well. but as long as i my recall stays like this and if i make myself write it down immediately, i can hopefully work on becoming lucid
    8. I'm sorry, I got out of the habit again. And im not sure how to keep myself determined and on track :/
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      My name is Jake.
      Just saw that you have been in PercyLucid's MILD class.
      I'm enrolled for this class, awesome to hear that you've done it and loved it.

      Just saying hi, and if you don't mind I've added you as a friend

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      Thanks! I'm really excited about it ^_^, though the prospect of job hunting is still stressful... o.O
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    by Linkster17 on 01-18-2014 at 09:03 PM
    In this dream, a bunch of people got superpowers from this radioactive site. I forgot why I was there... I think I was looking for someone when I went down there. The site was these old, stone, underground ruins. It was massive, with large parts of it collapsed in some places. I remember seeing someone shred around using ice powers when I came in, though I don't remember if that is who I was looking for.

    Anyways, I remember later on a girl in our group getting upset with me and she ran off into some unknown part, where a bunch of our enemies were plotting. She gestured for me to be quiet as I got closer, and I hid under a table against a wall and tried to listen in. One of them apparently noticed one of us though, as more of our side arrived. A battle broke out, and I tried waiting for a few seconds since no one noticed me. Our side ran off, not wanting this big fight that would have been costly, and so I try to escape too. These two guys, brothers or maybe even twin brothers stop me though, hitting me with some ability that really disoriented me... I asked them to wait a moment, and I wanted to text goodbye to someone before they killed/captured me, they agreed since everyone on their team was coming towards us. I was really stalling though for the effects to wear off. I yell levitate and jumps up, flying upwards. They all start yelling and start running various ways to try and catch up to me. Some guy in armor on a higher part of the ruins tells me to act like he got me. I comply, letting him grab me and drag me against a table, causing a bunch of stuff to fall. I then thank him and sneak off.

    Then later in my dreams I remember going to some well where the radiation was also leaking out and me and some guy were discussing something. Some others come and one of them, a girl around my age stands on top of some metal bars at the top of the well. I think they were simply floating. I tell her I think she should get off and throw something small near her, not actually aiming at her though. She laughs and doesn't listen. All of a sudden a bunch of metal stuff comes from junk nearby and forms a big heap of metal and her and the heap start to fall down the well. I yell "NO!" and put my hands out towards her, telekinectically stopping both her and the heap of metal above her, and slowly rise them both up and fling the metal to the side and put her on the ground gently. She starts crying and I go up and hug and comfort her, glad I saved her in time.

    I remember walking around later on and some people recognize me, calling me a hero and etc. I didn't feel comfortable with it though and simply thanked them and signed autographs for those who asked. I get back to my dorm and see some guys wrote on a whiteboard that I was a hero and etc. I just move on and talk to a few guys from my hall, one who feels bad about what almost happened to the girl, while the other said it didn't matter since I saved her and that I was a hero. I simply comfort the guy, telling him not to feel bad. And then the dream ended.

    7/14 Beautiful Girl?

    by Linkster17 on 07-15-2013 at 05:12 AM
    If you asked me to describe what I would consider to be the most beautiful girl, she would be blonde with hair to her shoulders, with light blue eyes and smooth, pale skin, a few inches shorter then me, kind of thin, but not like unhealthy thin, kind of curved, and well... her chest and bottom wouldn't be too big. Something would be there, just not a lot. She would have a delicate face and despite all that, she would be strong on the inside, defiant, be independent. But still smart, and be teasing and having a gentle, caring side.

    Anyways... I dunno if the girl in my dream was quite all those things last night... but the physical part and a lot of her personality seemed like that from what I recall. I don't remember everything... but I remember her face and figure pretty well... usually I don't remember details like that. In the later part of the dream, we are in a car, with my mom, and we are at this busy road with like four lanes, two and two with some roads in between to allow you to get to the other pair of roads... and for some reason... she gets out and runs off. I run after her, and she goes into this dark forest, unafraid even at night. I follow her, worried about her. She eventually ends up at this large cliff, which almost looks like it has giant steps. She starts climbing and teases me, trying to get me to come with her. I am afraid of heights though and the top is so high up. We had no equipment and even if we did, I still wouldn't have gone. She sighs and frowns, and continues going up anyways. I'm torn between following to make sure she stays safe or my fear, but then we spot a guy and his little sister, who is hurt. They both have kind of darker skin, but it seems natural. So I guess they are part hispanic or something? And he has short, spiky, black hair and she has dark brown, straight hair which goes to her upper back. Her brother and I help the little girl down gently, and the beautiful girl comes back down quickly to help, serious now. I forget what we do to try and help her... maybe wrap her hurt ankle. But that's all I remember of the dream... I know I had another dream after this one, but I don't think they were related. I wish I could remember it all... and I hope I can find her in my dreams again...

    6/5 Princess in the Sky

    by Linkster17 on 02-16-2013 at 06:06 AM
    I was riding in a hot air balloon to go visit a kingdom in the sky to visit my friend, who was a princess(why do so many of my dreams have princesses? .-. and this whole dream was in anime form). So I get there and land and after I step out of the air balloon, my princess friend leaps at me and gives me a big hug. I smile and hug her back, though I admit that I was wondering what she was thinking, we were right at the edge of a landing platform on a floating kingdom. After our little embrace, she grabs my hand and takes me to meet her other friends.

    There are 6 of them, and they are all royalty from nearby kingdoms, I was the only non-royal sadly lol. We hanged out around the kingdom for the rest of the day, though I don't remember much of it. The next day the princess wanted to go look around and shop on the ground, though that was a blur too. Then, the day after that I was making a deck, it reminded me of yu-gi-oh sort of, I remember all the cards seeming dark.(foreshadowing perhaps? ) Then I headed to where I was supposed to meet the princess that say, but one of the guys was blocking the door, and he was with the princess.

    I got a bad feeling from him at that moment, and well I was very right. He attacks the princess with claws that formed out of his hands, cutting her and her blood splattering on the ground. This pisses me off and makes me worried for the princess, so I attack him, slamming him through the glass door, getting some glass shards into him as we hit the ground. Now his attention is on me though, and he was not what he appeared. He cuts and slices at me with his claws and snapping at me with razor sharp teeth, his eyes glowing a demonic red. I punch and kick and cut him with glass and fight for my life, as the princess helplessly watches.

    He attacks her again as I weaken, and I hold him back, choking him with an arm around his neck. Sadly, him not being human, but a demonic being of some sort, he twists his head 180 degrees, and bites into my, blood gushing out, even though blood is flowing from multiple wounds already. If it was in real life, I would have probably been dead or unconscious. Not only that, he slashes at my chest as he does, leaving deep, painful cuts in me. I continue to do whatever I can to kill him, desperate to finish him off. I finally twist his neck too far and kill him off, so tired, and with so little blood in me. I wasn't sure how I was still standing. But it wasn't over, and a young looking girl, another member of our group, attacks too, also a demonic being.

    She attacks, and I defend. She jumps on my back, slashing into it, giving me more wounds, and I slam her into the ground. I kick and punch and smash until she is dead, and the princess comes to me when I finish the other demon off, hugging me tightly and worriedly, thanking me and helping me stay up. But before anything else can happen, the dream ends.

    5/26 Crime and Beautiful Eyes

    by Linkster17 on 05-27-2012 at 04:32 AM
    I was at a airport with two guys I know in real life. We were on the runway, running away from security guards. I don't remember what we did, it may have been simply being on the runway, but we were all running away from them, splitting up. I reached a nearby city, but I continued to move and weave through crowds, knowing someone was following me. I figured maybe the cops were now following me... Someone grabs my arm while I am moving out of a crowd and I turn around as they leave and I see a beautiful blond girl holding my arms with piercing blue eyes, but the bottom parts of them are rimmed with orange. They were very pretty and unusual. I knew she was also hunting me down to turn me in but I was captivated by her eyes and all I could say was, "Your eyes are so pretty". She apparently thought I was just trying to distract her and said, "I'm not going to fall for that one again". And I said something back but I am not sure what. Something about asking her to do so one more time(but not like as a trick, but to believe it because seriously, it would be amazing if someone had eyes like that ). Then she simply turned away for some reason and let me go and walked off and vanished into a crowd. Then one of my friends ran by and I woke up due to my alarm clock... -.-'

    3/31 Zombies, 2 Humans, and a Elf

    by Linkster17 on 04-02-2012 at 12:15 AM
    I was in my house with my friends Alan and Jared, and I went to the attic for some reason and found a zombie waiting for me. I backed away from the door and ran and grabbed a short black plastic stick (which I really do have, had it since I was a little kid >.>). I told my friends to go downstairs and then I took a few swings at the zombie while only using one hand to swing the stick but he held his arms up to protect himself and it hardly did anything. So I ran downstairs and found a longer plastic black stick(which I don't really have) and held it in my left hand while the shorter one was in my right and saw the zombie was nearby so I ran back up the stair and saw the zombie following and I dropped the smaller stick and I held the larger one with both of my hands and swung as hard as I could at his head and snapped the zombie's neck and watched him tumble down the stairs.

    Then the dream skipped and then I was at a town made out of wood in a forest and I was on a circular wooden platform(like the ones on kashyyyk) and I had two other people with me. It was like a game, and I was seeing it all from a 3rd person perspective. I looked like me for the most part, but a game like version of me >.> One of my companions was a pretty slender elf girl with a long straight blue hair with a recurve bow and two thin blades, and the other was a tan human dressed similar like me with a crossbow. And for some reason we were each shooting at lit candles on another platform far away facing towards up with arrows. There were a lot of people around and they were all excited and were waiting to see how we did. There was a lot of wind and it was hard to aim the longbow right because my reticule kept going everywhere until I finally got a clear shot and shot right through the red lit candle and they cheered and then the elf pulled her bow off her back and got ready to shoot but then zombies appeared and we had to leave and we ran and as we ran down some stairs I smacked a zombie out of the way using the long black plastic stick and then the dream went into a new one.