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    1. Call of Duty

      by , 02-13-2012 at 10:07 AM

      I didn't post in here for a while, school and all that. Let's start with this dream shall we?

      I don't know how the dream started. I was a soldier, in a Call of Duty game actually. In a dream there was a lot of running. I was breathless all the time but I knew that I just need to run fast. I was not alone. There was Captain Price beside me:

      At one place we found some planks, and Price said we need to carry them because we need them. I took one very long plank. We never used it though.
      I don't know what happened next, only that we were going home. And yes we were running again. At one place we stopped and Price said: "They're gone". He was looking at the place where our other soldiers supposed to be.
      Suddenly there was some kind of a river. Then we saw Soap (also character from Call of Duty):

      He was drowning. Eventually he died, we couldn't do anything. Soap also dies in Call of Duty, it's also a mission where you are with Captain Price.
      Then we arrived at some kind of a house, I think it was abandoned. We talked about names and how I should get a fancy one like all the soldiers have. (Frost, Sandman etc.) I thought about it a lot, and then I came up with ICE.
      Finally I arrived at home. I heard some noise, and other members of family was caling me. They were excited about something. My grandmother was playing a guitar. Pirates of the Carribean theme song.
      Pirates Of The Caribbean - Sungha Jung - YouTube
      Excatly like in this video. I was amazed. She has never played guitar before. Maybe I don't know about that?

      Anyways, thats where my dream ended. It was quite exhausting, because I had to run a lot, but it was interesting.
    2. Epic battle

      by , 02-02-2011 at 10:52 AM

      So, I've decided that I should post this dream now, though it happened long time ago

      When the dream started I was standing by some dwarf and he was saying that there is a danger of enemy attack.I was like "No way, who would attack us".I saw some church but it was destroyed.I thought it was because of eartquake.Then a enemy dwarf attacked my dwarf and then I started to believe him.But then dream started to fade out, and while it was fading out I figured that I was dreaming.I was saying "C'mon, this is going to be a lucid dream, don't lose it".Then I came back into dream, but again it started to fading.I managed to stay in the dream and then I saw this epic battle.Enemy is attacking, and I have an army but it's not strong enough."C'mon this is my dream, I will win"
      I was thinking what I should do to win.And then suddenly some giant stone creature appeard and helped me to win.It was not like a golem, it was more like some statue.And when we won the battle, he smiled and then the dream faded out.
    3. Paris

      by , 01-14-2011 at 05:32 PM

      So, this was my second lucid dream...

      Dream: When the dream started I was looking at some buildings and somehow I knew that was a dream. But, I was not there it was a "Free look".Then I thought: "Hey, this is my dream, why I'm not in it".It was like some kind of a game.I've had the feeling that I was looking at some screen and playing that game.
      Then I thought "I must be here somewhere.I looked at some map at top of that screen and found myself on the map.I went there but there wasn't me. There was some other man, but I had control over him. Then he started to fly, because I said that to him.
      When he flew I saw it's Paris, because I saw the Eifel's tower.Then he land on some bridge, still under my control.I was looking at some river.I was thinking how awesome is that I can control my dream, and I stopped everything and just enjoyed the dream.
      Then my heart beat started to get louder, and I said to myself: "Calm down, you are going to wake if you continue like this".Then I took a deep breath - it was awesome, it was better than the smell of a fresh-mown grass. I was, like, transforming into first person, but everything seemed blurry. I looked at my hands and said out loud: "INCREASE CLARITY".

      Then I woke up, but it was a false awakening.I was so excited that I had another LD and I told that to my brother.
      I woke up again, this time for real...

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    4. Bus...

      by , 12-13-2010 at 08:06 PM

      ...That night I had two dreams.

      Dream 1: I was some kind of a secret agent and I was in the car with some other man. Then we started chasing some guy. Then my dream had fade out. It was about 3 o'clock. I went back to bed.

      Dream 2: In my school some game became popular over night. It was like round table with green and red light. I was good at it. That day was a tournament in that game. It was in some other city. In the last moment I stepped in the bus, and then, I started to watch my dream from 3rd person. I knew that I cannot watch myself from 3rd person and I did a reality check. I pinched my nose but I kept breathing. Then I figured out that I was dreaming. I was like: OMG, THIS IS MY FIRST LUCID DREAM!!! Then for some reason I saw a picture of a jungle and I heard creapy music. I saw some text and i only recognized something like ''Press X''. I tried to wake up because music was freaking me out.Then I heard drums and I oppened my eyes. It was about 07:30 o'clock...