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    1. Becoming wizard

      by , 03-27-2014 at 07:41 PM
      One day, I was rise by dragon and about time when I am teenager and I run away so of course dragon want find me but dragon couldn't find me for many years so I getting older until about 24 years old so I become so powerful wizard ever and someone need my help but the reward was 500,000 gold so I accept that quest an I has to go into tower and I did arrive and there was so dark theme with blak sky and dead tree everywhere but there huge door into tower so I enter it and suprised by many undead and goblins together so I try be friendly to them but they become too mad so rush to me and I use dragon fireball to burn all of them to ash so I walk up to too of tower and it was easy to find red shine stone so I grab it then realized that tower are going to collasped so I rush down and the strange mix troll and goblin king from (hobbit movie) and I try kill easy way but it won't die easy so I use wind to force his legs down and I rush to his head and try absorb power from his body an it was look alike red glow ball come out of his head and I feel alike amazing whn red glow ball into myself and I become more much powerful than before and I know that tower are down soon but I found 3 more monster but smaller than first one and I try fighting and kill all of them but absorb from one monster with blue glow ball then tower start break down then I was sliding on stair until I on bottom but while midair I was glance from break wall and I saw my dragon that who use me and I arrive bottom and I saw dragon fly and loud land and mad at me and I try tell I'm sorry but that dragon's forgive is kill me but it was long rough battle but I manage to pin dragon down and I try kill her by absorb dragon power but I manage get rainbow glow ball come out 3/4 way but dragon was too strong that actually tear my own skin off but I quick get my knife and slice head off and sound of it was THUD! I was in shocking and lot people from village was so happy and want celebrated and I of course got angry and kill lot villager then knee on ground and I was crying and villager was grab me and put me in powerless jail wagon to force me to have no power but I got that mad then I scream and use all of my power of fire then there huge similar to atomic bomb but much more and it was destroy whole world then I woke up
      non-lucid , nightmare