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    Meeting Table Fellatios

    by tangerine on 11-04-2012 at 05:09 PM
    I woke up this morning very early accidentally and for no reason, I switched position to sleeping on the back and after a while, I tried to move and I was in sleep paralysis. I wasn't terrified by the idea of falling into a coma as usual but I heard my dad's voice calling me, and at first I ignored it but then I thought it might be something important, so I woke up from sleep paralysis intentionally, reality checked and realised that the voice I heard was a hallucination. So I fell back to sleep on my side.

    Sleep paralysis again after a while, so I sat there this time trying not to mess everything up and waited for a dream to form. Suddenly, a dream scene forms. It was a big meeting room with a large table, with students from my class sitting around. For no apparent reason, I was not that rational and awake in that dream, though I was completely lucid with no doubts. Anyway, due to my fuzzy brain at this moment, I started forcing blowjobs to some girls from there. I think some of them weren't in the mood but there were some which had no problem.

    I think though I didn't get a blowjob at the end but it was fun. As I didn't instantly write down this dream, I think maybe I got one but can't remember it that well. Anyway, then some moment, the dream faded at phases, Once it was all black and then a scene was there with people and things everywhere. This time I was thinking about what I was thinking when I was awake about doing in my dreams, like eating, flying and other, but due to the fuzzy dream, I couldn't.

    Sometime, I woke up, and that's all!

    Three lengthy and vivid lucid dreams in a row! I felt like an LD god!

    by tangerine on 10-28-2012 at 08:03 AM
    It started as a non-lucid dream which included my freaky dream sign, getting in trouble, but in an expanded edition including the fear of responsibility. Because they were dreams in a row, I can't properly recall all the really cool details or how all happened, but I have reconstructed a suffecient part of what happened.

    At first, I find myself being father of a child in this age (15) engaged to another 15 year old skunk which I have got pregnant, without remembering any details. My parents and family were there aswell, and everybody was cool, just accepting this, without any grin at all, but I was starting to get depressed thinking how could I ever do this thing, and even was planning to kill the little fuck, who was just born, just to get rid of the responsibillity and keep on with my life. I was thinking all of those things and was frustrated, shocked that this has happened, because I am not that kind of person, I was slowly getting lucid.

    Suddenly, I decide to perform a reality check, I do the noseplug and bam, I'm lucid. Thank god! It was all a dream! And now it's a lucid dream! So I roam around my house slapping my imaginary DC "wife" till she bleeds yelling "that's right bitch! It's aaaaall a dream! Where's the little bastard I wanna kill it!" And she didn't tell me because she was protecting it. It was my expectation. I didn't want to keep on wasting my dream, so I thought I'd stab her to the heart, but I couldn't do that to an innocent person, even a DC. So I jumped outside the window.

    I tried to fly on fall, but no luck, I just landed slowly on the ground like a chicken. I decided I'd fly, no matter how, I have to. So I raised my right hand like superman and tried to accelerate myself to the front while roaming in the street. It worked while I was in the ground, I was super speedy, so I decided to lift up like an aircraft and that's what I did. I flew effortlessly up on to buildings and jumped from one another for fun! I even kinda climbed a transmission tower and jumped! Then I return to a close-to-ground attitude and flew around the city on places my brain was creating at the moment, and not anything existent. Then I saw a guy with a bicycle on an empty road and I started picking on him because I was flying and he had a bicycle! So funny...

    After all these, I can't remember what really happened, I just remember that I woke up. I was on my bed thinking "wow, really cool DILD! I did some stuff on this one!" and I performed my regular noseplug reality check I do when I wake up. I was in a dream! It was a false awakening! I couldn't believe it! I was thinking "how can I be still sleeping?" It was crazy! Then I exited the house using my favourite route, the window! But I found myself in a totally different street, with many cars passing near me, so I went in front of them and started dancing! Some yelled at me and others slowed down, so I punched every car that passed near me. I broke some glasses with the punches, but they kept going.

    Then I found some cops on the way hanging around with some traffic control cops. I thought I would take the gun from one of them and start shooting, but I didn't. I didn't care that much, but I tried to project a gun through my pocket, but no luck. I was too excited to think about doing stuff! But I had a talk with them DC cops! After that I can't remember anything else than waking up and finding myself on the sofa watching TV. My father was there aswell. For no reason I can remember than just questioning reality, I reality checked with noseplug.

    I was still asleep! I cou
    ldn't believe it! Third dream in a row? Thats crazy! But I thought I wouldn't be able to remember all of the dreams I saw before, so I started dream recalling inside my dream. Meanwhile I was playing around and tried to switch on a light, It didn't work! But a totally different light switched on, so I went to switch that light's switch, hoping that the other light lights up! Nothing, but then I tried to switch it on with magic! Wooohooo! My hands started vomiting smoke and sparkles, like they were a tesla coil or something, and finally, it switched on. Then, I woke up.

    This time it was real, I tried to deild, but no luck. I reality checked many many times, but it's reality. I'm still unsure! These dreams were long, really long, 10-15 mins each and really vivid, I just miss too many details because I was jumping from one dream to another. I'm sure I did a lot of other things I can't remember, but those ring a bell. But I felt like a god! I finally figured out that my hypothesis is confirmed, It is INTERNAL FRUSTRATION that wastes dreams. Nothing else, it doesn't matter if you are excited or furious, just don't do any bad thoughts about the dream, like how it's gonna end, if it's gonna last long. Avoid these and you're half way to perfection!
    lucid , false awakening

    Took revenge from my brain

    by tangerine on 10-22-2012 at 09:10 PM
    Today I had my revenge from my brain that is lately tricking me into illogical fears when in SP, and has led me to waste some good WILDs. So my brain tried to trick me again in an unconscious FA, but I turned the tables.

    So I'm having a false awakening, ultra realistic, thought I had woken up. I was laid in my bed thinking. I start hearing my parents' voices from other rooms, but I think "my parents are on a business trip, how the hell can I hear them?" I kept doubting for a little, then I reality checked, and I realised I was dreaming!

    I got up ran to the door and before opening it, I thought "how about a lightsaber?" so I reach my pocket and try to visualise it. Shit. Due to excitement of the moment, my dream starts to fade. So I lay on the floor with eyes closed trying to DEILD.

    I made it! And it wasn't a reset, I found my dream from where I had left it and kept on with it! I opened the door, walked through the corridor and jumped out of the window. I couldn't fly, I just fell down but wasn't hurt or anything. Suddenly the dream starts to fade, but weirdly! I am suddenly projected on a bike, now 3rd person and I control myself by thought, like a dream-video game! So I realised there was little to do about it and started driving on the streets. Suddenly, the dream collapses.

    This dream was really short because I was too excited and had poor dream control. But I fooled my brain back for being a dickhead, so I'm happy!

    Short taxi ride in the morning

    by tangerine on 10-21-2012 at 09:05 PM
    So this dream came after I woke up in the morning, about 9:30 am and it was over at 9:38! I was totally awake on my bed checking around, listening to my parents in the other room and I suddenly lost consciousness and fall asleep in a REM state.

    I am in a taxi with a friend who goes to a totally different destination usually every morning, but dreams have no logic anyway. Inside the taxi there are girls, unknown DCs but fit the style of stupid teenage girls anyway, so they were realistic. The taxi driver plays an active role aswell.

    So we start talking about things like where are we going, I'm at the same time looking through the window plaecs I know, and we are on the move. Sometime in the dream the taxi driver asks "are you good students?" meaning of course if our grades are high. And my friend said something like "yes we are good students, in fact we're great students! Our greatness is measured in piles of shit!" Then I laughed like crazy.

    Immediately, a dizzy feel got my head like I was on LSD or something and I got terryfied because I thought it was reality. I thought "wait a sec what is this? I didn't eat anything weird in the morning, why am I high? Is this a stroke?" And after that I woke up with a rap song in my ears.

    Really terrifying and exciting aswell because it was an immediate REM induction like I fell unconscious or something and woke up 15 minutes later or so! Cool experience!

    Seks with my old teacher!

    by tangerine on 10-21-2012 at 08:50 PM
    So this was a lucid dream, actually a DEILD, but no reality check oriented, just came to me that this is a dream.

    So the dream starts non-lucid. I'm in my bedroom and there is also an old teacher with me talking to me about a school project and how I am going to organise it. This teacher was from my old school, not the one I am right now. She was young and very pretty (for a teacher) and always considered by the male population of the school a MILF. So as she was talking to me about this and that and I was like "yeah, sure let's do it that way", I suddenly realise I'm in a dream!

    So suddenly I'm in a dream with my old teacher standing in front of me IN my bedroom trying to decide what's next. So I remember I have to stabilise my dream and I start looking my hands closely, they were like a labyrinth of wrinkles, fingerprints and stuff and I yell "Stabilise Lucidity!", and the dream becomes more vivid and cleared up. And I'm there on an improved dream with my milf teacher in front of me talking about project crap. I seize the opportunity!

    I decide to grab her ass and look for reactions. And I do it, then she kisses me and we lay on bed. Just after I take her clothes off and start the thing for 6 seconds or so, I see the world fading around (probably because of excitement) and I try to calm down, thinking it's time to DEILD.

    I do it and land in my bedroom again, the teacher has dissapeared and I was almost decided to project her back again, but it was unfinished business in the end because I saw my bedroom wall turn into a mountain landscape with the sky above. I said "no way, I can't miss that!" and I decide to fly. So I turn around and walk back to accelerate and when I turn again, the wall with the door has return and the landscape has gone. Shit. It started to collapse and I tried to stabilize it but no luck.

    Anywayz, I was too excited in this dream and I kind of wasted it, but I'm happy I had sex with that teacher, always wanted too!