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      Using Google Sketch up

      For the last week or so iv'e been using Google sketch up to create some pretty cool environments, then all of a sudden an idea came to me. You could create your own dream place in Google sketch up and then hopefully, eventually visit the environment you created, in a dream.

      When you have a normal or even a lucid dream and you have a good memory of the layout of the dream you may decide to draw it or design it using some 3D computer software. My idea however means that you could create the environment before you actually visit in a dream meaning that, you know the layout of the dream and it is more likely to become lucid because you remember creating the environment and the purpose why you created it. Also you could much more easily defy physics or use magic if you incorporate it into your created environment. (Note: you can download anything from the internet you add into Google sketch up, this means u can add in guns, aircraft, monsters, televisions, beds, people, etc.)

      Anyway, any thoughts on the idea. Because I'm a bit of a noobie around here I am also unsure if this is a new idea or if its already been suggested so if it has already been suggested please understand that I didn't know and I'm not trying to claim this as my original idea. Also note that I am not trying to promote Google sketch up, its just free to download off the internet and a good program to use. Any other program which can design 3D environments is also fine.

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      i think that could use that to help with the MILD technique
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      It's a nice variation to a well-known technique. I sometimes watch a video or a picture before attempting to WILD, so I have a good visual of the environment in my head. With this technique you could (on the condition that one is skilled with SketchUp) create your own environments, exactly to your likings!
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