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    Memorable Dreams

    1. World of Possessions and Entertainment

      by , 11-01-2012 at 02:04 AM
      I entered a building with a group of people; kind of dark inside. We all walked up to a door that was tall in height and wide. On the left side of the door, there appeared some slots for change (money). Underneath the door, there appeared to be a keyhole inside of a compartment. Giving the option to open the door with a key.

      Before the group and I went inside, we were approached by another group of people who appeared to be guards. One of the "guards" asked us to empty out our pockets, or so it appeared to be. At first, I only gave the "guard" my change. He (the "guard") looked like he was not fooled, asking me again. I reached into my pocket to give him the rest of my money.

      Next, the group and I went inside a room. When we entered the room, there was a tall man with dark hair and dressed in black. This man asked us to put on glasses, and they appeared to be 3-D glasses.

      For some reason, i was confused as to what the glasses were for, where they were, and why i had to wear them in the first place.

      Around the room, there were what looked like arcade games from the 1980s. I was confused and did not know what to do with the games. I may have froze energetically.

      While the group of people were playing arcade games, i was observing what they were doing. After playing the arcade games, the group of people started to giggle like they appeared to be hallucinating. They also had those "3-D" glasses that the man in black told them to put on. I became curious about what they were seeing through those "3-D" glasses.

      Sometimes after being frozen and defrosting my energy, I left the arcade room and went with the group to an area where an African-American woman approached me. She gave me the money that a guard from earlier, kept for me while i was in the arcade.

      I did not see what happened to the group's money, nor did i pay attention to much of what they were doing.

      The rest of the dream was kind of a blur, though I traveled to another dream or place with the same group of people. After the travel to the new dream, the area was surrounded by what looked like a swirly bridge or highway, similar to a city I was born in real life. This place was a lot more imaginative.

      I saw Dad. Seeing him was kind of a blur, the back of his head was showing. It appeared like he was playing music, yet i did not notice if i knew any of the other members in the band.

      The group i was with, wanted to get a seat down by the stage instead of down by the stage, which, in my logical mind, seemed like the exact same thing. I was confused.

      After a while, the group of people took me on a drive up a spiraling road, on a bridge/highway, up a steep steep hill. It felt scary. I did not know when the group and i were going to come down from the hill.

      I had the strange feeling that i was taking a risk of going along with the group, even though i did not know what they were doing.

      There was a vague memory of seeing Dad again. Afterwards, the dream faded out.
    2. The adventure to the bar of ancient spirits

      by , 10-16-2012 at 12:46 PM
      This dream takes place in several different areas. It was kind of like an adventure and felt like i was learning about some history in the process. It felt like there were a lot of possibilities, some thinking, making decisions (more lucid), and some familiar faces from college.

      The dream started out at the college i was going to in read life. I noticed that it was snowing outside and wondered why.

      As I recall, i was near the upper parking lot on the right side or (the North side) of the residential hall that i was living at. When i looked up, the hill that i took the stairs to walk up, was much steeper than in real life and was loaded with several feet of snow. That was so random.

      I was aware of this because, as i climbed the steep snowy hill, a few college friends passed me. Talking may have been involved. This i am not certain of.

      As i got to the top of the steep snowy hill, i encountered a man who (not able to recall what his name was) seemed like he was lost, or that he was not aware of the below freezing temperature it was outside. This man, for reasons i am not sure of, jumped in a snowy wet trench or hold in the shape of a rectangle. In the process, he froze into an icicle.

      While the man froze in the trench, a yellow school bus was parked at the top of the hill in the parking lot. I was slightly aware that i made the decision to get on the bus. The bus left, yet i was not aware that i was moving.

      From what i remember, after i got on the bus, i noticed there was a lot of people. The bus took everyone to a bar-type place that had really tall stools and a tall bar counter, almost as tall as the ceiling.

      I do not remember getting off the bus, or seeing the bus leave the place i went, because, somehow, i was automatically in the bar area. The bar was in, what looked like a secluded area.

      I remember climbling the stool to sit down. It was similar to climbing a very sturdy ladder, because it was such a tall stool.

      When i got to the top of the stool, i met a young boy who did not speak. I am thinking he may have only spoke one specific language. From looking at him, it seemed like he was 8 or 9 years of age. After i glanced at him, i diverted my attention from the boy to a really tall shelf.

      In this shelf, there appeared to be historic documents and pictures of an ancient Indian tribe. One of the objects i noticed was a statue of an old Indian who may have lived near the bar that i was in. That was interesting to think about.

      During that period, my cell phone lit up. I was not certain why this happened. Something that came up in the dream included an ancient Indian spirit who had the last name "Tutrak" or "Turtrak" and a first name that faded after trying to regurgitate the dream situations.

      When my phone lit up, there was a fiery glow coming from the phone and directing its focus to the statue of the ancient indian. I was not sure what to think about it.

      Shifting from the focus of the glow, i directed my attention away from the bar (maybe in the same building), where i saw a picture of an Indian who was a part of the statue that i saw earlier.

      I felt like the picture i saw was vivid. A lot of what i experienced in this dream felt vivid.

      When i woke up, my body temperature rose, and i think i was sweating a lot.