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      Why Are Some Dreams, Easier To Control Then Others?

      this question just popped into my head..How come when Lucid Dreaming in some LD's we can control the dream very well, but in others we cant... Like what makes it so difficult that we cant control one dream, from the other...Dreams are Dreams right? Or is there something more to it?

      thanks and please reply

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      I don't believe that there is one definite answer. It could be a number of things. A low level of lucidity, if your not completely conscious you may not have as much control. Your mind set is important, if you dont believe you can control the dream then you probably cant. Maybe your just not using the proper technique for the task at hand. Some things may work when you say it while others work when you think it.

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      Stress, mood, amount of sleep, depth of sleep, possibly even levels of potassium and sodium in your blood at that time, or even the amount of neurotransmitters. Let's see, even hunger, thirst, and more can affect dream experiences. Also beliefs can change over time, so sometimes in a dream you may not believe you can do something truly. And sometimes even belief isn't enough. It changes so wildly that I don't have a set answer either.

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