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      does this count as pyrokenesis?

      so on the second lucid dream since learning about lucidity and signing up on the website (which was a wonderful surprise considering i had no intention of it happening that night) i suddenly became lucid well talking to my one of my friends and since it didnt work in the first induced lucid i had, i did the nose reality check and it worked, i ran outside, jumped off a small wall and began flying for the first time but for like 5 sec. i than summoned people and succeeded at summoning 3 of my friends on the first try, i then got even happier. but then i fell through the floor and was in a place that looked like a submarine with hideously disfigured people. i remembered playing bioshock 2 and started shocking them with lightning coming out of my right hand. but then i used me left to shoot a long stream of fire burning the rest of them. does that count as pyrokenesis. all i did was guide the direction of the fire and i didnt control it any more than that.
      Dream Goals:
      1.Have an induced LD.[X]
      3.Jump off a skyscraper[]
      4.Do a Kamehameha[X]
      5.Have a HUGE, EPIC battle with a lot of explosions with my best friend.[]

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