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    zombie/ monster apocalypse

    by , 06-06-2012 at 11:50 AM (708 Views)
    My friends and I were in a basement living room type place. For some reason it was a time where we had to be reckless with each others lives, the fact that zombies/ monsters were trying to take over humanity probably had something to do with it. One of my friends was shooting/ throwing arrows at the wall recklessly and I think got someone in the arm . A few others were playing a board game where the looser was about to get a drill through his hand :shock:. We had locked ourselves (or tried to) into this house for the night because of the zombies/ monsters or whatever the hell was trying to take over, it seemed like it could be anything, but we also had to watch out for each other. I wanted to get some sleep but I knew I shouldn't put myself in such a vulnerable position, a girl I was talking to said it's hell and almost impossible to sleep here not knowing what you're gonna wake to lol. As a bunch of people and I were sitting on a couch in the basement room talking, we hear the door at the top of the stairs slam open, and obviously it was something huge (it kind of looked like one of those evil things from the movie gremlin but like 7 ft tall and huge). There was a closet I hid in before it could see us. I think it left or something because I found everyone trying to sneak away before I knew what had happened lol. I end up in one of the upstairs rooms late at night watching some staticy station where people were trying to get in touch with each other with radios and talk about the state of their area and what happened to them etc. I turn it off and go down stairs. I'm surprised to see one friend sleeping on the couch who I didn't think was in the house at all. He jumps up at the sound of me with a knife in his hand, but I was more relieved to see him than anything. After he realizes it's me we talk about how we were going to escape from the area, find certain people, and find weapons. Since we were low on food, he suggested that we mix battery acid and banana peels lol. I said we better leave as soon as we can. We end up at a mall type place and find someone he was looking for, I really wanted to find a taser for some reason so we ask her if she knows anywhere we could find them, then I wake up. I kind of wish more monster action went on :?

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