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    Fragment...Getting Recall Back

    by , 09-10-2011 at 03:18 PM (266 Views)
    All I remember from this dream is that I was at some kind of beach area. In the beginning, I was at a shore house....I believe it was one-story and elevated off the ground, as many shore houses are. My mother got back from some kind of doctor bearing a box of contact lenses...I asked why I needed them, as my vision is 20/20, and she told me that they were necessary to protect my eyes....So, I put them on...
    Then the dream cuts to me on the edge of some landform with my friend, Brandon, who it is inferred also has a summer house at this beach area. The land I'm on is covered in all sorts of trash (boxes, cinder blocks, broken wood planks, dead grass, etc.), and the part I'm standing on is probably 20 ft above the water in an inlet, I suppose. The ocean was on my right, and the water cut into the land was on my left. The water was calm for being pretty much the ocean, like lake-calm. The land became really steep as it met with the water, still covered in various garbage obstacles, making it difficult to climb down, which is what Brandon and I did. as we looked across the inlet, we saw a small (maybe 15' x 15'), abstractly circular island covered in healthy grass, right in the middle of the water, between the two sides of the inlet. Beyond that island was the other side, which was a commercial beach. The dream then skips, and I am now on the other side of the inlet, the beach. Now, the water is normal beach water, with small waves crashing down on the shore. The ocean was still to my right, so I'm facing north, and on my left was a (unusually elevated) boardwalk. A building jutted out a bit from the boardwalk, resembling the way Martell's Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ juts out from the boardwalk, shown in this picture:

    (The difference is that the building in my dream only extended out from the boardwalk about 10 ft., and was blue and white in color)

    Oddly, there were palm trees at this beach, though my dream infers that I was in New Jersey (where palm trees don't grow naturally). My friend and I walked up the coastline for a bit, until we saw our dads drive up in mango tango Jeep with the top down (The dream had now changed settings, as now we were on the sidewalk looking to a car on a road, with a thick forest of palm trees on the other side of the road):

    (the was just like this, only it had a soft-top roof that was rolled back, so there really was no roof.)

    Our dads asked us what we were doing and why we had ventured out so far without their consent...from there on I don't remember...

    It's interesting how I remembered more and more of the dream as I typed this, so the dream is all up there in my head somewhere, but I just can't get it all...

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