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    1. How I should fly / Making someone lucid

      by , 09-04-2014 at 04:05 PM
      I am sitting on a meadow and put a boy some lipstick on. “This is a dream”, I think and start to fly, but some meters over the floor I feel a hand on my leg. It’s the boy, he drags me down. “Hey Theresa! You aren’t ready with my make-up”, he says. For a moment I think I should wish him away, but maybe it could be good to accept the dream situation. While finishing the make-up I talk to him. “So ..you can fly?”, I ask him. “Yes”, he says and smiles proudly. In my last lucid dreams I had sometimes problems with flying especially with the raising (not when I began to fly, while I was flying, it’s hard to explain for me in english ). So I ask him if he could help me. “Sure”, he says. “First we need a hillside or something like that.” He advances and I follow him. Some time later I discover a swing set with a big spider web. I consider the threads. They look very real like the whole dream. Than I follow the boy again and we arrive to a hillside with a valley. The boy shows me how to fly. He flies horizontally and when he wants to raise he sticks two fingers in the air. I start to fly too and it works! Happy about the new method I fly a little bit more. Than I wake up…

      I am lying in my bed and think about my lucid dream. Okay I didn’t lie in my bed I lied in my new purse, but I didn’t notice that Suddenly I see a wikipeda side where someone have written something about me. I become lucid and go out of my room to our bath room. There I find my sister ironing. She wants me to leave the room, but I walk to the window and I mount our housetop (okay actually I left the room). Outside it’s cloudy and the sky is grey. Near the bathroom window I discover a second window. A friend looked out of the window. Suddenly I remember that I heard somewhere it should be possible to make someone in your dream lucid, too. So I try. “You know you’re just dreaming” I said. “Really? No I am only washing my hands”, she says and smiles. “Hm count your fingers”. I answer. . “12.” “And how many fingers should you have….?” “5. Oh there’s a ball in my hand”. She says. And really there is a ball in her hand. I ask “Where was the ball before” “Hmm I don’t know. You’re right I must be dreaming”. I am happy and tried to show here how to fly, but she only falls on her butt. I have to laugh and wake up…

      See you!

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