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    Lunar Chronicles

    Welcome to my DJ.

    Current notes on dreaming:
    -I take menthol candies on occasion
    -My custom mantra is: 'I have vivid dreams which i recall daily'
    -I am currently incubating a specific dream

    1. 11/05/2015

      by , 05-12-2015 at 06:02 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      I woke up early in the morning and realized I was sleeping outside my old room. The guy Dig from arrow was in my garden and he pretended to have a leg injury to lure someone else that might have been my dad to outside to help with the fake injury. Outside he was standing by a bin and when my dad was there he wrote something on the bin. I went back inside to my bed and noticed my step brother was on my computer and had made his own windows account. I tapped on the window and was rally angry. My dad was shouting at him about something outside but him and his mom were just inside laughing at my dad. Later the maid arrived but there were hundreds of copies of her. I went to the window and shouted at my step brother for being on my computer and said I was going to put a lock on it. My dad said I must have a lot of protein and milk to do well during the exams.
    2. 09/05/2015

      by , 05-10-2015 at 07:46 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      I was at university sitting in a lecture. The lecturer was talking about some arbitrary thing. I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't supposed to be in that class. I'm sure that at one stage I was sitting alone but then later I was sitting next to my friend. The lecturer cut the lecture really short and we all rushed out the venue. I looked for my friend but she was long gone and then I remembered she said goodbye. I went to some other people outside and I saw a bit from my school who was a few years younger than me. I said hello to him but he didn't respond. I noticed that it was starting to rain and I saw the time was 3:40. I told everyone I wanted to go home before the traffic rush and the storm. I walked all the way to the other side of the university and realized my car wasn't there. I ran back tithe other side when I realized I left y laptop back in the lecture hall. I got my laptop and went towards the other parking lot. It was already dark. Just before I went out the door by the parking I was pushed by some random guy. I went out the door and pushed the door closed as he was coming through. He was pissed off so I told him to hit me. I wanted to provoke a fight with him. Eventually he did hit me and we ended up on the rugby field at my old school we had a big fight there and I beat him up. A coach saw us fighting and ran towards us but I just picked the kid up and threw him into the stands.

      I was at a party with my friends. I had made friends with some girl as well and we were talking on the phone. My friends were talking about movies and as a joke I was pretending to spoil them. My other friend messaged is in a group saying there was a new item set in dota2. I wanted to test the girl I was talking to but my friends were nosy so I held my phone away from them.

      The first part of this dream was vague but I was at university. We were playing some sort of game where we had to collect dragon ball type things to strengthen us against out opponents. We had 2 dragon balls. I did what I had to in order to get us another dragon ball. That dragon ball I got was really dim and didn't have the stars to indicate what number it was. The people in front of us who we were going to fight had 3 full dragon balls. I can't remember what but I was told to do something to make the balls more clear. I think I had to take a shot of something. Finally the 3rd ball was clear but our opponents had 5 already.

      I was in a parking lot at a mall. I was about to reverse into the parking when the car in the adjacent parking moved into it. Eventually I was parked in by many other cars who were also going for that parking. It took ages before we could even get out of the parking lot. My mom and my gran came to see what happened in the parking lot and they were saying something about the people who changed parings. I was really angry an I was shouting at the people behind me calling them idiots. Later I was with my mom who said she hadn't had whiskey in ages. I told her that's nothing special since she never drinks anyway. She told me she has a brandy every now and then so I just laughed with her.

      In the first dream when I looked at the time it was 3:40. Later when I looked it was 3:10.
    3. 07/05/2015

      by , 05-08-2015 at 05:51 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      I was at school about an hour before I had to write a test. I decided to go to a friends house while I waited for the test to start. I knew that I probably shouldn't have gone there since I needed to study a lot before the test. When I got to his house my PC was there and a few other people were also there. We played some pc games for a while until we went off to eat lunch. I remember staying at the house for a long time worrying about my test. Eventually I looked at my watch and it was 9:31. My test was supposed to start at 930. I packed up really fast and ran along this huge pathway by a hill to get to the test venue. When I was at the test venue the papers were being handed out and I apologized for being late. The instructors found it funny that I was late and said that I had to complete some sort of challenge to write the test. One instructor went to the desk in the front and picked up a plastic bag with a R100 note and a R5 coin. He took the R100 and crossed it off the inventory list. I looked at my watch and saw the time was 9:30 so I wasn't actually late. Other people were also coming in at that time. The instructors decided to punish us for coming in late. They released a ghost that was from each house in my old school. We had to run away from the ghost and not let them touch us otherwise we lost. I ran away towards a pool and saw the ghost of a pretty brunette following me. I dodged around and tried to go near other people so she would lose interest in me. She followed me and eventually caught up since she was a lot faster. Eventually she touched me and I was out of the trial. I walked over to some other people who were acting strangely around the ghost there. I can't remember the rest of the dream but I think I eventually wrote the test and it went badly.
    4. 05/05/2015

      by , 05-06-2015 at 08:35 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      The dream began when I woke up early at about 6am to go to gym. I went into the gym that is also close to my house but isn't my normal house. I had a normal gym session in the huge gym but I also noticed a lot of female DCs looking at me a lot. I finished the chest workout and went looking for the triceps machines but I couldn't find them. Eventually I was outside the gym and had no idea how to get back inside. I was worried about being late for class later so I panicked and went another way. It ended up being the exact same way as before and I was still outside. I decided to go the other way to get inside. I saw the manager who was a big guy with dark hair and a brown leather jacket who was smoking outside. Eventually I went through the bathroom. There were several showers next to each other in the bathroom and there was faeces all over the floor running in the water. I dodged all of it by walking as the people swept it up. I passed 2 boys who were unhappy about having to sweep it after their gym session. I left the bathroom but I was blocked from going out of the corridor outside by 2 men I recognized from my gym in real life. The one was the manager of that gym and he told me I couldn't gym any longer and I had to go home. I spoke with them a bit and the one guy said see you later. I felt guilty for going to the gym I was at and made some excuse in my head that I was only swimming at the first gym because the other didn't have a pool (it does have a pool in real life). I checked my phone and I had a message from my dad telling me to check the internet line when I got home to make sure it was working since the internet was slow and he thinks it's because of 'the insane thing that happened with the shares exchange last night'. He signed off the message with 'peace homie'. I went to the exit of the gym and the guy at the counter asked me for R80. I was really angry that I had to pay so much each day for the gym. I checked my pokey and I had a 50, a 20 and a 200. I tried the 200 but he said the machine doesn't accept them. I saw a draw by the machine which had hundreds of coins. I picked out a whole lots of R5s while the guy at the counter was talking to me. Eventually I paid the money with the R50 and a few of the R5s I found in the drawer. We spoke a bit more and he was about to let me out when this man who was panicking came running in. He asked me for help but I wasn't interested and it seemed like he wanted to cause trouble and was possibly armed so I backed away. Security came to deal with him so I decided to leave. I asked the guy at the counter something about collecting the R80 as a kid walked past and didn't pay. The kid went and got into an Audi and drove off. I left the gym and the guy at the counter said I mustn't forget his dad something. I didn't ask what he said and thought about it as I walked to my car. It was a fiesta instead of my real car.
    5. 28/04/2015

      by , 04-30-2015 at 08:59 AM (Lunar Chronicles)
      I was driving over to my gran and aunts house to visit them and my mom. I had my step brother in the car with me. It was night time when we got there and we pulled up outside the complex gate which is right at the top of a hill. A golf pulled up beside me in a place that would have been impossible in waking life. The woman driver opened the gate and rushed through to close it before I got through. I'm not sure how I contacted my aunt at first but she didn't answer. My step brother and I waited passing time in the car. I decided to send her an SMS telling her we were there after about 10 minutes. Every single word that I typed in the message was wrong but somehow I knew she would be able to read it. She still did not reply so i decided to get out the car and go ring the bell on the property. About 20 minutes had passed since we got there. When I went to ring the bell a man came up to me and told me to give him my keys. I refuses but he pulled out a knife. Surprisingly I have him the keys and spat on the floor in front if him. He went towards the car where my stepbrother was in the drivers trying to drive away but he couldn't since he's only 10. I realized the car doors were unlocked as well I also thought about how my phone and other stuff were also in the car. My step brother and I walked down towards my grans complex. I was shouting and swearing at the guy as I went to my grans place. The guy said that I must keep the keys and report the car as stolen. I found that strange but was in too much of a state to consider it. I went inside and I was told my aunt wasn't even home she was at Pep so she wouldn't have got my messages. I was really upset and I hoped that the axe immobilizer would kick in and stop the car. I discusses how strange it was for him to give me the keys back. On the screen was a Dota game with. 2 pl picks which I was also saying was strange.

      I was in a world which had different races. I followed my race along a road until we came across another race of trolls. I can only recall fragments from this dream so I'm not sure about everything. The trolls were hostile so we climbed up on to these huge barrels that extended far into the air. The trolls couldn't so anything about so they marched off. On the other side was a huge horde of humans. In this world each race had a massive animal that protected them. The humans had a black Labrador which seemed more like a panther at most times. The dog jumped up the barrels and tried to bite the relatively small people on them. My people and I threw these human sized containers filled with nails down at them. It took us over a dozen containers to neutralize the dog and the human who lay in a bloody mess far down on the ground. Some other events occurred which I can't recall properly but we made our way down the barrels only to meet up with another race which was hostile too. I remember it was me, Daniella, Melissa an Conor who were trying to leave the forest with all these races. At some stage I was skating around on the ice and I launched myself into the air and got stuck on a tree which was surrounded by angry elves on the ground below it.

      I was on the road near my old school when I came across a friends house. I went inside and there were a whole lot of people getting ready to go somewhere in their car. 4 boys were already in the back seat but I managed to squeeze in too. We went to some sort of fete. I ended up talking to my friends sister and her friend since he disappeared. They had watched a movie and were heading home so I said goodbye to them.

      I was in a classroom with a whole lot of other people listening to a lecture. In front of me was a guy who had an auditing degree. He claimed he requires an IT degree and an accounting one to become an auditor. I saw a girl I knew from school and we talked about the degree I was doing and when we were both going to graduate. Someone can and tried to rob the lecture venue which looked just like my aunts business property.

      Somehow this fragment links which one of the other dreams. I was with my brother and his girlfriend. We were inside the lecture hall when some buff bad guy came in and started talking to us. My brother and i went off with him and we meet his really pretty sister. My brother was upset about something so he had a few drinks and was drunk. Later I found him getting a tattoo at the same time with the buff guy which I figured he'd regret. Another fragment I recall is me hiding in the lecture hall from someone who passed us.
    6. 21/04/2015

      by , 04-22-2015 at 12:12 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      I was walking down the street that my school was on. The first house on the block had some strange sort of noisy contraption which was supposedly put there just to annoy the neighbors who were family to those people. I kept on walking and fuehrer down there were several trees close together. I hooked my jacked on the head of a nail at the top of a tree and used it to swing across the sidewalk. When I landed I was unable to remove my jacket off the hook. Eventually it came off and I kept walking. I soon passed the junior school which had the younger people standing on the field with huge winter jackets. I kept walking and saw my school on the right. As I was walking inside I heard a girl talking to her friends about how she should become head girl. I thought to myself about how I wasn't voting for her since I didn't really know her. I waited outside the hall for my friends. A few people walked into me. I was woken up.

      I was in some sort of village where I was staying with a bunch of people I know and a few esports personalities. We were camping there and we has defenses against mythical creatures which I thought were vampires. The personalities and people from my school Played some games such as rugby in the park. I was running around with them when one guy got angry and tried to prove himself by hurting everyone else. He kicked the ball really far and I went to fetch it by the tents. Only after I was in the camp did I realize I needed a torch of some sort to prevent the vampires from going for me. I decided to leave the ball but as I went back to the park I noticed that everyone was being attacked and most people were dead. This dream links with the dream above since the pro esport guys were streaming the game but they went offline in the first dream and posted a so called state of emergency on Twitch.

      I was at a lecture where the lecturer was talking about Ian and lip from shameless. At the end of the lecture she told us that she gave us the wrong worksheet for the next lecture and I was angry because I had already completed it. I looked around for R but only saw M. I left the venue and it wS raining outside when I saw Ian. He was using a payphone which wasn't working so I allowed him to use my phone. I walked with him as he phoned his brother. After he phoned his brother we walked towards these old people who he knew. They had heard some story and were pissed at Ian. Somehow I ended up in a fight with the brother and I managed to pin him down. Ian and I went to his house after. His house was a huge farm with a building on the high ground and a smaller house at the bottom where his dad (frank) lived. I met lip but he was always angry at someone. There was a huge storm and the dogs were running across the field in the rain. The next morning I went inside his dad's part of the house and I noted how neatly their wireless router was connected. I confronted lip about his anger but didn't seem to make much progress.
    7. 20/04/2015

      by , 04-21-2015 at 06:48 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      I went to class and on the way up the stairs to the back I saw an old friend but when I greeted him he completely ignored me. I was in class at university when the assistants started to hand out attendance sheets. I was sitting with some friends and the teachers assistant was next to me. The lecturer asks us to go back out and hand back the attendance sheets for some reason then come back inside. As I got to the bottom of the lecture hall they didn't let me out but they gave me someone else's attendance sheet. I went back up to my friends and we had to do an assignment. On another piece of paper they gave me it said I had a really low mark out of 100. However there were a few other words there which didn't make too much sense but basically said they mark was wrong. I started to do my assignment and noticed the desk was at a strange angle making in impossible to work. A girl from my high school was in the lecture and her dad was missing a hand where he just had a stump.

      The dream either continued or transitioned into another dream where my brother and I were at the university walking around an talking. He showed me some feat of engineering and saw a friend of his. A guy didn't think my brother knew greeted him before the dream collapsed.

      The beginning of this dream was vague but basically I was a guy with super powers similar to Goku. I could fly around the icy place I was at and I had super strength. My friends at that place were being threatened by enemies with similar powers. They always came to attack us and we fought just outside the barrier where they couldn't pass into our community. I remember I fought their leader and at some stage just before I made it into the safety den one of their guys grabbed me and threw me back. After the fight it seemed that a few people were dead on both sides. I remember flying or running away from the civilization until I reached one of the northeast parts of this world. The dream then transitioned until I was in some place by Canada. I thought I was far away and that no humans would be around to help since I felt mortal again. I slid down an icy river bend and hears voices at the bottom. There was a cop there with a car and he was shooting at some other people. Soon after he got shot and I got into the car and drove it. At first I was worried about driving the automatic but eventually I realized it was manual and the revs were counted by some sort of abstract display. I drove through the gunshots until I reached a fork in the road. I went left and ended up at a dead end where I quickly turned around and got back out. Eventually I reached some sort of military base. I met someone there who seemed strong and confident. I was told to go find a room to sleep in and relax about the war. I eventually slept on the couch.

      I have another dream memory which I think is part of another dream but shortly after a lecture I was unable to find my car and I spent most of the dream looking for it. I phoned my friend who was parked next to it but left early. He didn't answer which I assumes was because he was driving. I spent a long time looking for the car and didn't find it in the end when I woke up.
    8. 9/03/2014

      by , 03-10-2014 at 01:17 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      In the first dream I was with my family in some place which seemed like a warehouse. I was captured by these alien type things that looks like small sling cones with a whitish goo. Every time they caught me they would torture me with different methods. In one torture session they put one of the slimy things right by face when I was in a barrel.

      In another dream I need to take a dump so I went to As room and sat at his desk. He was pretending to do homework but was actually playing a game of dota1. Afterwards I looked out the window and saw that my car was outside the gate and that the hood was open. I went outside and found that my brother was busy doing something there. It was raining softly. After talking a bit he moved my car which had a trailer with dustbins back inside and the dream ended.

      In the third dream i was with my mom and we were at the shops or something. Something happened there that upset her. We went back to her car and as she tried to get in She fell or hurt herself. I picked her up and helped her back into the seat. We drove back to her flat where my old maid from years ago, made us food. We thanked her many times and ate in silence.

      Note: the long dream about me protecting someone happened again tonight for the third time in a row but I'm still having trouble fully recalling it.
    9. McDonald's and the Blue Eyed Girl

      by , 03-07-2014 at 07:11 AM (Lunar Chronicles)
      The first dream revolved around me going with my mom, gran and aunt to McDonald's. We were sitting in the car waiting to leave when I noticed my brother joined us by the car but refused to talk to.my mother. He said he was also going to eat but not with us. We drove to the place and ordered food. I ordered a supervised quarter pounder and 2 cheeseburgers. After ordering we went off to eat somewhere in the parking lot. I am not sure of the link between the dreams but I later went with my brother, dad, aunt, mom and gran to McDonald's. This time I thought we ordered the same food again but it turned out I had a plate of nachos this time. My brother said he wad going somewhere and he threw his ice cream in the air and it turned to liquid and landed all over me. I became angry and went to the bathroom to clean up. He apologised but I ignored him. I returned to the table and started eating but was unhappy with the quantity of food and still wanted more to eat.

      The next thing I remember was being in the car with my dad. He said we needed to go and get a hardware product. My brother was annoyed but drove his car alongside us. The hardware shop and its location looked just like the one irl. Then I was in a supermarket. The details of this part are pretty hazy but i remember walking past a girl and her family. The girl was annoying and seemed almost dirty to me. When we left the shop, I walked past her and suddenly she seemed really beautiful and almost like a different person. I can't remember what I bought.

      The next dream revolved around me being on a train or some other public transport. I was sitting next to a friend and a young girl with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Throughout the dream I was trying to flirt with the girl. She blew me off for most of the dream but towards the end she opened up to me a bit and took my flirting more light heartedly. Until I said something that made her extremely upset. I tried to apologise but she wouldn't accept it and didn't want to talk to me again. The dream seemed very long and we spoke for hours and I can't remember everything.

      Just before waking up I remember that I was a part of some group that was responsible for burning down a forest to save our people who were being held captive inside by the enemy. I had memories.of all those things happening but don't remember them happening in the dream.

      My last dream isn't completely clear but what happened was that I was a bodyguard or guardian so to speak of a young girl with the same appearance as the girl on the train. She went to the supermarket and I followed her and stopped any threats. We seemed very close but i think i was in love with her but she didn't love me that way. The people I worked for were scared of her and despised me for taking on the job. I wish I remember more details if this dream but for now all I can remember is guarding her the whole dream.

      Many other fragments that I am unable to piece together.
    10. Holiday and Movie Time

      by , 03-05-2014 at 02:27 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      I can't recall the logistics of all of it, but pretty much I was in a holiday house with a friend I haven't seen in years. J and I were at the beach and we didn't really get much done since we were only there for the day. I remember packing up to back home when we saw a live video feed of a sharp hunting a bison in the sea. While packing up a was rambling crazy things about sharks and their ability to maneuver in the water. I finished packing up and we walked to where my dad was going to fetch me. I grabbed a red bull on the way out. My friend and I joked that we hardly talked. He let me aso him a dew questions and it turned out that he was studying electrical engineering at Wits and had a contract with an American company which allowed him to go work there occasionally. As we were crossing towards the parking lots there was another shark attack along with a crocodile attack on the beach. There was chaos on the beach but I finally reached my dad.

      The second dream revolved around me being at a concert in my junior school. I was sitting in the hall and watching with my friends. I moved from the front of the hall to the back where I could sit alone as there were only 2 seats. Later however, there were 4 or more people alongside me talking to me. I remember Damian fighting with me while we watched. The guy giving the presentation was talking about controlling water as an element and I had hoped he would give me the lecture slides. There was more to this dream which I cannot recall.

      My third dream took place in my current house. The dream was complex so I can't completely put all the pieces back together. I was dating Rita from Dexter and she had suffered a huge loss such as losing a child. We were in the kitchen of the main house with an older woman and a young fat girl. Somehow the conversation switched to.the relationship between Rita and I. I tried to dodge the question but the girl became more vulgar and imposing each time she asked it. Rita ran out the door through the rain to the cottage. I followed her but the scene changed completely. I was now in my brothers cottage. People starting getting home and also coming into the cottage. Robyn came in along with my brothers girlfriend. My brother eventually got home and started talking about gym. I noticed he had 2 hats on and found that strange. He took one off and.threw it at me. After talking for a little longer I woke up.
    11. Updating the DJ

      by , 03-04-2014 at 07:13 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      Day 1
      I was playing a dota 2dgl game. My team picked bloodseeker mid for me. The game went very badly and we lost the game by far. I was in the bottom lane when we failed to finish an easy kill. Shortly after the, the game ended and i told the captain to pick me a 'proper mid' for the next game. While he drafted game 2 i opened a web browser and went on to DV to search for info on lucid dreaming, although a few things were unusual i didnt become lucid.

      Later i was at school with my friends and we decided to chase L down. I was shouting poetry while we chased after him and i had the intention to swipe him with plus 1 spell damage. He managed to escape to the public and i woke up.

      Day 2
      I emerged from a cave with lissa. We looked up towards the palace and saw that the people were still sick and dying of hunger. I guided her up the mountain and towards the palace. Near the palace there was a 100m high stack of cold drinks in 2l bottles. I climbed to the top and pushed the crates over so they fell to the ground. Instantly people started coming to get the drinks. I moved on to the fridge and saw many Tupperwares of cold stew. I removed the stew from the fridge and gave it to the people as I knew they needed it to survive. I led the princess back down the hill yo safety after curing the people. I felt anxious to help the people throughout the dream.

      Now suddenly I was in my car driving along the highway towards Pretoria. I was worried as it was my first time on the highway and I wasn't sure where I was going. After anxious about whethDr I found the right turnoff I found the place I was looking for. It looked like a bus station.but seemed to be an admin building. I walked up the stairs for ages until I.found.what i was looking for. It led me back to the bottom of the building and I asked someone where I.needed to go. They laughed and gave me a code I didn't know how to follow up on. Lawrence backwards was the name of my turnoff.

      I was on a train with my friends and I was called to the front. It seemed that Nikkei found out my matrix documents were not valid. My matric photo had a picture of me with my friends smoking bubbly in the background. She demanded that I rewrite the while thing and bring it back. I went back to my friends and rewrote it. They were all talking about stuff and my varsity friends.showed a video of their neknominations.

      After that I remember some people in the grade above me doing a nomination in a bar. They each took a sip of their beers and chose who they nominated. Something strange happened after that.

      Day 3
      Dream 1

      I was in my house in the lapa outside. I was having a lan with my friend J. My old friend Jas brother was also there with a friend having a lan. On the first day we let them have the comfortable table and we used a makeshift one. We played PC all day and then the following day we were going to swap tables. The next day the younger guys wanted to keep the big table and didn't want to swap. I walked inside the house and saw a man that I didn't really know. I ignored the man and walked into the dining room to grab a towel or sheet we were going to use at the lan. When I got back the other guys still didn't want to let us lan On the big table. I lost my temper and walked up the one guy and said" I remember hanging out with you when you were younger and you were pretty cool but now all you do is whine and act like a little brat. Then I turned around to the other guy and said something else. He got angry back at me so turned around and told him to hit me. After he hit me I told him to hit me again. He hit me on the cheek 3 times, each time softer than the last time. After the third hit, I turned around and punched him in the face. As he turned back towards me I hit him hard in the face again. I thought my point was proven so I walked over to my friend and we started to set up our PCs on the table. The other 2 didn't say much after that.

      Dream 2

      I was sitting in a classroom that was located in my junior school. The classroom was far darker than I expected. The teacher was a tall male with dark hair and blue eyes. I was sitting against the side window one row from the back. In front of we was a boy I didn't know and behind me was a girl called Symone. To the right of me there was a girl I knew from school but I don't remember knowing exactly who it was. The teacher caught us a lesson about computers. He drew a bit on the board and spone a lot. My phone was low on battery so I passed it to the girl behind me and asked her to plug it in. She plugged it in but it never seemed to charge very fast. Halfway through the lesson she left. I kept on checking on my phone and decided it wasn't charging fast enough so I handed it to the guy in front of me. The plug kept on changing from a 2 prong to a 3 prong. He eventually plugged it in but it didn't charge any faster. The teacher was asking everyone questions and eventually he asked my if it would be a good idea to buy a laptop that has no internet or memory because it's 30% off. I said it wasn't a good idea unless it was reduced more. He disagreed and said it should he decreased less. For the rest of the lesson I just watched and waited for my phone to charge until eventually I woke up.

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    12. 7 August 2012

      by , 08-08-2012 at 05:27 AM (Lunar Chronicles)
      7 August 2012
      I am walking around the streets of my old primary school with my current Maths teacher. I don't notice the nostalgia of the buildings and even all the new aspects of architecture and even location. The teacher is talking to me although I am not really listening. He stops outside a classroom and opens the door, a bunch of Young children stare back up at us. He turns around quickly and walks on. We finally reach another classroom with glass windows and we are both certain that this is his classroom. He says something to me and the dream fades.*

      Dream 2:
      I am in some sort of strange restaurant which looks quite a bit like Spur. There is a young fat boy next to me and he seems to be upset in a bratty kind of way. I cannot remember the full dream but I can certainly remember the boy telling me that his father has had money problems since my friend stopped coming to eat his sauce. The fatty suggests that my friend was fat and it caused me to wonder where this this fried had gone.*

      Dream 3:
      I am at my friend Js house and he is extremely hungover. His face is red and his eyes are droopy. We talk about until his family comes on and starts shouting at him to do all of these chores. I follow him around while his brother follows us an irritates us. The dream was pretty boring.*

      Dream 4:
      This long and vivid dream really should have become a lucid. My whole school was having a fun day for all the younger kids. We were playing a game at the 14th station and we had about 14 children with us. The game had something to do with running around and spraying each other with water guns. The group next to us was really irritating so I suggested that the kids run off and attack them. The fight got way out of hand and we had to chase them down since they were owning the other people. When we finally caught up with them the facilitators told us to return to our group for the next children. Then the dream shifted and a was standing packing he back of a bakkie. My whole group and some girls were there. Something happened where my pants went down and i was exposed. I could see that the one girl noticed and she gasped. Her friend asked her what was wrong and she said she would tell her later. I realized what they were talking about and I felt extremely embarrassed and wondered what would happen in the future since she saw this.*

      Dream 5:
      This could be an extension of dream 4 although it felt like a new dream. We were entertaining new children now and it was through some massive course with a lift and all this other stuff. In the beginning I remember making a fool out of myself by not going through the right door or something. This time I was trying to climb through the play room window to get to the lift. My friends were also trying to find a way out. The facilitator just laughed and he showed us the open door. We all ran towards the lift but I was waiting for someone so I didn't take the first one. When more people came I pressed the lift button and it came. Just before we got in the power went out. I was talking to B about some random stuff which happened in waking life. Then a guy who I identified as Zebrah came and told us that he just needed to reset the power and everyone was so happy. I was then woken up.*
    13. 6 August 2012

      by , 08-07-2012 at 12:33 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      A blurry dream where I was a swordsman and an archer and we had to defend th school hall against the opposition. It seems to be a recurring dream. The arrows also never seemed to hit their targets properly.

      Also, my hair was funny or something in the next dream.
    14. 5 August 2012

      by , 08-06-2012 at 07:19 AM (Lunar Chronicles)
      5 August 2012*
      Dream 1: I was sitting alone listening to music when C walked up and started talking to me. He looked a lot like Russell brand and he seemed to know nothing about modern culture and technology. We walked around te city for ages looking at all the technology and busses and stuff. He appeared to like Lil Wayne a lot and we listened to that the whole time. Later we were in some underground train like place when it was pouring with rain. A window popped open and a dog came jumping through it. I got such a fright but then saw it was just the care takers dog. M came through the door and said that the dog had kept him up all night so he had brought it here.*
    15. 04 August 2012

      by , 08-05-2012 at 07:54 AM (Lunar Chronicles)
      04 August 2012
      3 long and vivid dreams recorded.
      Dream 1:
      I was sitting in the school hall with a few other friends. We were worried about an attack on the hall from some outside force. J and I were sitting there conversing about the problem when we were told to go inside the hall and talk there. Inside the hall, there were hundreds of agents hanging from the ceiling and jumping up and down. They were all wearing black and they were all doing something random. A few of us were called into a special room where we discussed the next step. Here is where the weird shit began. I was talking to these guys with fishbowl or astronaut hats on their head. Their fishbowl thing was filled with water and all I could see was their heads. Two of them were speaking fluent Afrikaans and another two were animals. The crazy dream ended after I saw this.

      Dream 2:
      This dream lost vast amounts of clarity since I didn't write down keywords upon awakening from it. We were standing around this massive black building which looked a little like Hogwarts. It seemed that we were unable to defend the building and it was about to crash and all. Pink liquid came crashing under the bottom of the building as it began to lean to one side. At that time a memory came flashing back to me. It was a memory of a prediction which showed the pink liquid ooze out of the in a tv commercial. I was interested by the fact that the dream commercial and building were intertwined but I didn't give it that much thought. After the building collapsed we ran to one end of the building which appeared to be my schools quadrangle. I found a teacher there and she was moaning about something and said we must just come inside. Inside the place we had food and ran around and stuff but I can't remember what we did for the rest of the dream.

      Dream 3:
      This dream was extremely significant as I met another dream character which I cared for in that stuffed up illogical dream way.
      Me G and D were staying on some beach place with pretty much all my friends. We had a few beers in our hands and we were just sitting there setting up a place to stay. Later after setting up a few of us went to the beach just to chill. We met up with some girls there. One had long blonde hair and was extremely pretty, the second one had light pinkish hair and big blue eyes and the other two were just really ugly with strange hair and glasses. The next day when we saw the girls they invited us to come to their place to swim or something. I was glad to go there and show off my muscles (:/). In the dream it felt like we had spent many days together and had been there for quite a while so we really knew the girls well. One night when we were in the jacuzzi with the girls the one asked me something. She asked whether I liked her more or the pink haired girl. It took me ages to decide but I eventually mentioned the pink haired one. The pink haired one said that she was happy because she liked me too. The other two girls seemed to be unhappy since they weren't even mentioned and they seemed upset. As I got up and walked up to the pink haired one I woke up because of my alarm I think.
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