And so I had a Revilation. I will list and describe ways to do things in your dreams.

I will list the ways things can be done in an order that may be easier to harder ways

To start with.

Changing location.
Many people want to know how to change where they are in their dreams. No one likes to walk or drive. They want it to be a fun way. Here may be a few simple ways.

SpinningI have personally found that it is better to spin and look up or with my eyes closed. And to focus on a location.

Doors find a door that is closed then tell your self what is on the other side and belive in it so that when you open the door it is where you want to be.

Direct command shout out where you would like to be.

Summon People

Phones pick up a phone call the person you wish to summon to you. Ask them to come to you right away. (This works most of the time when I use this method)

Doors find a door that is closed and tell yourself that the person you wish to summon will be on the other side when you open the door.

Direct command shout out the name of the person you wish to be summoned.

One of the best ways to get things done in a dream in my own opinion is doors. You can create what you want to be on the other side with out getting distracted by the changes around you.

Oh another item that i just remembered its called Gods remote. just find a remote control and use it to your benifit