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      Quick tip for prolonging dreams

      This night I accidentally discovered a way to prolong my lucid dreams.
      In my lucid dreams, I fade from a full-on dream to black very quickly. Often too quickly to use the normal methods like rubbing my hands or spinning to prolong my dreams.

      In my lucid dream of last night, I wanted to fly to the clouds. While I didn't succeed in the dream, I did have the idea of clouds in the back of my head all the time.

      Pretty soon, my vision started to fade to black, and as it did I noticed that the lights and speckles you have when you close your eyes slightly resembled clouds. I focused on the lights and 'willed' them into clouds. Slowly but surely, the lights started to actually transform into clouds, and the black background started to turn blue. I looked down, and was back in the lucid dream.

      I did this four times in a row, and each time I succesfully regained the full dreaming experience, and had one of my best lucid dreams yet.

      Note that I never woke up or was concious of my real body during this process, which I guess is what makes this different from techniques like DEILD.

      I hope this might help some of you to prolong your lucid dreams.
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      I have tried a similar method, which usually works.


      Basically there is a period of time after the dream begins to fade that you can bring it back just by imagining scenery. For you it was clouds, but it could be anything. The point is to keep your mind continually engaged in an imagination, even when you have lost all contact with your previous dream scenery. This keeps your focus away from your body and waking reality, creating a new dream scene.

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