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      I use to be so good, now I can't stay in... Help !

      Lately i've been having a lot of trouble staying in my dreams
      my spin technique is not working for reason.... .
      it used to work so well

      and it's becoming harder and harder to do WILD
      i get the sleep paralysis, and i'll kinda get into the dream,
      but then i lose it.. i can't grip it
      and when i do... i don't still feel on the edge and w/ out much control.. . .

      i think it may have to do w/ me working so early in the morn, 7am, b/c usually my lucid dreams occur between 8am and 11am

      soo i dunno...
      has this happened to ne one ? or..
      help !
      They say dreaming is dead and noone does it anymore. It's not dead, it's just been forgotten, removed from our language. Nobody teaches it, so nobody knows it exists. .. waking life

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      I used to do the spinning alot and it has also lost its effectiveness for me. But the last few lucids I had I took suggestions from the people on this forum (who have been sooo helpful) and used the verb commands. At one point my LD starting fading to blackness and I said "get visuals now" it took a few seconds but everything began to come black pretty clear. Also instead of spinning I have been rubbing my hands together or concentrating on one thing and those both seem to help. Also shouting, "increase lucidity now" works pretty well too. Good luck!


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