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    Journal #86

    Back-to-back YA dreams (this happened last week, too)

    by , 12-18-2015 at 03:16 PM (289 Views)
    12-18-15: Everything's been up and down like somewhat of a crazy game of Magic # (a Pricing Game on The Price Is Right with an impressive design that scared the crap out of me when I was younger when it appeared from a fade-in) months after I updated my Dream Journal. Also, I've been busy with other things, including a personal blog during that time.

    Last night, however, left me with some inspiration to write after a heck of a bad day, as most of the stuff (the plot, some characters) in Secret Agent 25, or SA-025, for short (my attempt at a YA novel), are inspired by dreams I have had since the 1992-93 year living in Maryland (when my parents separated in 1991-92 and I was 6 going on 7 at the time) to now.

    Ever since I started on SA-025, I have had a series of strange dreams involving possible characters, and most of those DCs had no spoken lines--even Wednesday (which was uneventful) and last week when it marked the return of the 'office buildings outside my room window' dream, something recurring since 2006-07.

    This time, it was a possible scene from later on in the series of SA-025, where possibly another Agent 25 was talking to someone, and this transpired:
    "Does this mean we'll move to South Florida?" Agent 25 asked.
    "No." A female chaperone said, sternly.

    Later on, Agent 25 and the woman went inside the building, looking like a library, where there was another woman sounding like a strict teacher I had at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High in the 2001-02 year, trying to give words of motivation, and just before the dream ends, there's a teenage girl with what appears to be a Surface tablet and it appears she is logged on to Twitter at a table, similar to a dream I had in the 2014-15 year, having brown eyes and brown hair, but she has no spoken lines as Agent 25 looks over her shoulder like a teacher. She also had a pink case to carry her Surface.

    I have a feeling this may have taken place in Hemet, California, as the villainous Sterling clan's mansion in SA-025 is there, and the dream suggested it gets turned into an underground library. It could also have taken place somewhere in North Carolina, too, where a building for villains may have also been turned into an underground library.

    I also have a tendency to throw DCs into my book as well, so I'll see what happens. Turning the Sterlings' mansion in my attempt at a YA novel into an underground library may not be such a bad idea. I don't mind getting dreams like this, personally.

    (For those who don't understand, YA stands for young-adult fiction. It is a popular genre of books amongst teenagers.)

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