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    Seks with my old teacher!

    by , 10-21-2012 at 08:50 PM (1126 Views)
    So this was a lucid dream, actually a DEILD, but no reality check oriented, just came to me that this is a dream.

    So the dream starts non-lucid. I'm in my bedroom and there is also an old teacher with me talking to me about a school project and how I am going to organise it. This teacher was from my old school, not the one I am right now. She was young and very pretty (for a teacher) and always considered by the male population of the school a MILF. So as she was talking to me about this and that and I was like "yeah, sure let's do it that way", I suddenly realise I'm in a dream!

    So suddenly I'm in a dream with my old teacher standing in front of me IN my bedroom trying to decide what's next. So I remember I have to stabilise my dream and I start looking my hands closely, they were like a labyrinth of wrinkles, fingerprints and stuff and I yell "Stabilise Lucidity!", and the dream becomes more vivid and cleared up. And I'm there on an improved dream with my milf teacher in front of me talking about project crap. I seize the opportunity!

    I decide to grab her ass and look for reactions. And I do it, then she kisses me and we lay on bed. Just after I take her clothes off and start the thing for 6 seconds or so, I see the world fading around (probably because of excitement) and I try to calm down, thinking it's time to DEILD.

    I do it and land in my bedroom again, the teacher has dissapeared and I was almost decided to project her back again, but it was unfinished business in the end because I saw my bedroom wall turn into a mountain landscape with the sky above. I said "no way, I can't miss that!" and I decide to fly. So I turn around and walk back to accelerate and when I turn again, the wall with the door has return and the landscape has gone. Shit. It started to collapse and I tried to stabilize it but no luck.

    Anywayz, I was too excited in this dream and I kind of wasted it, but I'm happy I had sex with that teacher, always wanted too!

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    1. SpaceCowboyDave's Avatar
      When in doubt, grab her ass! hahaha I've been known to do that more than a few times in my dreams too. Way to seize the opportunity!
    2. tangerine's Avatar
      hahahaha it sure is! I would be dumb not to... How many times do you find yourself with a chick near your bed? haha anyway forgot to mention, the dream ended with videos of naked women floating above me!