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      Problem with Staying Lucid and others

      For the last week or so, I've been able to become Lucid about every other day, but it usually only lasts for a few minutes. I can't seem to stay Lucid. I think its because Im only becoming Lucid towards the end of my sleep cycle, like before I wake up for good.

      I've tried yelling out "Increase Clarity", which use to work a little bit, and I've tried rubbing my hands. Im hesitant about spinning because my dream is already un-stable to begin with, and I think spinning would just end up waking me up.

      Aside from that though, once I am able to become Lucid and keep it, I can't seem to do any Telekenisis like I use to be able to do like it was nothing, nor really do much else as far as defying the laws of physics goes. I don't have any problems believing or knowing I can do something, but it just doesn't happen.

      Can anyone provide some alternate tips on these things?

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      How to STAY lucid

      Hi D_G,

      So, you have problems staying lucid.

      What I can suggest applies for lucid dreaming in general, as sustaining consciousness inside a dream is, well, the basis to lucid dreaming.

      In your post, you mention that you have tried to say or do things to obtain a result. That is the best approach to my knowledge.

      Because you are struggling with your brain, you will need deeply rooted action (like shouting/rubbing hands) which will trigger the reaction that you want a lot more easily.

      I can compare it with the position of the hands while meditating or practising magic, where the brain associates a physical action with a mental state (for yoga) or representation (for magic).

      So, do keep practising a single action (rubbing hands is an excellent idea) for a single prupose. (if that does not work though, try other things until you get the slightest result then stick to it)

      Of course, it will all work better if you create meaning around rubbing hands in your waking life. (visualisation is the key)

      As you must know, memory works hand in hand with meaning.

      As you are dealing with your own limitations, do remember that your dreaming life is still very much attached to your brain (as opposed to astral travel), so that Lucid dreaming is travelling on the mental plane.

      The best thing to do is create a whole mythology around your dreaming world, give it an existence in your waking life until its counterpart is created in your dreams.

      I suggest you write different techniques that you could call "powers" in your dreams. I personally raise a finger when I want to fly. If that does not work, I grab a piece of wood which I can sit on. etc.etc.

      (For telekinesis, since you mention it, I use my hands to move objects. Remember your beliefs patterns are subjective. While I was a child, I couldnt move voluminous object, that of my dreaming body. Does that make sense?)

      In your notes, write the powers that you have, the techniques that work, and the "physical" limitations that you encounter. For example, I used to not be able to fly over water for a long time, or make objects appear unless they are hidden under something..

      In the end, write about:
      -What surrounds you in your dreams?

      -How is the light?

      -Observe the colours, sounds, movements

      -What are the natural laws of your dreams (e.g.: impossible to fly ulness accompanied..)

      -What sorts of surrounding comes the most

      -Assess the degree of lucidity that you achieve each time (e.g.: 80% lucid with intruding thoughts..)

      -Who do you meet?

      etc etc.

      You can then monitor your progress, and create an environment for yourself.

      (Remember that staying lucid has to do with sustaining live pictures with your mental eye. So that if you can visualise something for long in your waking life, it will also be the case in your dreams.)

      - Invent characters that will tell you how to do things (the characters are an extension of yourself, a voice that is easier for you to listen to as it is external)

      - Invent yourself goals (like in a quest), which will sustain your motivation to stay lucid. (memory and motivation!)

      If you just want to stay lucid for the sake of it, I believe you will find it more difficult to stay on that immense path..

      I hope I have helped.

      Let me know!




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