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      Angry How to make DG/keep them the same/etc?

      I have had a few lucid dreams that actually worked and I didn't wake up, and each time I was a part of my favorite book series. But the other characters change each time to my friends or different celebrities. So what I want to know is how I can get them to settle on the way I have always imagined them, so that they could be like my DGs. Any tips?

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      Hi Mimi,

      Are you asking for ways to change your dream characters to be more consistent with the dreaming scenario? If this is not your question please elaborate a bit more so that I could understand what you are essentially trying to do. If this is your question then I do have a couple of suggestions. In most cases from my experience and experiments in dealing with DC's in LD's they are usually unchangeable. Dream Characters are not controlled by you and your conscious the appearance can be rendered if you want but concentration is a very important key aspect of making this happen. My question to you is this. Do you have the ability to close your 'dream eyes'? If you can do this and encompass this ability changing the appearance of any dream character can be done effortlessly. What I mean by closing your dream eyes is done in the same fashion as closing your eyes in the waking world. You literally close them until a picture of complete blackness appears thus giving you the ability to open your dream eyes to a new location, new character or whatever you imagined during the time your dream eyes were closed. So in light of this you're not actually 'changing' the character per-se you are merely replacing them with something else you want. Morphing a character is not an easy task. Closing the dream eyes works for me when I want to change anything in my LD. Focus when doing this is a must and you have to imagine what you want during the dark period only to open your eyes to what you have imagined. Give it a try if this sounds any bit of confusing let me know and I'll try to elaborate more and help you achieve your goal. Good luck
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