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    Thread: Cant talk out Loud in dreams. WHY?

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      Cant talk out Loud in dreams. WHY?

      Tonight I had 4 LD's in a row thanks to WBTB+MILD+Prospective Memory training.

      So in almost all of these 4 dreams I was flying which is an AMAZING experience I flew above something that looked like the grand canyon it was awesome. Anyway in the last LD I tried again, arms like superman and up to the sky .. worked as always.. but it was night so I wanted to scream "make it day" As soon as i want to scream I cant talk again I feel my SP but only on my mouth.

      To DCs i was talking with my inner voice in the head but i thought when I need to scream I need to really talk -> couldnt talk -> woke me up.

      Does anyone else experience this? Should I only talk with my inner voice in dreams ? Or was I "too awake" so the talking was to much.

      PS I was not to excited, believe me you dont want to know what I did in the other LD's

      Thanks in advance.

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      In my experiences I've rarely ever been able to speak or had the need to, especially anything louder than an "inside voice". If I needed to communicate to a DC I'd use my inner voice. Same for when I wanted anything to happen, for example, changing night to day. I'd simply will day into the dream or wish it was day and it would be so. But yea, actually talking or screaming has never really worked for me and I've never needed it to.
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