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    1. The man behind the slaughter

      by , 09-19-2022 at 03:44 PM
      i was walking down a street with a friend, it was night and to my left was a concrete ruin. half collapsed, the parts that were still standing had fires in the windows. we walked in to investigate, and i put my hands on over head in case something fell on me, this destruction happened recently and i could hear parts crumbling. we walked through a roofed segment to the other side which was open, but also incredibly dark.

      my friend went somewhere but i couldn't see where, it was too dark. there was a working LED screen on a bit of standing wall, i moved to that for some light. i heard an animal behind me, i turned around and saw something moving back and forth, growling. i thought it might be a bear but it was still too dark to make out. i stood still, not knowing what to do, until i went back to where i came.

      a bald shirtless guy with tattoos and a goatee was standing there(looked like the guy from american history X) with a fake dog on a stiff leash while dipping its tail back and forth into a mug full of water he had in his other hand while laughing at me. he had played a joke on me, he was the bear.
    2. first entry

      by , 09-19-2022 at 12:37 AM
      Trying to get better at recall, in the last dreams i could remember, i was a vampire being chased by a group of angry people from a pub, pale and bald like nosferatu. i ran across a river with a bridge made out of the stuff those floats at the pools are made of. to escape i made myself levitate and floated above the water. they ran to the other side and began fighting, so i flew down and bit their necks, only i sucked the negative thoughts from them, causing them to make up and fall in love with each other.

      In another dream i got called the n word by a ghost who looked like the grudge in a haunted house.

      another dream i was in a dystopian city, tall grey concrete skyscrapers packed closely together, people lived latched on the sides of these buildings, in small flats, shops and slums. unsafe scaffolding made the walkways, and formed bridges between the buildings and skyscrapers, it was a long way looking down. i was part of a gang who stole bread to sell to a woman in a bread shop who bought illegal bread. she told us what we got wasn't worth much, and if we wanted decent pay we needed to get 4 more bags of it. later i saw the insides of the skyscrapers, they were parking complexes on the insides, though i saw no cars, i saw no living spaces either. completely dark and grey, no colours anywhere!

      in another dream, the dream crashed when i found a cow that was clipped into a spiral staircase, it was thrashing around manically like a ragdoll in gmod and when i touched it, the perspective went to me looking at the dream on my monitor, and then checking my pc thinking it was going to explode.

      In another i shot up a russian nursery with the guys from the no russian mission in MW2. i was slipping and sliding on the laminate floor as i chased them through the hallways, i only felt bad about it when i shot one i wasn't supposed to, my dreamself is strange.

      saw the pale man scp(as shrek mod i had downloaded that day, but not played yet) in the front garden of my house, me, the girl from portal and someone else were there. it got up and began its process. i was not sure who looked at it, me or the girl. we decided to run out to a grey 2000's car and head as fast as we could to the scp base. i understood that we would be outpacing the scp in the car, but it was only buying us time. first i was in the backseat, and we were speeding through motorways, they were talking about something serious but i cant remember what. then i was in the driver seat, left side, it was night and my driving wasn't great. i was going full speed around corners staying really close to the curb to avoid the traffic, bushes and trees hung close meaning i could not see what was coming around ahead, and then grinding onto the curb when the corner would suddenly turn the other way. eventually we reached a desert, and the base was there. the entrance was a ruin, and we slowly walked up. a gap in my memory, the others had made it in but i was still outside. i walked up to the entrance and crouched under a wide but low square entrance. at the other side was the dog scp and a humanoid, they were talking about something, the dog sounded like the terminator from kuragame communication. i saw a dynamite bundle with a timer on it and i threw it back at the entrance and detonated it, causing it to collapse. i thought it could buy me some time, but gravel could be torn apart easily by the pale man. just as i thought that, i could hear its screaming approaching, it had caught up, and i scrambled to crawl through the small hole the humanoid and the dog were standing beside. i don't remember what happened after that part.

      next i was daisuke and i was with J, we were at a tall building, and we were hunting two bad guys. we chased them up the tower, doing stiff and awkward parkour. outside it looked like a block of flats but inside it was construction, blue plastic sheets and open wooden cargo crates. once we made it to the top, they got past me and began going down much faster than they went up, i struggled to keep up to them.

      next we had to go to a far away place to investigate someone. i was at a border between britian and india, no one was allowed there. i was J, daisuke was not around. i was in a buss and i was in a country side on a road. to my right was a huge green valley, to my left was just normal landscape. no one was allowed to be in this area, it was called the ??? zone, the word began with an I, but it was something like forbidden zone. i was in a bus and it was overgrown with bush on the side, and that was done intentionally for some reason. i knew i was not allowed to leave the bus, the place i had to go was along this road and i saw it on a map. no one was around, it was dead silent. creepy. there was no one stopping me from leaving the bus, i was the only one in it, what would happen if i stepped outside? i realized that i didn't have to take this risk, if there was any, and could find the place through normal civilization, so i did a u turn and went back where i "came". there was a town here, but it was also silent and empty, dark empty windows.

      next I as daisuke and J were walking at the designated location, a shady town with shady people, a malfunctioning android in a trench coat, covered in soot, was walking around with its head pistoning up and down, plastic smoke coming out the hole where its neck should be. J was gritting his teeth, we couldn't coax anyone for breaking any laws here as we were only here to find one person. so i was holding onto his arm trying to comfort him. next i was at a jacuzzi, there were two cyborgs in it, a man and a woman, these two were rivals somehow and were being passive-aggressively friendly to each other. the woman had iron-man style thrusters on her palms and began vaporizing the water for some reason. the guy stood up, he was the target. he had a completely mechanical body, but from his spine hung a cable and a large plastic tube, in the tube was his real body, with all skin and bone and muscle stripped. his organs were wriggling and stretching inside, at the top was his brain, with his eyeless face stitched onto it. he dragged it around behind him, i went up for a closer look and he got mad when i got near it.

      last night i dreamed i got a box, inside was a comic where terry bogard fought the incredible hulk. the outside made it look action, but the comic itself was more so drama. terry was in a depressive state and released the hulk from imprisonment just to fight him, because he felt he needed to prove something. he acted a lot more like macus bogard in this, he was a government agent. as i read the comic, the dream would switch to me observing the events as real things, at one point i noticed japanese pencil writing inside, my mom told me that they probably sent me a defective book at full price. i looked at the cover again and saw lots of small scratches in the reflection of the light. i was mad and sad, and threw my head against a metal radiator, though strange gravity slowed my decent, i felt nothing.


      this is a start, lets do this!

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