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    1. Jerky Dutch Guy and Avalanche

      by , 07-26-2016 at 06:51 PM
      I was starting to flirt with/date a handsome Dutch guy. It seems like in my dreams I am almost always younger– either a kid or in my 20s. Anyway, this guy had flirted/dated with other women around me, friends, co-workers– and I wasn’t feeling that this was going to be a lasting relationship between he and I, but I was still being pulled in by him. At one point I moved my arm to get something and he looked at me with a semi-disgusted look on his face and remarked about how my arm looked like jello when I moved. I didn’t react but thought that I might not want to date this guy after all if he acts like this. The scenario seemed to be some kind of store. It was snowy outside and at some point there was an avalanche, and it stopped just before our shop. Again I had a feeling of instability, that perhaps another avalanche might happen, and just because this one stopped doesn’t mean the next one will.

      I also spent a lot of time dreaming about designing some large typeface layout.
    2. Stepfather driving in Beach, Not Me With a Gun, Coffee & Donuts

      by , 07-25-2016 at 07:09 PM
      I was in the backseat of an SUV with my stepfather driving and my mother in the passenger seat and maybe my little brother next to me. We were on a sandy and rocky beach, the ocean immediately to our right. I told my stepdad that I felt afraid we were too close to the ocean and that I have dreams about him driving like this.

      I had a gun. I was not me. I was going to go next door to a house and [kill???!! idk] 2 young girls. I felt hesitant and afraid and I didn't do it. But I kept thinking I had to go over there.

      Then I was on a train, maybe the same person, not me. I needed to go several cars ahead of me, but the train was moving and the sideboards that you were supposed to use were outside of the car, and I was afraid I would fall so I didn't go.

      I was with an old friend whom Ive recently been wondering about in waking life. Some other people were there too. We might have been in a foreign country. We sat at a table at a convenience store/cafe. A man asked us if we wanted anything. At first we all declined, but I saw that I had a box with 3 donuts in it and I decided to order some coffee to go with them. My friend also ordered coffee. Soon after I saw my coffee on the counter near the register with a receipt under it and I walked over and picked it up.
    3. Criticized at School

      by , 07-24-2016 at 06:51 PM
      I took a swig of vodka form a bottle, a drink of some other alcohol, and poured a tiny bit of orange juice into a shot glass and drank it.

      I was in a classroom sitting at a table with some old school friends. They were young teenagers, and I think I was too. Our teacher was my dog's previous Dog Trainer. She mentioned something about shrimp, directed at me, I said I didn't like shrimp. She said I should maybe 'open my mind more.' I was confused but just sat there. A pretty brunette girl walked into the room with another adult/teacher. My friends whispered to themselves and then told me that I would be like that girl if I was nice. I felt hurt, and told them that I had never been purposely mean to them and asked them what had I done to treat them poorly. I decided to get up and leave the classroom.

      I went outside of the building and sat on a ledge overlooking the street. I saw a boy from my childhood (dreamt about him not so long ago, but I never think or talk to him in waking life, wonder what he represents?) skateboarding down a hill.

      The next day I went back to class after grabbing a lot of books from my locker. At my seat in class there was an attendance slip with a sea foam green ribbon on it that said 'please see Julia.' I knew it was because I had left early yesterday. We had a test on yesterday's material and I knew I wouldn't pass.The teacher seemed concerned and irritated with me, and as I left asked me to please at lest consider going to the event on Saturday. I wasn't sure what she meant.

      I went for over 2 weeks without drinking and decided to buy some wine this weekend. I drank, but didn't enjoy it as much as I previously had and looked forward to the bottle being empty so I could start 'not drinking' again. Obviously still hooked enough to not want to pour it out.
    4. Red Cat, Ginger Creep, Untrustworthy Friend

      by , 07-23-2016 at 09:05 PM
      I knew a very friendly cat with reddish/orange fur. I think she lived in a shelter, other cats were around too, and maybe other animals. I can’t remember. Some people around me were trying to do something with cotton balls, some kind of kickstarter project. They were inspired by cat to make red fur from cotton balls. The process was to comb through a cotton ball until it was strands and then dye it red and sell it by the bag. We all thought it was a brilliant idea, although can’t remember what we thought people would want with w bag full of red cotton.

      More red: A red-haired guy gave me a ride home. He seemed creepy, in a pushy way. He wanted to come in to my place for some reason, and i think I let him, maybe to go to the toilet or something. Then wanted to stay longer and I told him to leave. I remember he had a weird smile on his face as I basically forced him out of my front door.

      I was at my mom’s house (random made-up dream home) My uncle was there and we were talking. I saw a crow, wanted to feed it peanuts. I told my uncle to hold on while I went inside to get some nuts. I grabbed some, and I was holding them up in my hand so I could show the crow that I had some nuts to feed it. My uncle was laughing at me, and he took a nut and said, ‘Here’s how you do it!’ and threw it at the crow. I was angry because I thought he scared the bird and was being rude.

      I had a friend– sometimes her hair was red, sometimes she was a blonde. She was a newish friend, and I felt I didn’t trust her completely although we were spending a lot of time together. At one point, I was in the back of a cab, she was on my right and my husband on my left. They seemed to be getting along well. I was considering the fact that I don’t drink anymore, and they both do. I felt that my husband probably thinks this friend is more exciting than me.

      I was going to move back in with my mom for some reason, work related I think. My husband was now some guy I had only been dating for about a month. Up until now we both lived in a house we shared with other people. I wasn’t sure this guy even really liked me that much, the relationship was new, and I think the guy had a reputation for dating lots of women before me. This friend was moving in to this house when I left, I was not happy about this. I was trying to have a discussion with this friend about how I felt about her moving in. Friend was polyamorous and acting like I was being unreasonable and prudish. Right before I woke up I was deciding that I just needed to break things off guy because none of this was worth it.

      I was in car with my mother— she was driving and we were on freeway. She was driving erratically, and I asked her if she could slow down. She said she drives slow.
      I told her i felt afraid, and said I always have dreams with her driving and we wreck. [Good chance to be lucid here, but did not. I think we actually wrecked.]

      I was eating a salad from a white cardboard to go box, and I saw what I had thought was black pepper move and realized that they were little bugs. I discreetly chewed the last bite and closed the box so no one would know I had been eating bugs.
    5. Too Much Furniture

      by , 07-22-2016 at 09:02 PM
      My husband and I had a giant house with too much furniture all over. Many couches, beds, tables in random places. It seemed some of this furniture belonged to other people who were at our house for some gathering that day. At the end of the day people began collecting their furniture and leaving. An old acquaintance, ‘O’ was missing her nice large table. I apologized, but she was ok, and she said she could take this other smaller table instead. I said ok. I was anxious to clean up the house because I thought it could look really nice.
    6. Crow, Campus Outcast

      by , 07-21-2016 at 09:01 PM
      I was standing outside on a sidewalk in a small unfamiliar town. I saw a guy on a roof above me. He had a crow sitting on his arm, one he was rehabbing. Although he crow wasn’t doing tricks or talking, it seemed significant. There was a crowd of people around him on the roof.

      Later, I was in a campus atmosphere. I felt awkward, was by myself. A kid I went to school with [F] walked over to me and sat close to me. He put his arm around me in an indirectly threatening way. I was afraid of him, but also was happy to get attention. He commented on my cool red combat boots. Strangely I wasn’t wearing them, they were sitting on the ground next to me. F then moved to smell my hair and started to kiss the back of my neck. I was paralyzed with fear even though we were out in the open. He had a power over me that I can’t explain.

      In the same campus atmosphere I went to steps nearby and sat there and then pulled my panties down and peed in what I thought was a discreet manner. People saw me I thought, including my professor. I suddenly realized that I should stop doing this, I’m not being as discreet as I thought.
      Tags: campus, crow, fear, shoes
    7. Hole in the Floor, Yard Sale at Childhood House, & Rivalry

      by , 07-19-2016 at 08:59 PM
      2 cats shape-shifters.
      There was a hole beneath toilet in Mom’s house. My dog saw it and started to crawl down it– it lead to the basement. One of the cats started to come down too. The cats liked like giant Abyssinians.

      I worked for a guy, I think a chef. It seemed like my husband sometimes. I was outside and there was a yard sale. This was on a road where we lived when I was 10-12, in a house where the worst things in my life happened. A guy pulled up in his car and through the rolled-down driver’s side window inquired about a poster that was for sale at the yard sale: He asked if it was the kind made on pig skin. I assumed he meant vellum. I can’t remember if I answered him. This guy owned a ‘greek pastry’ place. I saw this guy again later and my boss/husband told me to just stay away from him. The guy also told me to stay away, it seems that there was some kind of rivalry going on between him and my boss/ husband.
    8. Unhappy with Polyamory & Spider-dog

      by , 07-18-2016 at 07:24 PM
      My husband was seeing someone else. We were polyamorous but I was unhappy. He and a woman and some other friends went to comedy show without me. I was devastated.
      Walking down street trying to get to apt 4 at night. Raining? My best friend from high school [C] was my roommate but moving back to Europe with a grant to write something. We never talked although we lived together.

      I was at a class– Spelling? Woman with baby used buzzer instead if clapping for asking questions. My husband and his girlfriend were in class before me
      I told his gf how unhappy I was after I talked to my husband and asked him if it had to be this way. No one cared about my feelings.

      My dog was locked in a room. It had a glass window, like recording booth. I somehow got her out and she turned into a large grey spider. I wanted her to change back, so I held onto her. Someone else there saw her and recognized bug as a 'world burther.'

      Thought I saw my husband in a red [unreadable] with a baby going, to a show in a crowd of people. I ran up and hugged him but it wasn't him.

      A strange man told me to come to the show to watch out for my husband. I began thinking I might divorce him. I thought about asking my parents if I could move in with them. I thought about how I was a burden to my parents.
    9. George Bush Senior, Baby Hawk & Giant Statues

      by , 07-12-2016 at 06:22 AM
      I was with my aunt. She was attempting to show me some video of something on vhs. The video she put in looked like it was an after school special from the 1980s, and as we let it play it became apparent that the teenagers on the video were talking about being gay. It wasn’t the video she had hoped to show me, but before she could remove it my grandfather (her father)whom had been in the room— played by no other than George Bush Senior in this dream- became upset and started lecturing my aunt on how it was wrong to be gay, why would she play a tape like this, etc. I tried to step in and said that young people think differently now, and that there was nothing wrong with it.
      He listened with a concerned but not angry look on is face, and then tried to explain to me why it was wrong. He asked me if I was an artist, I said yes and that I was pretty left-leaning in general. I said didn’t know what it was like to fight in a war but maybe some people he fought with were gay. (Thinking of Bush’s WWII days I guess) He tried to list statistics and I forget what happened after that.

      There was an open door to the outside and I heard the sound of a hawk. I knew before I looked the it was a baby hawk, and I went and picked it up and moved it over to a ‘safe’ place on the edge of a parking lot with other little baby birds.
      Later I was handed a kitten, and I walked round with it and showed it to people.

      My husband and I were on a trip in Europe. We were at the beginning of a many-legged-flight. The plane almost left me behind. Instead of being inside of the plane my perspective was from the rear outside of the plane and as if I were laying in bed. We were in the air for what seemed like five minutes when the pilot began the landing procedure. I felt the plane speed up tremendously as we descent, and we landed on a cobblestone or brick road in between to long rows of cargo shipping containers. The plane drove along this road until we reached the sea, and the he stopped the plane perched on a semi-steep rock, so as passengers exited they had to step partially in water and then climb up a wet, slippery rock. The pilot laughed at us.
      We had landed in Spain or Greece (people were saying both) though it looked more like a town from a fantasy novel. The sun was setting and the sky was pink. There were giant, intricate marble statues of animals and trees all around. I was taking photographs. Some people went into a convenience store.

      Hmm. A conservative patriarchal figure. The subject of homosexuality broached. Baby birds. Traveling, planes, statues. I keep wondering if any of this was spawned by something I watched on television recently. Especially the George Bush part. WTF was he doing here? He sort of reminded me of someone…not my father or grandfathers…I can’t place it. This just occurred to me—I wonder if he was supposed to represent my aunt’s real father (my Mom's real father), who passed away when she was three and before I was born. He was conservative and religious, and he fought in the Korean war. My grandmother had remarried when I was very young so the man I knew as my grandfather on the side was my mother’s step-father.

      The giant marble statues almost seemed like Gods. I have thought a bit about mythology recently, and perhaps I was scanning the gods from above in my mind in this dream.

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    10. Skyscraper, Old Friends, Bear Chained to Tree

      by , 07-10-2016 at 06:00 PM
      I was finishing up a day of work in a very tall skyscraper. It was getting late and there was a storm, I could see lightening flashing in the dark night sky out of the giant windows of the large room I was working in. The building was swaying. I was rushing to complete my work and get out of the building, but also interacting with old friends who were around. I think I got to the bottom of the building and stayed inside. It was sunny and daytime there, although we were inside there were still giant windows that you could see out of. Many friendly interactions that I have forgotten the details of with two old friends.

      Bear chained to a tree and someone was chaining a dog (my dog?) next to it. I wondered why they would do that, it seemed very dangerous.

      I suppose the part about the storm at the top symbolizes anxiety around getting work done, or finding more work. Making my way to to 'bottom' seems almost like regression. These were 'old' friends, and I went down instead of up. Maybe my past feels safer to me, and I miss that safety? The bear chained to a fence seems really symbolic. The bear was no threat being chained to a fence, it was 'under control' but not completely gone. Putting something vulnerable that I care about like a dog near it is dangerous. Am I doing something that is putting myself or loved ones at risk unnecessarily?
    11. Creepy Hotel Manger, Iridescent Ocean Animals, and Car Breakdown

      by , 07-09-2016 at 05:49 PM
      My husband and I were on a vacation together, staying in a hotel that had a creepy manger. He was our age or older, and had a thick head of bushy brown hair and giant dark piercing eyes.
      He was acting inappropriately towards me, in a very threatening way when no one else could see.
      At one point I had to go back into the room with a key, to get additional clothing, headphones or earbuds, and [my?] wallet and the creepy manager was there, and I couldn’t find all of the things I needed before I felt like I needed to escape.

      It was hazy and darkish and I was walking down a small alley/road with my dog and saw I saw another dog behind a fence that looked like her only a different color. I knew they had once known each other, or were siblings, and I wondered if they recognized each other; they seemed to.

      My husband, creepy manger, one other guy and I were sitting on lawn chairs facing the ocean
      It was sunny and warm
      We were watching strange crustaceans and cuttlefish on shore, interacting with one another.
      At first just one, but then all, began changing colors. Beautiful iridescent sparkling colors that faded into one another. I became lucid when I thought about how strange it was. The dream quality diminished instead of enhancing. The background with the animals froze, and things were dimmer all around. The people around me were still talking. I felt hesitant to fly or do anything too intense because it felt like I was about to wake up. I tried to interact with one and soon either woke up or lost lucidity.

      I was driving a car with my brother in the passenger seat. The car started sputtering, and my brother gave me a look that said this happens all the time.
      I pulled over near someones house and parked haphazardly.
      People came out of the house an accused me of ruining some of their lawn ornaments. I apologized, and a younger woman asked me if I wanted coffee or tea or anything.

      The hotel part is similar to another dream Ive had recently—having to go back into the hotel rom with a key to get additional items while trying to avoid/not trusting the manger. Hmm. I need things, from an area that is supervised by someone I don't trust. I'll have to think more on this. Im not sure what ocean animals signify...perhaps deep-seated memories or creative ideas? And finally, I am in the drivers seat, although my car breaks down. Of course. I don't feel like the best example for my younger brother perhaps?

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    12. My dog almost hit by a truck

      by , 07-08-2016 at 10:14 PM
      This dream isn't as horrific as it sounds. My dog and I were running down a street. I also remember visions of her riding a bike next to me, which I find hilarious and wish could happen. I see her veer a little too far into the road, and suddenly a truck is almost on top of her but it stops in time and I grab her quickly.

      Sadly this is all I remember from lat night.

      Twice while running yesterday I saw my dog was indifferent or unaware of traffic, and noted to myself to keep her closer to me as a truck rode by closely, and one truck passed in front of us without letting us cross the street.
      Tags: bike, dog, running, truck
    13. Stardust Apartments, & With Mother & Grandmother

      by , 07-08-2016 at 01:04 AM
      My step-father was driving me to some new apartment I was moving into. They were called the ‘Stardust Apartments,’ or ‘Star[something] Apartments.’ I asked where mom was and he said she had left. He said it in a nonchalant way, like maybe she had moved out a while ago, or that she was just living somewhere else temporarily. The sun was setting and it felt like we were in a desert town.

      I was with my mother and her grandmother. My mother had used the cord specifically that went to my flat iron. It seems I had some kind of hair iron that had a detachable cord. I asked her where is was and we couldn’t find it. I was irritated with her. I said something sassy and my grandmother told me not to talk to my mother that way.

      Wondering more: Why do I always seem to dream about my mother? Why do I often seem to be moving, or returning to an apartment?
    14. Making Mistakes and Socializing at a New Job

      by , 07-06-2016 at 06:38 PM
      Fragment upon waking: 3 groups. 3 circles. The letters 'NC.' Guys being chosen for something, maybe to fight.

      I watched an older man, with shoulder length white hair and wearing a fedora, ride off on a sort of monorail. It looked like he was sitting on a bike that he didn’t have to pedal. He went off into a field. No trees. He was going to get off in the middle of a field and start a job. The sun was setting and my vantage point was from the ground. There were wild flowers.

      I was starting job. I walked from the parking lot of a giant home supplies-type-store and inside me and two other females walked up to a cash register to check in. We were told to buy restroom passes. I also bought some cinnamon gum and some taffy candy. One of the girls behind the register suggested I buy a parking pass as well, so I did. She said it was lavender scented and I said that was great. A man next to me kept dropping change, he was with us. He looked like my old art prof.

      There were 2 people from an old job I had in my department at this new job. One was my new manager, I liked her. It was time for us to order food, and she gave me her order to put in. When I picked it up at another area in the giant warehouse/store, it was one small bowl of cereal, and one large bowl of cereal. I realized I had made a mistake, and took it to her and told her I would order what she wanted and I would pay for it. She wanted one small bowl of cereal and a vegetable quiche with no onions. I went to a phone and began telling the person on the other line the order when I noticed there was an echo. I saw a woman in my department just about five feet from me answering my call and putting the order in a computer. This seemed inefficient, so I walked over to her to fish the order. Then I sat down, and I was holding a folded pair of khaki slacks. As I moved there was a message I was listening to, about how someone couldn’t wait to see me. The girl overheard, and she made a cute ‘aww’ noise. She asked who it was from. I said a boy I went to school with, someone Ive known since I was 10, and I really don’t know very well at all. I added if I lived near him I probably wouldn’t be that interested in him. I told them how when were were kids, I was a cheerleader and he was a football player. I told them that later I went through a weird phase though, and that we should all have to go through a weird phase. Get fat, wear glasses, stuff like that. It builds character. We all laughed.
      I ordered my food finally— a veggie burger with chips. I was told that if I wanted to get chips that I needed to adopt a baby. I said ok. A few minutes later I wondered if I should have consulted my husband first, and wondered if I could change my mind but still get my food.
      I went to get burger, they handed me a cooked patty, no bun, condiments or plate. I looked around for chips, couldn’t find them.

      I find it strange how often I dream of exes from my childhood to semi-recent past. I don’t understand why…the guy fro this dream I haven’t thought of in years. In waking life he was my first kiss, and it was terrible for me. I was twelve years old and I wasn’t mature enough, nor interested in him at all when this happened, and I had committed to going to an upcoming dance with him as well. I went to the dance, had a horrible time. In retrospect I was just too young and not really ready to have a boyfriend. I liked boys, but as soon as they showed interest in me I felt disgusted by them. I don’t think that ended until I was around 17. The new job aspect of this dream: I am looking for part time work, but not of this nature. Maybe part of me fears getting a job I will not like or that I will make mistakes at a new job.
    15. Apt #4 Again

      by , 07-05-2016 at 04:39 PM
      Apt # 4 again. I arrived there after being away for a while and found a note from an unknown organization that OF [old friend that I’ve fallen out with] might show up soon. I felt slightly stressed. Went in and cleaned the place up. OF never arrived, but OR [old roommate] did with someone else [mysterious, no face], and OC [old coworker] did with someone else [mysterious, no face]. I felt a little excited to unpack and rearrange, and thought of looking at maps for small towns to move to next. I thought about how my mom had kept renting this apartment for me on the side, even though I hadn’t been living here.
      I was at a bar and I held an almost finished glass of water. MB was next to me and grabbed my glass, and I told her it was just water, and that I had a sore throat. I told her I wasn’t drinking alcohol anymore. She laughed and drank the rest anyway, and said, ‘you did drink too much.’
      I remember walking down a long desert road, the kind of desert road that is at the foothills of mountains, rolling hills, lush with cactus, and beautiful. I also drove on a beach, close to, but avoiding the waves as they crashed in. The beach was northern and mostly sparse, a few jutting rocks and a few people.
      Going back to apt #4, 2 dogs are out on the sidewalk in front, a small one and a larger chocolate colored retriever. The retriever was kind of defensive at first, but I found a nearby toy and deflected his anxiety and he eventually relaxed. He ran inside when I opened the gate. Ex [KT] was in my apt with a dog when I walked up the the door. He was sitting on my couch watching a video I had paused earlier on my little TV. I was angry, asked him what he was doing here. He told me I had planned it and said it would be good for us. I told him we had to cancel, I wasn’t up for it. He left and I regretted not telling him that I want his key back.

      I’m back at this transitional apartment. Should I be afraid? Prepared for some kind of struggle? Am I just comparing my current conditions to this place? I felt more together in this dream, not so angry. I have decided to not drink for a while. Maybe that is what this is all about.

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