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      Kinda was lucid, kinda not?

      Okay people I just took a nap right I woke up and did WBTB thing and it work right. But the weird thing was it was kinda like I wasn't completely lucid. In my dream I knew that I was probably dreaming but I didn't even think I could or even tried to change things. I just accepted what happened in my dream. I clearly remember losing lucidity after a little while then regaining it as I was about to get in a knife fight with this guy. I remember thinking "I won't get hurt it's my dream" then I was in complete control over what happened next I summoned a knife it appeared and I cut off his hand. I lost all lucidity after this happened never to regain it again during dreaming.

      So what I want to know is this a promising sign I've only been trying for a couple of weeks or is this not that good since I was not completly consciously aware of all that I could have done in a lucid dream? Has this kind of thing happened to any one else too? Also is it normal to lose luucidity in your dreams?
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      This is good. You were aware of your dreaming, this is good progress, nothing to be afraid for the first time don't remembering that you could have changed the dream, etc.

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