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    Thread: How to focus in a dream?

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      How to focus in a dream?

      I have had this lady reapear in alot of my dreams for years now. In my dreams its like if I know you I automatically recognize you and have on many occassions I have said there names and they would acknowledge me like in real life. If I dont know you though, I'll take a real good look at you and study your traits and to this day I can still do that and I can go into extreme detail about what they looked like, enough to easily paint a picture of them.

      But there has been many times where I would dream about the same lady, someone I dont know in real life, Ive never seen in any magazines or tv or anything. And in all the dreams, I am somehow involved with her, once she was a nurse doctoring my hand after I hurt it somehow. Shes been an employee in the place that I work yet the name badge is always blank. But everytime I try to look at her face, she hides it, like she looks down or looks away so I cant see her. One time I dreamt I was in a bar walking behind her, admiring the huge back tattoo she had, she was wearing an open back dress. And I knew it was her, I yelled out "hey" and she turned around and I finally saw her face, but before I could really look at it, a guy attacked me and I got in a bar fight.

      In my dreams I can go into extreme detail on my surroundings, even if Ive never been in the room or building before, I can remember every detail about it because in my dreams if Ive never been there, I look around and study it a little. I can very easily remember art, and in alot of cases I have been able to draw the art that I see in my dreams, in some dreams I have new tattoos, and I remember them and have drawn them up and have even gotten quite a few tattood on me. But for the life of me I can not get this ladys attention to get a good look at her.

      I think of her as my dream girl because like I said she has been in numerous dreams of mine for years now. I dont dream about her alot though, like honestly maybe 5 times a year for a decade now. The things that always change on her is her clothes, and her hair, always a different length or color. I can easily recreate her body by now, but I have never seen her face. How can I get her to come into a dream of mine and how can I get a real good look at her? Like is there a way to make her appear in a dream and like sit down at a table with her and talk so I can hear her voice and study her face?

      Ive never lucid dreamed before, but Ive never really tried either. I dream every night and usually I just allow my mind to go the route it wants to go and I just sit back and enjoy the ride. All of my dreams however are very detailed never fuzzy and I can feel, taste and smell everything in the dream.

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      You can summon her. One simple way is to say out loud in the dream that she will be behind you and then turn around. If you actually believed what you said, there's an excellent chance she will be there. Then you could imagine her having the will to talk to you which should work, and she'll say something.
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