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    Wave 85: Back in the dreamworld

    by Ray23 on 04-14-2013 at 04:34 PM
    It's been a while since I've written in my DJ, since 2011 to be precise. The reason being that I lost the fire, and a series of failure led to me giving up since the efforts I put in didn't seem to be worth it. However, I have decided to reprise my role as an intermediate-level oneironaut. I actually waited before I start to write in my DJ again to see if I get any results, and I sure did.

    For the last few days, I have had increasingly better dream recall, but it was last night that I got a full LD.

    It all started when I left my house to go to the library. I recall being in a building made out of rocks similar to the ones in Star Wars. I encounter a girl from my school then find myself inside a mix of a library and Archambault (bookstore). My mom texts me to find out where I am. The dream begins to crumble and I become lucid in the process. Lucky me, I get an FA but I am not fooled for a second. I quickly RC, stabilize the dream and leave my house by the back door. As I walk through the door I feel spider webs on my face. I am briefly frightened but soon they disappear and I regain control. This is where my memory gets a bit foggy. I decide the fastest way to leave my house is to fly away and I manage to do so. I see a small cartoonish bird in the sky and land at my school. There I decide to fly around and to try transforming into a cat. While I feel I did manage to transform in a decent way, I am not quite sure since I was in 1rst person. I slowly start losing lucidity and wake up shortly after.

    I am very satisfied as it had been a while since I had LDed. Now my goal would be to try to achieve better dream control because I sometimes feel even though I am lucid, the dream decides what I do and not the other way around. But for a start this was very good

    Wave 84: A regular LD

    by Ray23 on 08-29-2011 at 09:34 PM
    I had a DILD two days ago where I saw God. Then I walked through a picture of Everest at Disney and ended up there. I was talking to a chinese girl and was amazed at the realisticness of it all. A little later I walk out of my home and realise I didnt RC before. I do so, then wake up shortly after. I fail to DEILD because I want fully lucid and my position was uncomfortable.

    Wave 83: Autobot transformation!

    by Ray23 on 08-17-2011 at 05:02 PM
    Dream: I am playing a video-game. It is a little character jumping around to get points. My sister tells me that you can double jump by pressing left, right then up. I do so. Next I am playing Metroid and I stand in front of a wall-step with big red dots on it. Gravity is very strong so I put on my gravity suit. Then I am fighting a giant robot. I customize my own robot with colors like mint and classic. I pick the guardian robot.

    I wake up for my WBTB but I am unable to BTB. So I get up pretty early.

    Wave 82: Battle scene

    by Ray23 on 08-16-2011 at 12:59 AM
    I forgot to write down my dreams this morning, but I do remember my last one very clearly.

    Dream: I rarely have dreams about fighting but this one was pretty cool. I am in a huge arena covered in sand and in front of me is a grey haired man. We fist fight for a long time until he pulls out a bunch of small throwing knives. They are double-sided, small and blue. He throws one, two, three and a jump like a ninja avoiding them all. Them one of them scratches my face and does a small cut, movie-style. I feel actual pain for a second, then turn back to fight. I pick one of the knives and throw it back to him but he avoids it. He pulls out a sharp boomerang and I make a swift move to barely evade it. I start retreating by walking backwards while I watch him futilely throwing his boomerang in the air. Then the man starts doing an attack and now has a white aura around him while keyboard keys appear under him. I am tricked into thinking that by pressing the keyboard keys, I would counter attack. But just as I am getting very close to him he strikes me in the stomach. Pause. I am now playing a computer game with Sasuke on the screen (lol). i turn around to do something unrelevant then unpause the game. Sasuke does the exact same attack from the screen and kills the grey-haired man. The dream ends as the cartoon sasuke jumps in the air.

    Wave 81: Most epic LD night ever

    by Ray23 on 08-10-2011 at 06:49 PM
    This night was the greatest LD night I ever lived since I started lucid dreaming. I had 5 LDs (which of course I chained, I love DEILD) but in each of them I demonstrated dream control like I had never experienced before.

    Dream 1: I start my lucid dream by doing a random reality check in my living room while my mom is watching me. As soon as I realise I am dreaming I decide to go outside. It's night. I open the door and jump in the snow (even though its summer in RL). Then I go on the street and see a lot of cars passing by with many pedestrians. I see a hockey net from afar. I decide to fly by using a special technique specifically designed for my inability to fly (made by Loaf). I sit down as if I'm in a car, use the invisible gas to go forward and tilt up to fly. Once high enough I am able to let go and fly away, but I end up in a big horizontal vortex talking to Nick Cannon. I talk to him about how he is black.

    I try to DEILD but fail since I had lost a little lucidity near the end. I go back to sleep.

    Dream 2: I have a big non-lucid about me using a teleporting machine, only to find myself with 7 fingers on each hand. I am pissed and decide to try to sue the company who made it, for no success. I never realise that unusual hands is a reality check lol. I talked to my uncle in the middle of that dream, which leads to the 3rd one.

    Dream 3: False Awakening. I wake up in my bed and my cell phone rings. It says someone sent me two pictures. I think that its my uncle who sent me pictures of his dog (could have happened). I get up and go in the living room. ALL of my family is there, including my uncle. It takes me awhile to understand but I do a reality check as the dream fades out. I now begin my chain of LDs. I DEILD back into a dream. I am now back in my living room and everyone tells me that the pool is weird. I go to check it and they tell me anyone who goes on the pool floats on the surface. I take a dip myself and float on top of the water. I want to impress my DC family, so I tell them that when I snap my fingers the water will be normal again. I do and they are impressed. I proceed to flying around in my house and my mom asks me how the hell I do that. I tell her I'm just lucid dreaming and she says my brother and sister should try it too. Id rather not, they should go find their own amazing hobby!

    Dream 4: As I DEILD in the next dream, I remember that youre not supposed to chain too much or you will start forgetting your first dreams (and I dont want that) which is why when my dream starts off with 2 santa claus puppet, I wake myself up to start off on a clean slate with a better dream.

    Dream 5: I am in a restaurant with my family once again, but as soon as the dream starts I completely abandon the plotline to go have fun outside. I have an aversion against doors, so I go through the window of the restaurant even though the door is right next to it. I bump on the window a couple of times before passing through, but I dont care since who can see me right? I dont remember much after that, except that I walked on the street and saw my friend Sandy. Im turned on and want to have sex, so I try to make a Playmate appear I tell myself that when I look behind me, she will be there (and naked). However the Dreamworld has a way of somehow preventing me from having dream sex, maybe because there are so many better things to do. So I fail to make her appear.

    Dream 6: I DEILD with the firm intention of having dream sex. I am in a big school filled with people my age. As I am walking the hall I say out loud que jai le gout de fourrer. The girl next to me tells me she does too but shes ugly so I tell her that shes just a DC and im the dreamer here. I choose . I am roaming for a place in the school to have sex "privately" if you will until I end up in a big dark room with shelves. I decide to try to make sandy appear this time and it works. As I'm walking up to her I'm already taking of my shoes and coat but she walks away from me. I follow her and she seems to agree but as she says that we should go in the corner a bunch of girls from the school come into the room looking for costumes for a dance show (wearing makeup and everything). Then theres guys too. Once again, im prevented from having sex. He he

    Dream 7: I'm back in the restaurant. For a brief moment I seem to have lost all my superpowers. I cant seem to levitate or fly or anything. I push my finger through my palm to make sure that I am dreaming. Fade out.....again

    Dream 8: Had a non-lucid dream about doing homework secretly in school with my friends.