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    Orokin Tower: Time Challenge [Not Lucid]

    by , 04-03-2017 at 05:55 PM (309 Views)
    I was walking down the hallway until i noticed a door. I can't remember how the door looked, but i went inside and realized it was a challenge room. I immediately turned back, remembering previous orokin challenges i had in dreams. The door closed and locked before i could escape, and the challenge had started. There was a console in the middle, and the entire room was ornate gold, lots of golden pipes running through the walls. It was a white-gold color. The ticking of a clock started slow, and escalated to the normal clock ticking speed. I stood still, the timer (60 Seconds) in the corner of my eye started going down. I ran around frantically looking for some way to get out. I noticed that the more i moved around, the slower the timer went down. I started to jump, each fall like a slow, low-gravity descend to the ground. This seemed to be the best way to treat the timer.
    I heard a ding noise, along with some mechanical whooshing. There was a door opposite to the one i had entered from, which had opened along with the entry door. The doors shot up into the ceiling like a high-tech door would. I went inside the new door, to find some Akaviri weapons on the ground. I picked up the dagger. It looked strangely low-resolution, but that didn't seem to bother me. Suddenly, three skeletons appeared even further into the room, with more of the weapons. I fought them all, the combat seemed to work like it does in the Elder Scrolls; Oblivion. That was also weird, and i couldn't even feel any movements i was making during the fight.
    After less than a minute of that, i woke up to my alarm.

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    Tags: non - lucid
    non-lucid , memorable