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    Thread: Scared of DC's

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      Scared of DC's

      I've had one lucid dream so far and I was not a fan of DC's. During my lucid dream I tried to conquer my fear so I waved at one. Obviously when you wave you expect someone to wave back and thats what he did. I don't like DC's at all but when I'm alone in a dream I feel uncomfortable. I know why I don't like DC's and that reason is because they aren't human. They're just a character that can be manipulated by me. I don't like that. I wish they were like real people. Tbh I wouldn't say I'm scarwd of them but I'm just creeped out. Any methods I can do to make them not so creepy, maybe make them funny

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      Some lucid dreamers have something called a dream guide. A dream guide is a DC that seems to have more of a mind than other DCs, and acts as a comforting presence who knows a lot about the dream and sometimes gives the dreamer advice. If you want to interact with DCs who are more like real people, you should try to find your dream guide.
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      Expect to find a funny/helpful one and they will come out. You dont have to control them either. They can act on ther own just like in non lucid dreams. I dislike when dream characters look creepy too but the good thing is you can change their appearance if you want.
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