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      Getting kicked out of lucid dreams

      I obtained lucidity in a dream this morning without using a method. It was just out of luck. However, what didn't feel so lucky is that after only a very short period of time the dream blackened and my consciousness returned to my body in my bed. I was able to return to the dream by not moving an inch or opening my eyes, but by mentally spinning myself until I found myself back there. I felt pleased with myself that I was skilled enough to get back to where I left off, but within seconds, once again the scene goes black. I repeat the process of spinning until I end up there... but so does the process of being kicked out when I'm not ready to leave until I didn't have enough desire to even try again since it was futile.

      Usually the problem is I'm lucid and then I lose the lucidity and it turns into a regular dream. In this case I was aware the entire time there was just no stability.
      I'm thinking that the problem may have partially been that I was thirsty at the time and my body wanted water, hence why it kept waking up.

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      Hey dave THE WARRIOR (awesome nick)

      When we've LD for the first time the next step is to stabilize and extend the dream, for most people rubbing hands will do the job...
      That happens because you know you are sleeping and start to feel your resting body, when you start to rub your mind focus on the sensation of rubbing and forget the rest.

      Well, this thread from Sensei Extending Lucid Dream Time Hours of LD can be freakin' usefull...

      Focus on things to make the dream more stable and forget that is a dream, because is your new world

      Sweet Dreams!

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      Yes look for a ways how to stabilize the dream. You need to convince your mind that the dream is now the reality and push it away from feeling your real body.
      Good luck!
      If you feel like it, please take a look at my YouTube channel:
      If you don't, hm well have a nice day anyway ^_^

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