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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Snakes, snakes, snakes..

      by , 02-18-2016 at 09:09 PM
      The dream began when i was walking near some pond or lake.. i saw like maybe 6m long and very thin snake.. it was black and it did not look really dangerous. While i was watching her.. she springed herself.. jumped 15m into the water, grabbed something and sprung back.. i was like.. whaatt? Later i was searching for this snake with somebody else, i was trying to show it to this person. But instead we have found another snake.. a big one! it looked like a 25m long anaconda. The snake just opened her eyes and saw us looking at her. We said to ourselves "maybe it is better to leave this place" and not until now we have found out that there were a million snakes around us. From big ones to the smallest. All the place was just covered with snakes.. what we thought it was the grass.. well it wasnt. It was millions of little snakes that were shaped like grass.. we started to run away from this place..
      But the big anaconda had her plans as well.. she started to chase us. The terrain was covered with mud it was a swamp.. so it was hard to run. The other guy was faster than me.. he disappeared quickly. And the anaconda was getting closer and closer.. i tried to go faster but i could not. I looked back a few times and it got clear, that she will get me.. soon.. i still tried to run and i was thinking.. "ooh.. if I only had a knife with me" While running i searched my pants pockets and i found one.. it was not the biggest hunting knife i was hoping to find.. it was a swiss pocket knife.. well, better than nothing. I picked the biggest blade it had to offer.. looked back.. and stopped. The snake went for my leg.. her head was huge and she bit my whole leg! But funny thing was, that i was super calm! at the moment she bit my leg.. i just hammered my knife into her head. I broke her skull and she was killed with a single blow.. well it was a really hard hit. I decapitated the snake.. took her head and went home.. to warn the others about this place..
      Tags: kill, knife, snake
    2. Silent dreams..

      by , 01-18-2016 at 10:51 PM
      So the dreams were different in some little details than usual ones. There were just 3 colors in the dream. White, black and blue.. like some blue sephia style. And no words were said in them as well.. It started with a girl who was sitting behind a table covered with a white cover. The cover was snow white and looked very soft to the touch. Behind the girl there was a window, and a white ambient light was shinning trough it into the room.. The girl just stared at me, like I am some kind of a miracle. Well.. i looked her back with similar feelings. But she did look like a miracle to me.. because I havenīt seen her for a while now.. not in real life nor in dreams. We just staring in each others eyes. And then i have approached her, took her hand.. and kissed it. I looked her into the eyes again and left..
    3. Rewind..

      by , 06-02-2015 at 05:40 PM
      There was a machine that could read a human mind. How it works? You ask a certain question.. and the person does not have to answer it. The thought itself is enough. You aim the person with this machine.. and you have the answer. It is a powerful machine, and that is why some people are after it. They are already running the stairs to go higher into this old building. But on the floor where this machine is located, a boy lives. And he has special abilities. He can put anything out of the real life into a wall picture. And so, he used his power and this machine was projected to a wall painting. This guys could not take it.

      Now the scene changes.. i am in an old car in the middle of Italy. We are waving with a yugoslavian flag, and singing partisan songs. And the local italian people dont like this at all.. and the fight begins.. scene fades away

      Now i am in a dark room, with my friends.. we are drinking and singing songs, I am playing the guitar and we are arguing with a priest at the same time.. My ex takes my hand, and pulled me out of this room, away from this building. It is night time.. but many people are still walking the streets. We started to kiss.. with real passion.. we were burning hot.. starting to undress.. people were watching but.. it did not affect us very much.. we wanted to do more.. to get this passion out of our bodies.. we wanted to have sex somewhere.. but there were too many people around. And my ex said. " i truly wish, from my heart.. to turn the time around.. and find that boy.. who can put things into wall paintings.. because I want to put this moment into art.." And because she really wanted this to happen.. it did. The time turned around..

      We were again in the room with the priest and the guitar.. singing.. and arguing. But music was playing backwards.. everyone thought whaaat is going on?? But only we know.. where is the catch.. Later we were in that car again.. and again the thugs came.. but now there was no problem.. because i knew exactly how the enemy will react.. so i beat them up very easily.. and then some agressive wild woman came.. and attacked me.. i dodged.. and hit her with one single strong punch into her kidney.. and i destroyed the kidney.. she was walking slowly away and she said that she must catch a plane, because she is on her way to vacation.. and i said.. dont go.. trust me on this one.. go to the doctor and you will live.. End of the dreams! too bad i have not reached that boy.. because i wanted to see how that picture of that beautiful moment would.. look like

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    4. Trying to kill a serial killer who used mystical circles on the ground

      by , 06-01-2015 at 06:42 PM
      The dreams started in the middle of an old town.. it reminded me of some Italian city. Many people were on the streets this day.. the weather was nice, and a lot of tourists were walking around. And then I have noticed 3 colorful circles on the street. They were really colorful.. somehow dreamy.. in shapes of a hypnotizing spinning circle.. every circle really caught your attention because they were really mystical. And i have watched the circles and the people around. 3 little boys came to play on these circles.. every child picked its own circle.. and i have noticed a strange person nearby.. it was a street performer.. but his eyes were constantly looking in the direction of these circles.. And then I have figured out.. what is going on.. This guy is a serial killer. And actually the victim decides its own fate.. which depends on the circle they are standing in. So this innocent little boys had no clue that one of them is going to be killed very soon. And when i figured this out.. i went to a nearby stand.. and took a knife from the table.. i hid it into my sleeve, so i can approach this maniac without being spotted. I was so angry.. in berserk mode.. i was walking towards him.. but something strange has happened. All the people on the street stopped walking.. and all of them were looking at me. It was strange but still.. i didnīt change my mind about killing this guy. And then.. the voices came.. People said.. one after another.. "dont do it".. "we know you have a knife in your sleeve".. "everyone knows it is you" .. "dont kill him, you will never get away" And i stopped..
    5. Unknown drug.. and woke up on a rooftop of a church..

      by , 05-26-2015 at 10:11 AM
      I was abroad, and i knew no one. It looked like somesort of erasmus project, because everyone somehow knew me. People here were quite interesting. Some were wearing those frenchmaide costumes.. others were really gothic looking.. i said.. ok .. this is not a bad place to be. And what happens next? we are in the church. Sitting and watching some teathre show.. One girl took a sit next to me.. and said: Matej.. many girls here likes you.. what will you do with it? I dont know.. dont know yet. She looked at me.. and said: you know.. women are not that different from men, and that she knows all about my lovelife. No you dont I replied.. So i looked back to the stage.. and everything was burning.. And no one did nothing.. it somehow looked like a part of the show.. but it was burning quite hard.. My vision started to be blurry.. very blurry.. and in a few seconds later.. it looked like a great party.. everybody was dancing.. and moving around.. but my vision just got worse.. I could not see anything now.. just some blurry shapes.. and I was wearing sunglasses. It was like I am super stoned but dont know from what! What the fuck is going on!!!.. and now I am lying in my bed..I am awake.. or at least i think so.. but one problem still remains. I am still High.. everything is spinning.. and I am trying to open my eyes.. And i cant.. i try really hard.. still cant. What is going on!! ?? and i said to myself.. well.. this has to be a dream.. it has no sense at all.. it has to be a dream, I am dreaming. And It was true.. When i realized that i was dreaming.. some mind vortex opened up.. it was black and gray.. like a gravity hole.. and i was traveling trough it.. I said! well this is the feeling i was telling Nikija about.. It is not really fun.. until you get used to it..
      Where am I?
      I am l laying on red rooftoop bricks.. oooh.. where am I now? at least my vision is perfect again. I took my time.. and said.. ok .. it is morning, the sunrise is here. And i looked around a bit.. and figured out that I am laying or lying? (or wtf this word should be..) on the top of a really high church.. it should be 300m high at least.. And i was just at the edge of the roof. I was very calm.. and said.. well this could be dangerous.. sleeping so close to the edge.. with such a drop down.. So i stood up.. You have to get out of here, before somebody sees you.. I tried to find an exit from this rooftop and I saw one.. but i had to jump 1m or so.. to another ledge. At the same time.. i saw that someone trough the window and he was walking trough some hallway.. O fuck.. What can I do? Just stand still.. no matter if you are all in black.. and the rooftop is red.. just stand still.. he will not see you!! And I was correct. He did not notice me. So i jumped over the gap and came into the building. Ok.. now i have to find an exit. I was running from door to door.. and my shoes were making such a strange noise.. like I was wearing High heels.. but i looked down.. and the shoes were normal. Well.. fuck it.. I was still running.. here is the kitchen.. and a cook.. i ran and i ran.. trying to be stealth.. hiding in the corners when people were passing by.. and i found some emergency exit.. OH YeA... and i ran down and down those stairs.. until i have reached the first floor. And there was a reception.. Stay casual.. i said to myself.. so i said hi to the receptionist.. and smiled. I made it out of the building.. but i was still pretending that i am going running.. so i was tying my shoes.. and hair. And now all the other people came out of this church.. even the guy who was walking on the hallways.. and he was the principle .. he just said.. Matej.. come here! OOh.. he even knows me. . just great! and when i was walking towards him.. I saw a reflection of myself in the window.. and i was wearing Chef uniform.. so I said to the principle.. do i have to cook today? he said yes!! do I have a punishment or why me? he said.. I just need someone with great sense of logic.. to make the sandwiches..
    6. When monsters appear in the city... my vision goes red

      by , 10-13-2014 at 09:12 AM
      The dream started with me running trough streets of an old city. It was night time and I was not alone, i was in a group of let say 5people. We were not running for fun, but for our lives. Because there were some weird monsters beeing born on the fields. When this monster appeared. my vision changed. evereything that gives light (street lamps, cellphones, candles.. ) everything radiatel a red light. But when i was running away from this big creature, it was like i did this once before.. and that is why I should run away this time, because i had no chance of survival. So we ran.. and fell into a big aquarium. And there was another beast in it. At first the beast was winning the battle.. because it started to bump in each of us.. tearing our group apart. But then we formed a team formation.. and started making waves. Each wave was bigger.. and those waves were crushing this beast into one pointy edge of aquarium. At the end we have impaled this creature with a big wave.

      Then i was in a park, walking with Vesna. I told her, how things work.. that every 20s we become stronger, but there is a chance that a monster will appear. And when it does. Our eyes see the lightsources red. She listened really carefully. And we have reached a tunnel. We had to go trough and our eyes turned red.. we have seen a creature infront of us. I told Vesna to hide.. i grabed a huge sword which i had on my back.. and confronted this beast. It was a werewolf. I just charged towards it and the beast got scared, and started to run away from me.. in about 50m i was in reach for killing.. And i needed only one strike.. SLASH.. and the head of the beast was gone.. I went back to that tunnel in search of Vesna and she was hiding above the exit stairs with a knife in her hands. she was just waiting what will come out of the tunnel.. and if it wasnt me, she would attack it. But it was a great relief for her when she saw me. Then we decieded that we should get rid of the body. And i carried that werewolf trough the city until i have seen a big bush. The corpse was heavy so i was happy to dump it into the bushes..

      And then again my vision turned red again. I saw a slowly walking man.. with a tunic and a cape. It looked like a wizzard. I followed it.. he was walking slowly and silently.. so it was not hard to get closer to him. I carefully grabbed my sword.. and when i was in reach to hit him.. he pulled his sword out of his cape. He was so fast.. He just pointed the tip of his sword against my neck.. and i pointed mine at his. He said to me.. "you know i am faster then you are, so put the weapon down" I did what he said, because i knew it was true. i put my sword down on the pavement. And he said.. you are lucky, because i am a good guy. I am one of the 3 eyes of the great beast. He opened his tunic.. and showed me some gold signs around his belly. IT was like a scarab torn in half. He said.. there are 3 eyes of the great beast.. i am one of them, and i am good.. but the beast doesnt know that. It is good to have a spy on our side. He told me that this beast puts eyecontact lenses into its eyes. One is pink, one is yellow and one green.. and this depends on the power which this spy has..

      and then i woke up..
    7. SWAT team attack didnt went really well.

      by , 10-11-2014 at 02:00 AM
      It all started in a car. It was a red renault 5 i was driving with my friend ojki. And I starred at the window wipers. I was amazed. Waaw.. i have never seen a wiper cleaning a window like that before, everything was so clear. And then my friend said.. we must hurry because they guys on the radio said that a torando is aproaching. We looked at the sky far away in front of us, and we saw a big mass coming our way. And on the right side of this superevil cloud there were small lightnings. It started to rain. And we were near a river. There was an radio tv transmiter antena.. like 50m high. it was in red and white. And because of the weather forecast they were putting it down. It was like a lift bridge. the antena just went down on 90 degrees angle over the river and locked itself. So it looked like a bridge. And when it was all the way down.. my shirt was stuck between the antenna and its holder. I said great and pulled with great force.. i did save the shirt.
      Then we drove further and we stopped at some house. now there were 3 of us. We went into the house like we were swat team. I heard something in my ear.. because apperantly i had headphones on my head.. and there was chief comander speaking.. that this should be no problem for us.. because we should know this house till now. Ok i said.. i guess they know what they are doing. Then i tore down a door. And there were lots of people in that room. I pointed my gun at one of the guys. It was a double barrel shotgun. But i thought it was a machine gun. I said everybody stand up.. and face against the wall with your hands up. One of them didnt want to listen. He was walking towards me, and i shot him in the leg.. ratatatat.. so it is a machinegun i said to myself. Now everybody was standing as I said.. but they were hidding behind a curtain.. but all of them were facing the wall with their hands up. I told them, they should stop hiding before the next one will get hurt. And they didnt listen again. I tried to shoot the next one.. and my sound from rifle was just.. click..click. shit.. it is empty.. i ran out of the room, into another one.. where my boss was located, it was a she. I approached her with such anger inside. I screamed at her.. what is wrong with them.. i have no backup.. no ammo left.. give me a gun. .or ammo, beacuse i will shoot everyone down there. and she refused. she said im not in the mood now. And she has pissed me more.. WHAT!!! you are too lazy? Ok then.. i hope they come up here and shoot you .. you lazy bitch! those were the exact words i said to her. And then these guys really come in.. but they were appologizing for what they have done. We all left the building together and a party begins. We were pouring wine from big canisters. 20l. And then i said to my friend.. well i think it is better that we leave now.. because we should not drink more if we want to drive home.. and we left...
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    8. From handball match to being homeless

      by , 10-07-2014 at 10:50 PM
      So it all started on a handball match between Celje and Trebnje. Celje was loosing 7 - 10 after the first half. And weirdly the first half lasted for 31min. And the score tables were just blinking and changing all the time. And even the rules were wrong.. there was a guy who could always shoot 1m closer than the others and i couldnt figure out why. Anyway while i was waiting for the next half an old friend of mine appeared. He said, why are you so silent.. scream and cheer for our team he said. I said dont worry just wait and watch . And then his phone started to ring. It was such a nice melody i asked him the name of the song.. he said it is called " convation" i tried to type it down, but i had such i weird phone.. it was all black and had funny rubber buttons. I could type on it like i wanted. i pressed one.. and i pressed 3 at the same time. Well i somehow did it, and then friend showed me musicvideo of the same song. And when I looked to his screen i was teleported into the video. new story began. I was standing next to a homeless guy. hmm.. and yes i was homeless too. It was night time and we were standing on a bridge. We had gloves on our hands probably for hidding fingerprints. And we were throwing some black trash bags into the river. I have no clue what was in. And we threw some water containers after the bags. The hommie sad.. come lets go.. he was pushing a shopping cart with nothing in it. And we came to a house. He dissapeared and went looking for him. I looked to the left of the house.. and then on the right. He was nowhere. And then garage door opens. Oh, there he is. He was carrying fresh clothes and some money. He gives me the clothes. And he says this is for you.. and later we will find something for me. I get changed into normal clothes and we are walking further. He was still pushing his cart.. and he said. What do you think? does it look weird if people are seeing us together. One is civilian and other is homeless. I replied. Well if someone comes.. act that you are drunk and that you want something from me. Then it will not look suspicious. A good ideaa he replied. So we walked further trough a new build tunnel for pedestrians. there were like 30 workers there, but they were french.. so we said they dont know us .. its ok. LAter more people appeared. There goes a priest .. but we dont go to church anyway.. there is no way he could recognize who we are. And then i said to him.. well we could pretend that i am a journalist. And I am writing an article about you. I just need to write something liitle.. and no one could figure us out. The hommie agreed. Later we got to a gas station. But there were 2 of them. One next to the other. I went trough the left one, and the homeless went trough the right one. We were trying to avoid security cameras, but we failed at doing that, because there were too many of them. And then a vision appeared in my head. There was a really beautiful blond girl with curled hair and some brown stripes in her hair sitting behind a table. Her eyes were so colorfull.. something between green and blue, and really colorized. On the table there was a flower, who had all the colours in the world in her petals. And the girl was chanting some words without meaning. She was combining two words she had.. and made a new one. It was still not understandable. It was something like " tarakahara" and she said i got it now.. this is a city where my husband is.. and she meant me. She paused for a second and said.. well i never really wanted to go to the old continent.. but people say.. that first to come is the first to serve..
    9. Cross country bike race

      by , 10-07-2014 at 12:20 AM
      My dream started in a race. The road was at the beginning similar to which they use for motocross. We were competing in pairs, so i had a friend with me. I have never participated in such a race before but ok, lets give it a try. I was super fast, I just couldnt get tired, so i had no problem, i was in superb shape. But the problem was that there were many roads. And the race was somehow really badly marked. I could tell which way to go. And i had bad luck, so i always went the wrong way. Oddly enough other competitors had zero problem with that. All of them somehow knew where to go. So we turned alot with my friend to get back on the right track. And then we have reached a checkpoint. The checkpoint was all in yellow colour. The gates were yellow, the people were wearing yellow trash bags. And when I drove trough the checkpoint there was a man instead of a yellow tape. He was as well wearing a yellow trash bag and two persons were holding him in the air. I drove with great speed, so i could not brake, and i didnt even try. The man lifted both of his feet and kicked me in the belly. I didnt fall, i was sturdy as a rock. He just bounced away from me, and i drove forward. I again came to a crossroad, with 3 roads this time. I took the hardest one.. and when i came on the top of the hill I again realized that it was the wrong one, because i saw some other bikers driving on a road nearbye. But between the right road and mine.. was a trench. about 3 meters wide.And there was a wooden cabin next to the only place where i could jump over it. ANd i have decided that i will give it a shot. I had to walk on a very tiny space.. it was like 10cm just next to the cabin wall. And to make it a little harder, the windows were open, so I had to carry my bike, walk on a narrow pathway while closing the cabin windows. My balance was not right, but i somehow managed to get to the point i could jump over the trench. And when I was about to jump i woke up..
    10. Exam with dinking, killing and cloth drying

      by , 01-20-2014 at 03:22 PM
      I was back to school. I had to take an exam where the tasks were at both sides of the paper. But tasks were really weird. I had to be a girl on the train. ANd i had to pretend i was innocent, not harmfull. And i had to take pictures of myself, beeign bonded and torchured. But in real i had to destroy the world.. Then i haid to record a music track and enter a competition. I did, i made a metal song then send it to the reviewboard.. and they answered congratulations, you have won the competition even though that people who dont like this genre of music did not vote at all. There was a question, what did euroasian people eat in medieval ages 1437? I wrote cabbage, beans, corn.. which i later deleted because i remembered that Columbus didn't came back from america yet. And some food i made out. Next question was "this is the year of the moon! moon equals a letter I. what is I?" This question was something about meditation, and i didn't know how to answer it. But the strange thing about this exam was the numbering of the questions, they didnt follow as they should, it was like 22,23.. and then no questions and later 28. And then i went to a bar. I overheard two guys talking about metal music scene in my town. One said that here are many metal pubs. And in reallife there is none, so I asked him where were they before? and he answered that a discoclub jungla.. was renovated into a metalbar. I said thanks, im trying to finnish my beer, and a friend from ireland passed me by.. he was drunk already, he went straight into beveragestorage.. and another friend said, well he is wasted.. and i said well that's his problem, he will be even more.. and he brought a beer which i have never seen before. It was our local beer Lasko, but the label was totaly out of order. On the left there were people and ice.. in between there were broken glasses, and on the right there was an elephant in a desert. And usually it is a mountaingoat on greed surface. Then we went into a car, we picked up 2 girls.. but we had a feeling that they are going to kill us. So i stopped the car, we went to take a leak, and we grabed shotguns and sneaked around my car, and bang bang.. shot them trough the carglass.. And then i found 4 thirts. 2white and 2 black, they were all wet. I was trying to get them dry. I found those poles and rope, which are ment for making clothes dry, clothdryers. And i tried to hang those shirts on the rope. I just couldnt. I took the first clothpeg and it was too small to hold the shirt. And then i took the bigger one in a crocodile shape, still to small. And then i saw that there are some blueprints on the shirts. The blueprints were for Davinci's flying machine. Well i have to get them dry i said to myself. I walked to a tree which i was climbing a lot in my childhood. And it was huge. I climbed to the first branch, and i start to hang those shirts on the branch. I hanged 2 out of 4..
      Tags: bar, beer, clothes, exam, girl
    11. Medieval Days turned into a mincemeat fight with a girl

      by , 01-15-2014 at 11:40 PM
      I was again abroad. This time it is Croatia! I was on some medieval festival. It was jousting on the scedual. At first there were inexpirienced riders, they were trying to hit tha target. It was a man made of hay and a metal helmet. One by one they were riding and hiting the body.. Or missing the target. And then 6 veterans came all dressed in black. They were riding fast and everyone of them hit the target in the head. Just cling, cling ,cling was heard. And the riders before, well they just watched with open eyes. After this show i was feeling hungry and went to the first food tent. They were serving just 2 dishes. the first was green, and the second one was in orange colour. I asked what is this.. they answered back.. one is a carrot soup.. and the other is a pea soup and this one is for free.. Ok give me one pea soup please i said. And a moment later i am at a Slovenian medieval festival. I was fully armed. I had 2 swords, shield, and some light armour, but nobody to fight with. Ahhh i said, this is boring and i decide to go home. On the way home i meet some of my colegue knights, and they were angry at me, because i didnt call them and that i had fun without them. I just answered well it was nothing there, boring.. the croatian ones were way more exciting. And then i went to a bar, to party. We were like 4guys and 3 girls.. and well the party was not for my mood, so i decided to go home. I went with one girl and one guy.. The guy was sleeping in a seperate room, so I was alone with this girl. And that is when weird thing started to happen. We started a fight with minced meat. I grabbed a fullfist of minced meat and just threw it in her face.. and she replied just the same.. we had a meat war.. and she was comming closer and closer.. she was already on my bed, and she was confused what to do.. she undressed her top, but she still had jeans on.. and she just kissed me very passionately. she started to ride me with he pants on.. and just when the fun was starting to begin, her boyfirend came home. he was talking to the other guy in the other room (oh i forgot, she was one of my exgirls which i havent seen in years) well her boyfriend came home and she jumped into her bed and pretend that she is asleep. I had her clothes on my bed and just threw them behind the bed and said.. "hey your jacket is here, what should i do with it?" She said i dont need it now.. im sleeping. I was picking up that meat we were throwing around. ANd he opened the door. He looked in quite suprisingly, he was holding a glass of water and i had full hand of meat. Well he didnt asked nothing. He went to his girls bed to check her out and she was "sleeping". Ok i finnaly cleaned the mess and wanted to go to sleep. I get in my bed.. and i couldnt. it was too small, my bed was underneath some wooden thing. i tried to get in the bed but i just fell down. I got angry and i just pulled the bed into the center of the room. I was happy, but not everybody was. That girl stood up from the bed and pushed my bed back where it was.. of course i pushed it back. And we ended pushing bed around the room. So we made a compromise where my bed should be. And when i had my bed in place there were like 400 firelighters on my bed. AAAAAA.. i was angry again. And just threw them all off my bed, and people in the room started to complain that my stuff is left everywhere in the room.. and that it is not just my room. I got angry again.. and said WHAT? these things arent even mine. And i woke up.
    12. bad romanian experience

      by , 01-14-2014 at 11:57 PM
      I was again situated in abroad country, this time i think it was Romania. I can not be sure because i was in some gheto with lots of chineese people. I think it was Romania because of their money. Well here it goes.. i was in this gheto, and everybody was looking at me, they seemed hostile. They were sneaking around me like they were trying to rob me. So i tried to protect myself and i am headed to enter the first building on my way .I see an open door, it looked like a shop. Im walking towards the entrance, when some big sturdy guy in blue jacket was walking to that door in the same time. He was aproaching from the sides.. and at entrance he bumped into me with heavy force. He was sturdy as a rock. I think he said that i cannot enter, but i didnt understand him because i dont speak romanian. He was gazing at me with anger.. and another guy aproached and they were all staring at me. I moved 2 steps backwards.. trying to just peacfully avoid conflict and the other guy talked to me.. i didnt understand him nothing.. I said "english maybe?" They looked at eachother smiled and said ok. They said "never buy money on the streets" and that now i can come into the building. We sat at the table, and they were talking to me about something but they werent really super good in english so i didnt understand much. I looked around the table and i noticed it is a restaurant. I was thinking to just leave the place, but i saw a group of 4 girls sitting at the next table. One looked at me and smiled, and then she started to explain something to her other friends, i think it was something about me. So i decieded to stay for a while. The second guy said that he will eat something. The first one said that the food costs around 200 of their money. I looked into my wallet. Hmmm... just bills, some euros i think there were 6 eur and 50 of their money and one weird red paper whichi thought it is also money but it wasnt. Hmm i said well maybe i can get a beer with these. But i was hungry. I checked at my other pockets, and found a lot of euros.. more than 150.. The first guy decided that he will go exchange some money.. I said wait, im going with you.. but he was to fast for me, before i came out of the restaurant he was already gone. Some one was also moping the floor and i overjumped him, just to catch that guy. And i didnt of course. I was again on the streets, people starring at me again, and i remembered hmm no buying money from the streets ok. But where is the exhange office? One guy approached me and grabed my arm. I went defensive, i grabed him back and pushed him away.. and said try this once more and i will break it. Went to other direction, it was some garage.. a lot of tough guys were waiting there.. so i decided for the 3rd way.. And of course one biiig guy is heading towards me.. and i said to myself.. is really everybody so weird in this country,. and i wake up.
    13. Searching for my car , war with robots

      by , 01-13-2014 at 11:56 PM
      1. i was in a weird city, somewhere abroad, dont know where. but it was always dark. no sun. And there was war, between some yellow robots and people. when the war outraged i had an eagle vision from the top.. i saw the battlefield. The robots were yellow and dirty, big as scycrapers. but the city had a lot of guardtowers. There was shooting from everywhere. Somehow my eaglevision stopped on the top of one skyscraper, and i was there watching the battle. Humans were shoothing good, but those robots were regenerating because of a small bettlebug next to them. I said shoot the beetle. And they listened. The small beetle transformed in to even bigger robot.. It was as tall as the building i was on. It looked at me and said. "do you want to fly??" I was staring at the robot, and than a woman next to me.. said .. "get ready" and the whole city started to shift. Like it was alive.. Buildings were getting smaller and bigger.. everything changed. the people were transformed into pictures.. and when the city stopped to shift.. all the pictures became people again. Robots were gone.. and mostly people did not recall what has just happened. I went back to my hostel.. and administrator asked me for a name. And i didnt know it. I only knew that my lastname is smith. I couldnt recall my name. And i asked the admin.. if everyday is the same.. and he said yes.

      2. I was on the move.. i had to go somewhere with 2 of my friends with my car.. I passed 3 people. .when i was getting to my car. 2 guys and 1 woman. Someone said to me.. be aware of that woman, she is dangerous and evil. Those 2 guys drove away.. and only she was left. I dont know how i got into conversation with her.. but she looked so weird, dead! she was pale as a wall and dressed in black.. and her energy around was like she is dead. She introduce herself.. and i said. No that is not your name.. it cannot be. She said that she is telling the truth. I walk to her table pick some documents up. She tried to stop me.. but she couldnt. THere was some document with her picture. ANd it was true. She was who she said she was. I said. .are you dead? And she said no. But i look like that and i cannot help myself. She showed me the way to my car.. and in between i was telling her about a girl that actually look like her and she is alive. But she is wearing so much makeup that you could tear it off like a wallpaper from her face.. And than we came to the car. It was blocked by other cars.. I coudnt get out. We thought we have find a way but we didnt know how to get to there. it was some black doors leading to freedom. We walked to find a way.. we came into one hotel.. and a guy is running towards me.. and he stoped me. Where are you going he said. I answered i need to find that black door. He laughed and said the first turn left.. between the pillars.. We walked there and that was a hotel room for not rich people. It looked like a hospital.. a really loooong bunk bed.. people were lying next to each other for like 50m.. one next to another.. The floor was wooden, squeakey and it moved up and down. We came to next room which was almost empty.. and it was on the roof of the hotel. we saw the black door leading out.. And a friend said. ok no problem we can get out.. you know how to right? and i was not really sure if i know the way out. I mean.. the path was unlogical. but anyway it was the exit!
      Tags: car, city, deadgirl, robots
    14. Computer

      by , 01-11-2014 at 10:26 PM
      1. I was walking home trough some grass field. I was not alone. And i saw some mole holes on the way. And on one there was a triangle paper box and it said.. baby computer. It costs 500eur take it if you need it. And i was thinking well i could give it to my cousins daughter, she is 2y old. I tried its functionality and it was all about sounds. i pressed a button and a sound played. i listened to only 2 tracks. One was very dark. And i walked further and i saw some stands from the same company, and here they were offering dipers and baby food..

      2. fragment! i recieved an email from ebay. They said that it is possible to repair my guitareffect for 30eur. And later my fatherīs co-worker asked me if i can develop some software for his firm. It was all about data entry into a base and to sort it alphabeticaly.
      Tags: computer
    15. archery and money exchange

      by , 01-10-2014 at 10:53 AM
      1. i was on some field or destroyed city square. there was darkness all around. And i saw 2 people competing in archery. It was germany vs slovakia. The german had a crossbow, and slovak guy had a bow. And i was supposed to help the slovak person. They were shooting piles of hay, trees, and some fireworks with fire arrows. I helped to choose the targets.. and i showed to the shooter a big pile of wood next to river shore. And i said shoot. He hesitated but he scored. A small fire was starting on the logs.. and i said shoot again. Another hit. And then from nowhere a wildman came to the scene.. he was running towards this logs.. jumped on them and the logs turned into a flat viking ship made of stone. The ship fell into the river and the wild guy was surfing on it.. we ran after it.. and we met a polar bear. It started to chase us.. and he bite me on my hand.. it was not that bad actually.. the wounds were like a dog bite.. i still had my hand.

      2. I was in a supermarket on cashout. Im not sure if I was buying or selling czech crowns to euro. It was all around numbers 8 and 28. But im not sure if i bought 8 crowns for value of 28 or another way around. I even took the hand calculator next to the seller to do my math, how much it should be. And it was correct what the seller gave me. Then i stepped out of the line.. Put everything in my big bagpack. I was going on some trip, i had quite a lot of money. And i met a friend in the waiting line in this supermarket and he said you still owe me 30eur, can you please give it back to me now. And i said.. yeah no problem. I grabed my wallet from the bottom of my backpack.. Started to count the money. I took 1x 10 and 1x20eur.. but the 20eur bill was wierd. It was red instead of blue. And the surface was harsh. but i said well it is a special edition bill and i gave it to him anyway. Then when i was walking on some stairs there was something on the wall. something plastic and round. I tried to move it, i thought it is somesort of mechanism. And actualy it was a plasticwatermill but it was broken. The weels were not there, but all the rest worked as it should.

      3. I was in a bulding. I guess it was a school because of all the whiteboards. And on one there was writen Dag Og. And i tried to read it.. and it was in Danish i said. and next to the board 2 girls were sitting and laughing to my pronaunciation of the words.. Then i started to walk on stairways.. i wasnt alone. And an old woman asked me if i speak english. I said yes i do.. and are you perhaps danish i asked. She said yes.. i asked her what does Dag Og means. And she answered "help me" but that is incorrect. THen we came into a classroom. And there were some foreign students in there already. THere was music.. August burns red in acoustic version. The students started to sing something.. and my group was from my country. and we started to sing some comunist slavic song.. so loud and in one voice.. i never heard this song before.. we were like one big team. We oversang the others so the teacher said.. well i think we have a problem.
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