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      O.R.A.C.L.E: How to use schemata to break all the limits!

      This was inspired by Billybob's articles about Schemata and partly inspired by the concept of "archetype Control". It's probably some of the best articles about Dream Control I have ever read. Shortly after I read those articles I had one of my best LDs Iv'e ever had in my life.

      In short because I want to get to the practical use of this idea. The reason why you have dream control problems can be narrowed down to the fact that you have beliefs and beliefs are what control your dreamscape. "Flying is hard." "Sex makes you wake up." "Dreams are unstable." If you have these beliefs because someone on this forum told you then Yeah your going to have these problems.

      You have Beliefs
      Beliefs control dreamscape
      Beliefs and Schemata have the same defintion.

      Therefore it makes sense that maybe you could take this weakness and turn it into a valuable dream control accent.

      If dreams are affected by belief then maybe you can shift your belief? Think of your dream as a computer Operating System. Makes sense! Lucid Dreams are compared to virtual reality. Imagine you could tell your computer to execute any file you've created.

      Introducing ORACLE

      Cycle for

      Hold this idea in your mind as you find yourself Lucid. Remember Think of your dream as being operated by a computer or some virtual program. All you would have to do is command the Dream to "Execute O.R.A.C.L.E Protocol!" and boom it's done.

      O.R.A.C.L.E is basically a set of schemata(Beliefs) that you can essentially accept as result of thinking in this way while you are in the dreamstate. You can make it whatever you want but to help you understand it better I'll put some of the beliefs that you would want.

      ORACLE can

      Stabilize the Dream permanently
      Adjust the crippling beliefs that make your LD such low quality.
      Can make the Dream a perfect quality just like real life.

      This was an idea I had just this morning and is my first time writing a tutorial thingy. If you have any questions I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

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      I love this man. This is exactly the kind of thing that the LD community needs. Contrary to popular belief, "Advanced Lucid Dreamers" aren't advanced because they have learned how to control their emotions, they're advanced because they have altered their beliefs, whether they realize it or not. If people would only believe that their dreamscape has the potential to be truly unlimited. People would be surprised how far you can take dream control. I have taken it very far, and have yet to find a limit, thanks to these exact principles that you stated.
      The only rules to your dreamscape are the ones you create.

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