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    Cross roads

    by , 01-03-2017 at 05:10 PM (159 Views)
    I had this dream a long time ago but it was so meaningful that i couldn't help myself but to post it.

    Iam in my classroom and i keep thinking about the exams and how iam gonna prepare for it. I start studying and set myself a target to complete a chapter that day. I almost completed it. With only 10 minutes or so remaining to finish it, the bell rang and everybody started leaving but i decided to sit back and complete it. Suddenly i see X coming through the door. We were dating since a month or so. It was strange because she wasn't even our college student. She comes in and closes the door. I ask her how and why did she come in here. She puts her finger on my lips to sssh...me and starts to seduce me by dancing in an erotic manner. Later we start kissing and slowly start undressing each other. We wanted to have sex then and there. So i start penetrating her but her vagina was too tight. The moment i maket the first stroke the class-room door opens with a bang. It's my principal,class-teacher and my parents. I was caught red-handed having sex in class-room with a girl who didn't even belong to our college.

    The next thing i remember is being in principal's office with my parents.

    Iam not listening to what they are talking.
    I decide to stop dating her till my exams were finished and that i have to take precaution before getting intimate with anybody.

    NOTE: I was dating her in real life. My mother knew that i was with some girl and she didn't like it because i was ignoring my academics. So this dream kinda made sense to me.

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