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    1. Battlecruiser wars and move-in

      by , 10-03-2010 at 06:18 PM
      Battlecruiser wars
      This is a dream of intrigue and conspiracy. One woman is fighting for the establishment. She's young and able. A man in his 50s, who used to be one of the most skilled generals of the empire, is now rebelling. He fights the woman and wins, capturing her. He enlists her. They take off to the empire homeworld, and he tries to get a battlecruiser to fight with. She tell him that she knows a guy who sells the Academy cruisers, and he is disgusted to hear how corrupt it is.

      I'm moving in to a dorm with Peter, Mack, and someone else I don't know. The room is amazing, and looks like a ballroom almost. Everywhere there is quality wooden furniture and chandeliers and mirrors. Peter has a kitten, and I like it a lot. However, it's a little mean, and keeps trying to scratch me. I decide that I need to show it I'm much more powerful and yet kind, so after a few tries I successfully pin it, holding its paws down in such a way that it cannot scratch anything. I look closely and see its claws retracting and extending, straining to scratch me. It gives up, and I put it down and pet it. Afterwards I show someone my hands and how scratched up a small part of them is, because it could barely scratch me. Eventually our room turns into a lecture hall, and there's a professor lecturing while I listen.
    2. School's on fire!

      by , 09-28-2010 at 03:37 PM
      1. I'm looking at my teeth in the mirror, and notice that the one in front of the one which I think might have a cavity appears to have a cavity itself. In fact, about a fourth of the tooth has already disintegrated, leaving only gray rotten material on the inside side of my mouth. I'm pretty disturbed.

      2. Jack is telling me about some church, his experience at either a Catholic or Protestant church. Whichever it is, it's a kind of strange story.

      3. I'm at an elementary school or something like that, located in a town that's in the North. It's winter, and I think some snowboarding may have gone on. Afterwards, a disaster happens at the school, and most of it is destroyed, while the rest is being slowly consumed by the very same disaster. Classes are going to keep going as long as the school stands basically. Many of the walls have been destroyed, and I see that the school is just a gigantic truck, with the container having the ability to easily put up walls and doors and such. Some people have given up, and start taking down the walls to close up their classes. My mom is working there, still teaching. Then we get news that it's about to end. It's taken as a sort of heavy, happy thing for some reason, though I don't know what's going to happen. A few seconds later, planes slowly fly overhead, dropping sheets of fire on the school. Now the school will finally be saved because the firemen will come. Everyone leaves and they start to put out the fire.
    3. Vampire Slaying

      by , 09-21-2010 at 01:54 PM
      My friend from Russia, Masha, has asked me to kill her brother and father, because they're both vampires. I get the feeling that the whole family is vampires, but perhaps not evil like these ones. I buy a ridiculous sword, which has a sharp curve and jagged edges going out in front of it. It definitely belongs in a video game, not real life. I'm a little uneasy about just killing people because someone tell me to, even a friend, so I want to investigate a little and make sure that they really are vampires.

      A little later I'm in a van with the whole family and crack some stupid joke about them being so cool they must be supernatural, paying attention to their reaction. They don't really react, and I feel like I didn't really get any info out of it.

      Over the next week I try to arrange it so that I could kill them easily. I don't want to take them both at once, because I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle them. I need the element of surprise, and I plan to stab them through the chest, though the sword I have lends itself to slashing. I once get the brother alone, but then I think about the consequences of killing him. I'll probably go to jail for a long time for killing both of them, and Masha will probably end up worse off without any male figures in her life. I have the sword ready in a pizza box, and am ready to strike, but I decide not to follow Masha orders.

      I go back to her and explain. She doesn't seem disappointed. I want to sell this sword that I spent $200 on now, but I'd have to go back to the Newark airport where I bought it. I think it'd be hassle getting it on the plane, and it'd probably cost me $300 for the flight anyways, so I ought to just wait until I go back to school.
    4. Sailing and spelunking

      by , 09-20-2010 at 01:23 PM
      I was with a few friends, including Hannah, I think, and saw on tv a few people sailing and their boat making huge sprays of water. Then I was sailing with George from back home and Peter, but we were going along shallow paths of water surrounded on either side. It was more like a little kid's place to come and sail. At one point we got stuck on the rocks but I pushed the boat and we kept going. Eventually we were walking across slippery rocks instead of sailing. And then we wanted to go for an adventure so George encouraged us to go off on a little side path and climbing down this slick, straight slope, using the railing that was above. There were also those friction strips that you find on stairs. Peter tried first, but couldn't comfortably get down very far. George had the same problem. I was about to go, when an alarm went off.
    5. Dancing movie

      by , 09-15-2010 at 03:01 PM
      I'm in a dance studio, watching two people practice together. They're the lead dances for some show. For some reason, the guy gets removed from the scene, and they decide to cast me, a guy with little to no experience for the role. I'll be dancing with the other star, a large black girl. After practice, she leads me to a square in the city.

      It's night time, and there are many people making merry around the square. She leaves. I sit down at a sort of impromptu bar near some other guys, who turn out to be Russian. I talk to them a little bit in Russian, and they buy me the same thing they all have, a glass of wine and a large cup of scotch. I drink the whole thing of wine, and actually enjoy it. I am intimidated by the huge glass of scotch, though. I'm not sure whether it's mixed, and if not I know it'll be way more than I can handle, especially since I have no tolerance right now.

      The girl comes back out, and I hope she won't be mad at me for having a good time. She's not, and I note that I don't feel intoxicated at all. We're leaving, so I move to say goodbye to the Russian guys. I tell one of them, вы очень рады! jokingly being formal. He seems to like the joke, and I head out.

      We're going to what will probably be the last performance of the movie, especially given the problems I meet just before. I was transported on some kind of caged bed, about three trucks beds wide. Many people there want to kill me. They come one by one, getting on the cage, waiting for it to be opened.

      I decide to attack before they do, approaching one and attempting to choke him with my legs. He's a slippery guy, and manages to escape, the choke, yet remains sitting where he is on the cage. I try again and again, but he keeps my legs from getting underneath his chin to strangle him. At one point he has a mask like Magnito, but reminds me of batman. Then I get my legs underneath his chin and am ready to kill him, but I wait to see whether he will give some plea. No such plea comes.

      The scene cuts to a high up guy who also is after me. He's flying around the city in a futuristic ship. It's cloaked, and I can see the ship flying around as through a video game third person. There are many disruptions going on around the ship. I feel like I'm in a ship, and it's cloaked as well, and this guy is the only one who can find me. I think of what a good movie this is. I remember someone telling me it's too much like Inception. I think to myself that it actually more resembles The Matrix, with the kind of apocalyptic/future technology setting. The dream fades.

      That was actually some pretty great recall. Now if I could just do that every night.
    6. At Caleb's house

      by , 09-14-2010 at 02:55 PM
      I am at Caleb's, an old friend from my childhood. It's dim throughout the dream, and something pretty serious seems to be going on, since we're supposedly up so late.
    7. Fragments

      by , 09-13-2010 at 12:45 AM
      Bank account: I was paying for something with my new credit card.

      I'm more surprised that I didn't have any dreams about parties, since I went to my first party in forever last night.
    8. Spiritual enlightenment/letdown

      by , 09-06-2010 at 10:21 PM
      From last night:

      Spiritual enlightenment + letdown
      I'm walking along a road in the city, presumably Knoxville. It somewhat resembles the area where I went to feed a poor guy, with that intersection and the church, but I feel as though I just walked across a bridge and up a hill. I'm getting excited as I go close, because I know for sure that there's spiritual knowledge there (whatever that might mean). As I come closer, I see someone sitting on the sidewalk opposite the church, and he's shouting across the road to a priest. I recognize the guy talking as Derek, and get excited, because I'll get to see him again before I leave for college. As I approach, Dylan shows up as well, and both start talking to Derek. He somewhat rudely shoos us away, wanting to hear what the priest has to say, but Dylan and I have already realized that it's all a load of crap.

      Space travel
      I have been traveling from planet to planet now for a while, and have just arrived at what is probably my third or fourth. Someone is taking me on a tour of sorts, showing me all the cool new stuff that has been developed. I realize that I have no space suit on, so the composition and temperature of the air must be very close to that of Earth, and I am amazed.

      From yesterday:
      The bird
      I'm in my bonus room, and notice that a bird is flying around erratically. It clips me in the face once, and I get very annoyed. y brother is there too, and he doesn't seem to mind. The next time it comes around, I smack it with a binder, and someone gets upset and tells me to leave it alone or get it out of the house. So I half chase, half get chased, down the stairs and into the kitchen, finally opening the garage door and letting it into the garage. Now my mom is upset because our cat, Batly, will probably try to kill it. I consider going out there to save it but decide to just let it be, because I really don't want to hear Batly complain once he gets all worked up.
    9. A night full of star craft

      by , 09-04-2010 at 02:33 PM
      After playing star craft with my brother for about 3 hours straight right before bed, I guess I can't really expect much else.

      Most of my dreams were about star craft 2, that is, only gameplay and nothing more. I didn't even record them because I don't feel they're worth it.

      One was interesting, however. It began with Mungan talking with Chris about God, and talking about this movie that had supposedly "proved" that He exists. Chris gave some good arguments against the proof, and I began to be interested in getting in the conversation (we were in my family room) Michael, in the living room, begins to criticize any belief in God, which is not surprising at all. I start to watch the video. It's star craft.... It's just my brother playing against someone. I'm surprised that he would make such a video, but don't think much of it.

      Other than that, one notable thing: I noticed I was dreaming in one dream and it instantly ended. I kept still, my eyes closed, waiting for a DEILD. I was actually getting some pretty good imagery, but could tell that I was not in the dream yet. I think I was focusing too much on my body, and began to notice that my jaw was in a very uncomfortable position. After about a minute, I gave up.
    10. Saint Pete

      by , 09-03-2010 at 05:11 PM
      I can't remember this dream too well, but I'll do my best.

      I'm in a city which reminds me of Saint Petersburg. It's very brightly colored, and the buildings are all about the right height. I enter someone's apartment, and have sex with a woman there. Afterwards I put my clothes back on but no underwear. I think I'm wearing jeans, so it's really uncomfortable. She turns out to be in a relationship, maybe married. The guy enters the room, but he doesn't care at all. Then she becomes my mom. I feel mostly disgusted, thinking that I just sex with my mom. Then we go to get gas for the car. We begin walking, but then we're in a car, with my dad driving. I know where the gas station is because I found it just a little earlier. There's one interested intersection that we pass through, and then we stop at a red light. A bunch of people walk across the street, but one guy stops in front of the car and holds his hand out. It's one of the guys from small group. I'm pretty annoyed, and then I see him from another angle, doing the same thing.

      In another dream, I'm with a bunch of friends my age. We're high up, in some sort of futuristic place. We pass over many bridges, going from building to building. Finally Bo and I are a little behind, and I start going across the bridge, but it's unstable. The end attached to where I want to go breaks off, and the bridge wobbles. After some struggle and much wobbling, I make it to the other side. Bo is behind me, and he makes it too. It was almost like zero gravity after the bridge broke. I should have noticed that none of it made any sense.
    11. Secret Agent/Back at school

      by , 09-02-2010 at 04:55 PM
      First, some fragments:

      -The worship leader at my church raised her hand and I though that she's make a good sister.
      -Something about exaggeration and cliches on the screens during the service.
      -My mom complains that I have enough clothes for 26 days instead of 21, so there's no point in cleaning my clothes until later.

      And now the good stuff:

      1. I meet a guy who kind of looks like Jason Statham, but it's definitely not him or I'd be more interested/surprised. He's a skilled secret agent for some society, and enlists me. I myself beat up a middle-aged guy for some reason I can't remember. Later I break in to an office to steal something important, but I can tell that someone's about to come into the room, so I hide myself behind a wall. The guy walks into the room and I shoot him. He's dead instantly. I keep working, and then notice there's someone else in the room. It's a guy about my age, in a suit. He doesn't seem like much of a threat, so I don't shoot him right away. He says something like "if you kill me, they'll find you." I realize that I've actually killed someone, and if I kill this guy two that's more crime that I'll be in trouble for. I quickly decide that I don't have the ability to hide the bodies adequately. The young guy kind of seems like he's on my side now. I decide to call the guy who recruited me, because he should know what to do. The scene shifts, and we're on a train together with the guy I beat up earlier. Now he's making a deal with the guy, and it seems like everything is going to be alright.

      2. I arrive back on campus. There are people everywhere, and campus looks nothing like it does in reality. There are a bunch of booths set up, but I'm not interested in these; I figure they're mostly for the freshmen. I catch a glimpse of Abraham, but I know that he doesn't go to Princeton, so there must be something wrong. I ask someone else there, but I can't remember whether they gave some false explanation or just agreed that it was weird. I catch a glimpse of Lindy also. I'm incredibly happy to be back, and to see people I remember. I even decide to run my hand along a surface just to feel it more vividly and express my happiness, but when I do, I almost cut my hand open because the surface is very rough.
      Now a few things happen, but I can't remember the order. Aunt Sandy says something about how nice it all is. My dad leaves and tells me what he's doing for the rest of the day, but I quickly forget. I decide to do a reality check, so I think about whether this is where I usually am (the one I've been doing recently). So I say no, this isn't where I usually am, but that's because I just arrived here, in fact I can remember driving in the car with my dad up here. (false, I'm leaving in about a week. It's all very upsetting, I'm going to have to choose a better reality check). I decide to call my dad to ask him where he is, but never get around to it. I spend the rest of the dream trying to get to my dorm.
      Since everything is different, this proves to be very difficult. There's now a stream and bridge in the middle of campus, but it's not allowed to go on the bridge. There's another passage on the bridge, climbing up from underneath, which I remember (falsely) using before, so i give it a try, but it doesn't work. It becomes night. I walk around the stream and end up in the Southern end of the junior slums. Going North from here should be simple, but it's blocked off because of construction. My prox isn't activated, so I can't get through any buildings and have to walk around. I step into one building lobby hoping to get directions. I see some girl there, and ask her how to get to Laughlin. I'm very careful to pronounce it correctly, and not look like an idiot. She starts saying how to get there, and two guys walk in the lobby. One of them is the guy who plays guitar for the worship team. He asks, as though there was something dishonest going on here, what's going on here? I can't remember whether I even bother to respond, but I leave shortly afterward and then wake up.

      Awesome recall for my fifth day or so, though the fact that I slept an hour past my alarm sucked.
    12. More fragments

      by , 09-02-2010 at 01:48 AM
      I felt most of these were not even worth writing down at the time but forced myself to anyways.

      I saw Rebecca at some point, at the university, and she was talking about a get-together which I would inevitably miss since I'm leaving next week.

      I have something about languages written down. It must have been languages I didn't know--perhaps Greek was included, since I installed a Greek keyboard on my computer so I'll be able to type math equations more easily.

      I played some starcraft 1. That's right, the original. And not surprisingly, I was getting very frustrated because my micro was horrible and I was getting harassed like mad. Afterwards some guy, who used to be in the CIA, was telling me about war and what not. I think he said a few things about WWII. It made me curious, after I thought about it again. Maybe he was supposed to be my grandpa? Though he was far too German-looking for that to be right.
    13. A chase

      by , 08-30-2010 at 09:39 PM
      1. I'm being chased throughout a city. I successfully escape the people who are chasing me.

      2. I'm at the beach with some family and friends.
      Later, a few friends and I are trying to trick Bo. We're playing a game in which he needs to travel through rooms on square tiles, and push certain buttons to continue. I'm told to hide by one of the people who came up with the whole idea and I make a feeble attempt to put my head down against the field. Bo sees me and looks very confused. He makes a few moves and I wake up.

      In other news, I seem to have subconsciously turned off my alarm this morning, perhaps because I didn't want to be disturbed while I was sleeping. I woke up 45 minutes late, very confused.
    14. Finally a real dream

      by , 08-29-2010 at 01:58 PM
      Recall and morale continue to improve

      1. I'm in Russia. I might be combining two separate dreams here. First I'm at bible study. It starts around 5pm and we're in an unfamiliar room with somewhat dim lighting. There's both guys and girls; the only person I remember seeing is Rachel. Afterward there is a party/gathering of some sort, so I stick around for that. When we leave it is 3am, and I am kinda upset, because I'd have to wake up at 7 for school (I'm taking Russian classes in Russia at the time). I roll up into the parking lot in my sentra, and park at the closest spot to the building. The lot is really slanted, and now it's 4am. I go inside. I told Rachel goodbye at some point before this, and explained that getting only three hours of sleep won't be so bad because I'll just sleep during class.

      It's like Caleb's house, but it's the home of Valentina Alekseyevna. Her husband is there too, and she gets very angry at me for being home late. I feel upset that she's making such a big deal of it.

      I remembered about 7 different dreams again last night, but have (willingly) forgotten all but one. Almost all the others were about starcraft 2. I need to stop playing that game. Dreams like that I have like no chance of going lucid. Or maybe I could use it to my advantage...? As I expected when I was falling asleep last night, every game I played has something that goes wrong that doesn't make sense. And I got really pissed a few times. I guess I could have figured it out.

      I did on one occasion, after a dream faded, think maybe I had a FA and did a RC, but it was real life (I could hear the fan in my room). I shouldn't have expected it to fail, because I really didn't pay attention to whether I could breathe or not.

      Most of the dreams had some sense of recognizing that this was all unreal, but I didn't become lucid.

      I remember very strongly being mad at myself because "i got lucid so many times and just went around doing action-hero stuff, what a waste of lucid time" at some point during the night. Which is weird because I don't remember going lucid at all... I suppose I could use SC as a hardcore dream cue.
    15. Much better recall

      by , 08-28-2010 at 05:15 PM
      Throughout the night I woke up after every dream, and could remember about 1minute worth of material.
      Unfortunately I didn't put enough effort into remembering it all, so I can only remember the very last one.

      1. I'm playing starcraft 2. There's one other guy on my team, and it's about the end of the game; we're going around with our units killing every little base the enemy has. The last one is underneath flowing water, and I attack it from the back, coming around and then hitting it hard. I completely stop paying attention to the game and end up in a gigantic bathroom, with very ornate decorations and many baths. The one I'm resembles the area the base was built on, slanted and with flowing water that goes off an edge. I talk to one of my friends about the victory, and then see Twigg and ask him if he got my friend request. He explains that he hasn't had internet access since December. I realize that this is BS, because the game hasn't been around before July, and then become conscious, and wake up.

      I slept on the floor last night, which probably helped me remember the times I woke up in the middle of the night. I also got an extra hour of sleep since it's a weekend, and that must have helped as well. My recall is getting better quickly, and I'm about to start adding hypnosis in there to really push it over the edge.
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