I am new to LDing. and All my LDs are WILDs and DEILDs. ( more than 20 till now ). This progress is done in 45 days.

and my average LD length is 1 min.

Thanks to this forum......

I have two problems with my LDs

1) I suddenly wake up from my LD without any fading effect ( I read in so many posts that dream losses by fading ). In my case there is no fading effect in my dreams. How can I shout 'clarity now' command without knowing my dream is going to END.

I am sure I was not with tension/anxiety/frustration when I lost my dream. I was cool and going with dream scenery.

How can I stop this and how to extend my dream?

2) Second problem is DILDs : I am performing reality checks every 15 min in day time from 30 days. I have good dream recall and I marked 5-6 dream signs, I am doing RCs for my dream signs in waking time too.
But no DILD till now....

I am doing anything wrong... or its normal ? Please help me.