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    1. First time flying in over ten years

      by , 07-26-2011 at 04:46 AM
      Mama has lots of gundam models and I ask if I could help build some. I choose to build Dynames and a Ginn. I do the Dyames and have to make an improvised pistol for it. As I'm doing that something shows up.

      Dream: (Flying )
      I am at the mall and the group I'm with were going to go up a weird floating elevator (platform like), I take it up and and get my leg crushed and dematerialized (like tron) and after it someone says they are going to fix it. I'm like a blue ghost-like thing and start flying, not really sure if I was evil or good for the next part, kinda like I was split and fighting myself with fragments from each perspective. I fly by using fire powers, I can shoot heat or energy (kinda) from my hands (never could pull off shooting fire as an attack in the dream) and shoot fire from my hands to fly.

      Think it might be from after my first dream. I'm doing missions, one I fight a giant sea (lake) monster with tentacles with spikes on the ends getting stabbed multiple times (don't remember killing it).
      another mission, at a hockey stadium and there is a guy all geared up and I need to beat him (not at hockey), so I sneak on a rail over him and start hitting him with a hockey stick.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. First Shot at Dream Incubation

      by , 07-21-2011 at 02:29 PM
      Multiple dreams, no solid remember:
      For most of the night my dreams were about gundam battles (Though I only remember a sliver after a battle), can't really remember anything solid though.
      For the last hour of sleep I had around 5 dreams. I was trying to get new parts for mobile suits so that stefon would have a better chance against me, and I remember in my last dream I was using Nu Gundam.

      Sadly I cannot remember any fighting in the dreams =(

      My first shot at dream incubation, hoping with enough practice incubating gundam dreams I'll get better at remembering them (and might have to make a gundam dream sign list to help remember)
    3. Saving the World from my Grandma's Dog's plot to take over the World

      by , 07-21-2011 at 06:09 AM
      At walmart with mom, russ, and stefon. I go to get our spot in line and wait for mom to come with groceries. The line is weird takes groceries to car, after finished I call russ to find out where the car is and he won't tell me. I leave without the others and go to grandmas, watch tv, her dog Tea starts acting weird and attacks me. She has 2 red (fangs?) that would come out of her chest and when she stabbed me in the hands with them it drained all my energy from my hands (really painful) and they went numb. Tea is trying to take over the world and I have to kill her. I get my old karate staff and try to figure out the fastest and least painful way to kill her. I kill her, but I'm pretty sure I started crying.
      (Tea is really old and needs to be put down, so anyone who thinks I'm horrible, she is 14 years old, deaf, almost blind, and can barely stand up on her own)

      Lake, giant snake surging across, dead
      movie about aliens
    4. Truly Lucid

      by , 07-19-2011 at 02:53 PM

      I'm in some woods and I'm lucid (don't remember anything up to that point, or know how I became lucid). I think someone else was in the woods with me, as soon as I realize what is going on I say "lucidity now" (I panicked a little and just said the first things that came to my mind),"clarity now", and rub my hands together.
      As I was rubbing my hands together I was looking up into the branches of the trees and the branches had already looked amazing, but when I rubbed my hands they gave off more of a magic forest look.
      After that I think I blinked, or closed my eyes for a second to choose what to do next...

      And lost it. I couldn't open my eyes back up, I remember just staring into darkness trying desperately to make something appear.

      The dream probably only lasted three to five seconds, but it is the only dream where I have remembered emotions (that weren't negative)
      lucid , memorable
    5. Meeting Jason Segel and Russel Brand

      by , 07-13-2011 at 10:00 PM
      Dream Fragments from last night:
      Fighting a dragon with stefon. Using Tilex on my shower.

      First dream:
      can't remember well: I think there was some fighting. I'm on a boat and important stuff has happened, Mama and Dad were on the boat. I leave the boat and get sick, mama follows and starts talking to me.

      Second Dream:
      I'm at Home Depot looking for pills to help me with lucid dreaming, I even remember seeing the word "lucidity" on them, but they were for tanning (?). I'm wlking down an Isle putting some kind of lotion on my back for a rash, and when I get to sthe end I hear a conversation. Russel Brand is working at a counter, I walk away because I have my hands covered with lotion. I get the feeling I should go back and when I do Jason Segel is there also. I tell them how awesome they are, Russel Brand acts like a douche, but Jason Segel is real cool. He lets me hug him, and we both go to the bathroom so I can wash off my hands. Half the bathroom is shut down, but I get one of the good urinals and go, while going a girl makes a sex joke (Lotion on back). (Starting to wake up so dream goes weird) Scene changes to a boy asking the girl to wear a promise ring.
    6. I can't knife fight

      by , 04-30-2011 at 04:53 AM
      I am in the den at home, some guy and I get into a knife fight with another guy. The guy with me fights the other while I throw knives, after throwing them a few times the guy decides to come for me so I run from him around the foyer in a circle to stay away from him. We start a 1 v 1 knife fight in the den and quickly get taken to the floor. We are both using pullout knives and when I try to stab him my knife folds in, he tries to stab me but I grab his knife and make it fold when he tries to stab me. He decides to close his knife on my hand since he can't stab me (in between pointer and thumb). I start crying and begging him to stop as I feel it closing on my hand, he pulls away and I look at my hand and it looks like it's just like a paper cut (pretty sure I had five fingers)
      wake up

      at a car going to take someones bad dog trying to put it in a container (for blowing up balloons), Russ heads from the parking lot to walmart (RD), I have to hurry to catch Russ inside and he is at a shelf wearing his home depot apron
      wake up

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    7. First Lucid

      by , 04-29-2011 at 03:01 PM
      Dream: Lucid
      I am walking through a hall and trying to find a bathroom, I think to myself "I'll create a path as I take turns down the hall." I create a path as I go and keep taking turns making the halls appear as I want them to be. Finally I decide to make the bathroom appear after taking a few turns and make it co-ed (Based on other dreams where there are girls naked in the coed bathroom. I start using the bathroom but the toilet starts to overflow with me still needing to go...
      forgot rest of dream

      Dream: Great dream but can't remember the good stuff
      I am on a boat and see another boat coming toward mine, I know that there is someone important on it.
      Frag: money on a shelf of my parents bed
      Guy, Mom, and I going somewhere (taking the same dream rode I take to my sixflags dreams) riding four wheelers, I'm riding down the road and see Mom on the side of the rode so I try to stop but the breaks suck (real life 4wheelers breaks suck) and can't stop until I get to an offramp and I cut the wheel to make it stop, I turn around to look for her but she is on the offramp talking to two guys

      Dream: Fragments/personal
      Dream girl, sex, my cousin, aunt, and mom in it, computer porn.

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    8. Running from a Cop

      by , 04-21-2011 at 06:30 PM
      I am driving down a road that I have been on in a dream before heading to my old college with Stefon, there is a cop driving in front of us, speeding. We decide to also speed to keep up with the cop, as we are driving down the road another cop pulls up and is driving next to us in the left lane, I look at his car and have a bad feeling so I take the next right turn, down a dirt road, to try and lose him.

      As soon as I turn the cop that was next to us turns on his lights and speeds up down the road. The dirt road I turned down is also a road from another dream, but is not exactly the same like the one to college. I drive down the dirt road trying not to go more than 5-10 over to avoid a really bad ticket if I am caught. As I'm driving down the dirt road I see the cop car to the left coming down a road that connects to the dirt road I am on. I get to the end of the dirt road coming to an old corn field, I ask Stefon where I should go next. After the corn feild is trees and to the right is a path in the woods.

      Once I get into the woods I remember where I am and take the path in the woods left. Somehow I end up on foot running through the woods. As I am running I remember that if I had gone right the path would have led me to docks and boats to lose the cop at the lake. As I'm running through the woods Stefon tells me to take a ramp to lose the cop, I get to the ramp to jump over the water but as I am running up it I stop realizing I am too slow to make the jump. I get back on the path and keep on running. I come to another ramp and flip it over for cover as I run.

      I reach the end of the path and find my grandma or aunt, she tells me to hide in a corn field next to her house. I only have time to hide at the edge of the field before a female cop that the one chasing me sent shows up looking for me and talks to my grandma.

      Wake up.
    9. Daydream

      by , 04-21-2011 at 06:12 PM
      had probably 3 dreams, but forgot all of them until fixing dinner last night and my bad toe started to hurt

      I am with my dad and brother outside, I do not remember what we were doing but there was a lot of junk on the ground. I'm bored and standing around so i randomly kick something. Whatever it was was infested with bugs and they got onto my foot when I kicked. My toe feels weird and I look down at it to see small beetles were crawling in an out from under my big toe's toenail. I start screaming for help, begging my dad to come help me. I hold my leg up for my dad to see while he is walking over. I see the bugs continuing to come in and out of my toe, and can feel then as they do so, a disgusting and painful feeling of them crawling and the pressure of them under my toenail.
      Wake up.

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    10. Pointless Dreams

      by , 04-19-2011 at 07:07 PM
      FRAGMENT: Join bio like class late/Try finding a book to read, try finding Night Angel online/Guy teaches me dream recall (don't remember it, just have it written down)/pack of pens I bought yesterday but wrong type/remember walking to chick-fil-a and thinking I don't have change to get brownie

      For some reason Russ needs an extra shirt for a basketball game, Bart is there

      If you have a big dream schlong use it, Live in a tree, dead parent, some weird sex stuff, Stefon studying and asibling knocks over a TV almost hitting dog and Stefon's mom mad at him, here her sobbing down the hall

      Want to see "your Highness" at movie theater and called Stefon to come, bought tickets with debit card, remembered I have like no money in it, worry about being able to put money in in time before I get charged with overdraft

      Outside of movie theater with Stefon, Josh, and others, go inside to text dad that I'm about to come home, see girl from business class in theater, employee comes to see what I'm doing, go back outside and can't find guys. Some people playing with frisbee, I take it, find guys and try to throw frisbee across parking lot, only goes over one row, people laugh. Everyones shooting super rubberbands.
      Don't remember rest, frag: a sandwich/deck at my house

      At school going to new classes and trying to find hot girls to sit by, talk to a guy from german I've never talked to before
    11. My first night on B6

      by , 04-18-2011 at 11:14 PM
      FRAGMENT: It's my birthday and I get some kind of weird psp and pokemon games

      FRAGMENT: Griswalds in my dream (fishing), the wife gets hit with a hook (see blood spray when hit), I go to help her, fishing lines get crossed, somehow a hook and string went through my lip, string gets pulled and ripped through my lip

      I am standing across from Achilles talking to him, after talking I pick up a mask to put on, grab my sword, then see he didn't pick up his shield and ask him why he didn't. He didn't answer my question, but I saw he was getting tired of waiting for the fight. I decide no to use my shield either. The fight starts, I go to knock his sword out of his hand. Achilles dodges my strike, then counters stabbing me in the stomach. I feel pain from the stab, but his stab gets stopped by my armor. I grab his sword hand and twist his arm back, I then slit his throat. He some how survives the cut, and turns into Achilles cousin.

      I get birthday gifts: Harry Potter 1 (some special edition), and two other books, weird stuff in a bathroom, Russ wants to borrow money for cigarrettes and I remember that he didn't pay me back $20 from last week, drop my B6 while talking to Russ and grab it quick to hide

      Stefon and I both have ice cream, something to do with a weird car with a mouth and spikes, kid and 2 women negotiating for it, kid offers 3k, mom mad she wants to offer 2k and their car, their car gets destroyed by a renegade bulldozer ball

      See from girls eyes, but can't feel anything, she is being tortured or something to see if she would be a good sex slave? (weird)

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    12. 4-11-11

      by , 04-13-2011 at 01:59 AM
      Dream 1:

      I am at home and see my cat and feel sorry since my parents took him to get his nads removed
      I go back to my room and play a game, some mario like racing game, and come in last
      I just get completely raped in the game for pretty much the whole dream

      Dream 2:

      dream centered around my brother and I

      FRAGMENT: I have two clubs (both with spikes on them) and don't remember what I did with them but it probably would have been epic, have some type of class, get in a fight with my brother at some point and for the first time every I had a fight where it was fair and not in slow motion

      Go to a store and for some reason I can't find the path to get around the cash registers and a cashier makes fun of me
      My brother and I are at a store fighting with toy swords, then go doing something else in the store
      We need to leave so we run to leave and scare a few kids while running towards them to leave
      One little girl that got scared and telling some woman who felt important to me that something is wrong
      We have to sneak out so the woman doesn't see us
      The woman sees us and starts talking bad about us
      We get away and go into a ditch in a woods where we live under a tree
      While going to enter I find that roots grew to cover the entrance so I rip them out, one of the roots is the thing from Alien that rapes your face
      Wake up
    13. 4-10-11

      by , 04-13-2011 at 01:34 AM
      Multiple connected dreams
      Just working my way up talking to someone higher up every dream until I finally meet the leader

      Really wish I knew what the guy was the leader of, figure with at least five dreams of the same thing I would remember at least one...
      dream fragment
    14. 4-9-11

      by , 04-13-2011 at 01:29 AM
      Dream 1:

      At my home w/ Stefon Saturday night
      We stay up too late doing stuff in the den (like 9 in the morning)
      My mom comes in and is mad at us for staying up too late and won't be able to get up in time to go back to my apartment Sunday
      Wake up after my mom finishes being pissed

      Dream 2:

      Go to walmart looking for a lawnmower for my dad
      Don't know how to choose
      So I buy a bunch of cheap stuff (candy?)
      Pay with a 5 and exact change
      The cashier was pretty cool (feel like I had seen him in my dream earlier)
      While leaving i remember I was sent there to get something and forgot
      Wake up

      Dream 3:

      A giant tree that shows all different factions of dynasty warriors, but with like 12 (I had been playing a lot of dynasty warriors with my roommate)
      I try and hit something that seems kinda like a squeaky toy to beak it but I can't
      Stefon is down the hall
      FRAGMENT: something to do with playing a game and the cell stadium from dbz, and don't remember who fought Stefon was playing the game

      Dream 4:

      I have a motorcycle race against 4 other guys (feel like at least one was famous)
      I do pretty good, taking the lead and knocking a few off their bikes
      The track gets weavy and one (blond, and prob the famous one) keeps knocking me off

      Dream 5: dream 1 continuation

      At home, on mac and get pissed of that the mac's mouse cord is short, so I follow the cord and find it connected to a random router in a drawer (extremely random)
      In the dream it is now Sunday and Stefon and I are distracted and are at the house till 7-8 at night
      Remember we need to study for german test, and also we are supposed to meet up with a guy from class to study, and I also needed to do hw
      I wonder how my parents didn't remind me to leave on time like usual
      We need to leave in a rush and we're taking all the stuff to my car getting ready to leave
      An extremely stereotypical black guy shows up while we are walking through a parking lot to my car (no clue why my dream house has a parking lot...) and keeps asking for some coke since I'm carrying like 8 24 packs of coke
      somehow I get on a school bus
      It goes and I get off at the first stop and start running back to the parking lot
      When leaving the neighborhood the bus went down there is a steep hill and I have to claw my way up to the top
      At the top I see a hot girl who was able to run up the hill
      Don't know why, but she had a toothbrush and seemed kinda like she was in a a commercial
      We race back to the dream store that just appeared in the in the parking lot and I pull off winning even with dream physics running
      as we finish I grab a toothbrush off a display and for some reason hold it up in her face (?????????)
      Wake up

      Dream 6:

      FRAGMENT: some dream about me controlling an army

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    15. 4-5-11

      by , 04-13-2011 at 12:21 AM
      Unremembered - Kyle, his phone other people trying to play yugioh, some weird world like a storing system for cards (had a lot of spiders and webs), having a little bit of a nightmare(forgetting about a class and not going to it for a long time)

      In a class with last semesters geology teacher
      Keep trying to use my laptop but the internet is completely fail
      Try to play yugioh with Stefon
      Some really fat girl tries to join
      Someone makes fun of a fat girl that's sitting in front of me
      I go and get in the dudes face for being a douche bag (might be Chris)
      Teacher comes and somehow blames me me for the whole thing and kicks me out of the class
      I go to my seat to get my stuff and decide to take my shoes off and go barefoot
      Don't take my stuff but ask Stefon to take care of it for me

      After leaving and walking around I keep on running into Saun (don't remember what happened other times I saw him) who keeps trying to give me advice for pokemon
      We're outside and there are a few snakes that keep on trying to get Saun as we go by, then go for me as I follow him
      After a while trying to get around snakes, I try going through a bus to get around the snakes
      When getting out of the bus driver uses something to make a fart sound, and as leaving realize it is a special ed bus
      Once out the bus tries to leave but hits a few cars (scraping them)

      I get to a lunch room and think of Landrum (a buffet at my college)
      I find Stefon and he is eating so I go to get my own lunch
      When I get to the lunch line I have a plate in my hands that I'm eating
      I try to finish the plate before I get to the end of the lunch line so I don't have to pay for it b/c it showed up in my hands on the way to the line

      I go through the lunch line but it is very confusing and takes a while to find a plate
      After going through and getting my food (which all the choices looked disgusting, might have to do with the line giving me a high school feel)
      I notice I don't have my meal plan card and ask to go get it
      I remember I left my stuff with Stefon and run to go find it though I have no clue where Stefon's locker is
      For some reason I'm in my boxers...

      I wake up while running