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      Couldn't control my lucid dream because of lack of lucidity?

      (If you want a long story short just head down this text)
      I had a lucid dream about a week ago and was about 2 or 3 hours long(I don't know really how many hours but it was REALLY long, like lots of false awakenings) At first I discovered it was a dream without any reality check and immediately I was given a paper with a list of things that I could spawn(Car, person, water, etc), my brother came to me and said he wanted to race me, I couldn't decide, I went straight. After some time I lost lucidity. After a while of dreaming normally a false awakened at my classroom, my brother said that I could cheat the exam if I lucid dream, after hearing that I gained lucidity and immediately another paper in my hand, my power was limited to that paper, I clicked the button of flying and was flying like Aiden from Beyond Two Souls, I didn't care, I just went with the plan. I false awakened and I was with my entire family, It wasn't like the others, I instantly knew it was a dream. I left the couch that I was sitting and looked at my surrounding, everything seemed so real, I was constantly asking myself "Is this a dream or reality?... This must be reality right?", I made a reality check, didn't work "WHAT? It failed? But I'm really fucking sure this is a dream". I went to the kitchen, my brother was there. I used force choke on my brother (Yes I'm a fan of Star Wars), it worked for 2 seconds but then it wasn't working anymore. I went to sleep in my lucid dream since that was the only power I had. I woke up in some type of void with people with no face around me, staring at me, like memories that aren't complete yet. I woke up back in the same place, with my family. But now I had that paper with me. Didn't matter, I didn't want that. I closed my eyes, thought about a forest, opened my eyes and was still in the same place. Some people talked to me like real life, I pretended I was my dream-self because I always thought that my dream would get fucked up if my subconscious knew I'm lucid. But I had to do something about this lucid dream. I talked to my mother saying that my power was limited, she understood it like psychological thing and explained me. But then I said that I meant power in this lucid dream. My family stopped making noises and stared at me. All black, probably a false awakening. I woke up in that same void, but now my family were with me but they didn't have any face, and they stared at me. And that was the end of it.

      LONG STORY SHORT: I lucid dreamed but my power was limited because of how real the dream was. Sometimes I was given a paper of things I could do when I lucid dreamed inside the lucid dream.
      Before knowing what a lucid dream was I had about 10 or more lucid dreams, except for nightmares. If would count nightmares it would probably be 1000 lucid dreams or more. After knowing what a lucid dream was I had only 1, this is the second time I LD and I only use MILD technique.
      Why did this happen? How can I avoid it? Did this happen to you?
      I tried to sum up this lucid dream. It was way longer than that!
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      So basically you're lacking in dream control. This is tricky because different things work for different people. It sounds like you're biggest problem is not really believing that you are dreaming. Understand that dreams can look and feel like real life. If an RC works and you can even use powers (the force choke), then you're dreaming. When you know you're dreaming, you should stabilize before you start doing anything. Rub your hands together and/or yell things like 'I am dreaming!', 'All of this is in my head', etc. Just don't be fooled by the vividness of the dream. Also, you shouldn't have felt limited to the things on the paper. In full lucidity you could have just laughed and thrown the paper away, knowing you could do anything on it, and more, on your own. Was your first LD (after learning what LDs are) like this?
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      So many nightmares? Anyway try to use more reality checks to realize that you are really dreaming!
      Just keep trying.
      If you feel like it, please take a look at my YouTube channel:
      If you don't, hm well have a nice day anyway ^_^

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