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      The Lucidity Challenge

      I began this on LD4all a few years back and it is still continuing there today. I thought it might be enjoyed on this forum as well.

      The basic purpose is to improve motivation to lucid dream, as well as improve dream control. Don't forget, though, that having fun should also be an important part of it. The rules of the game have been changed quite a bit by some of the newer hosts, and I think these new rules are much more effective than the ones I created, so I'll show you one of the newest rule sets to give you a basic idea of the challenge:

      This challenge is aimed to test your ability in inducing lucidity in dreams, keeping them under control, and setting and completing goals.
      It will be a challenge of will, of originality, of wits and determination, but most of all, I want this to be a challenge against yourself. The sake of this challenge is for personal improvement first and foremost! In the end, the winners are those who come out of this as better dreamers ^^.

      LD points: These are points awarded just for becoming lucid. That's right, even if you don't get a single task done you'll still be rewarded for your success.

      Points awarded for each dream:

      - You wonder if you're dreaming + 5pts
      - You become lucid but wake up shortly after or lose lucidity very quickly + 10pts
      - Short LD: You have whatever you would consider to be short according to typical LD's you've had in the past. + 20pts
      -Medium LD: You have what you would consider a medium size LD or normal length. + 30pts
      - Long LD: You have what you would consider a long LD. + 40pts

      Additionally, if you beaten your own person record for longest LD, I will award +10pts. This can potentially happen more than once in the Challenge if you try hard enough to beat your own records.

      As you can see, this scoring system is very subjective. This is because different people have different average lengths for lucid dreams. What one person may consider short (5 minutes) may be someone else's medium and so on. This is so people can work on improving their own personal bests. It encourages the more advanced LD'ers to work hard too. Because of this, you must post your average (or medium) LD time when you sign up.

      Chaining and regaining lucidity: Every time you chain or get back your lucidity from having lost it, you are awarded 5 points. However, the new LD is counted as a continuation of the previous one. And yes, that means two medium LD's could count as a long one.

      Task points: These are the points you get for doing the various tasks. Again, they are independent of the lucid points, so they can be earned in an ND (although you will lose out on serious points).

      Ideas in mind: I will be focusing on lucidity here, creativity as well as originality. There will be good points for everyone, fat points for who can manage a little creativity and resourcefulness, and even more points (if little) for who wants to keep going.

      Any task can be attempted any number of times, however the scores are not cumulative among the same task. Only the best score is awarded for each one.

      For each task, the following bonuses can be awarded:

      +30 points for any task accomplished while lucid.
      +20 early points (for completing the last task being given)

      Combo points! Accomplishing more than one task in a single LD marks them all as early. So, if you do 2 late tasks in the same LD, you get + 40 pts as early bonus. Again, as with LC #24, I will not be giving a late penalty. The only advice I will give is make sure you do the current task first, just in case you lose the dream before you can finish all of them.

      Base idea for awarding points in each task:

      Around 60-70 points for the basic stuff
      + 30-50 pts for the more advanced stuff (after you finished the basic one)
      more (+5-10 points per tick) as repeatable part, for who did all the rest, and want more ^^

      Extra occasional points awarded for display of creativity and/or prowess (max 30 per task) by the TM. These are decided solely by me, so no complaining if you feel that you deserve some but didn't get any.

      Quest points removed LC #24 and #25 due to nature of current Quest.

      Personal Goal/Task

      If you have set a personal task for yourself that you've really wanted to do, and you complete it in one of you LD's during the Challenge, I will award +30 pts. Limited to one personal task per person. Again, this most be posted when you sign up.

      A few last things

      The Challenge won't be long, running for a little under 3 weeks with 7 tasks (granted I can get them up in time shy2 ). Most tasks will run for 2 days, but a few more advanced ones will run for 3.

      If you're not already doing so, please start keeping an electronic journal here on LD4all. You will need to post a link to any dreams where you attempt tasks (you can copy-and-paste to this thread as well, but I would prefer to keep the clutter down). Also, please highlight any parts of your dreams pertaining to the task. While I love to read about your dreams, sometimes I'm in a hurry and need to get right to the point.
      Quoted rule set courtesy Rhewin

      The Task Maker and host of the game changes with each round. The newest host is almost always the previous round's winner, unless of course they don't want to host, in which case someone else can step up.

      Task assignment intervals can vary from host to host. I'd recommend once every 2 days, but it can really be however long you want. The amount of tasks is usually 7, but that can vary a little too. Here's the first task from that same thread as an example, so you know what to expect:

      Task 1, Drive! This task will last 2 days

      We're starting off with something simple, but something that can also be a lot of fun. I want you to find a vehicle and drive/pilot it. There are three major types of vehicles, land, sea and air. I want you to try to find and use all of them. Again, this task is an opportunity to limber up for some of the more challenging tasks ahead.

      The points are going to be broken into to main parts: one for just driving a vehicle, and another for being a bit more creative. As with all of my tasks, the more creative you are, the more points you earn!

      -For driving any vehicle, you get +30pts
      -For each additional type (land, air, sea) you get +10 pts, and can earn +20 bonus points if you use all three types in the same dream
      -For each additional vehicle of the same type, you get +5 pts

      Now, let's get those creative juices flowing!

      -If you create your own vehicle you earn +30 pts, and +15 bonus pts for any others you create (this supersedes the 5 for additional vehicles of same type, but not the 10 for vehicles of different type).
      -If you drive/pilot a fictional vehicle you did not create, +15 pts but any after the first one are only awarded the +5 pts or the +10for the different vehicle types.
      -If you manage to use a vehicle type other than the main three, you get +20 bonus pts
      I'm kind of busy, and would rather someone else take the position of Task Maker, but if nobody does, I'll take it. For now, I'll put myself under players. Any volunteers?

      The list has 10 positions, but if anyone else signs up before the first task is posted, they are welcome to join.

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      Sounds fun :3 Though im not sure im quite there to actually complete the tasks, getting points for becoming lucid sounds cool. Also might break the ice You can add me.

      BTW: My personal goal is flying for now
      I am the combination of an analist and a therapist. The world's first Analrapist!

      -Tobias Fünke

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