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      Weird Control Patterns

      hi everyone.

      I've never really had this problem before... well ever since i started LDing
      a few years back that is. i was 14 if i'm not wrong and im 16 this year.
      i used to have really good decent and vivid lucids almost once every 2
      nights for a really long time.

      however recently (towards the end of last year) i have been having weird
      issues with dream control. For some weird reason, when i am not lucid,
      controlling stuff (flying, summoning stuff, or fighting) seems rather easy.
      and it seems i have quite a significant amount of control over my actions.
      when im lucid however, and when i know and tell myself i am dreaming and
      try to fly/summon/fight it ALWAYS does'nt work. so its like the only way
      i can control or get any fun outta my dreams is when im NOT lucid. which
      does'nt really make sense.

      can anyone suggest anything? also btw is it true that it gets harder to
      get lucids as you grow older and go through puberty? thanks

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      I don't know if it's harder to do as you get older and pass through puberty, but I would suggest that you find out, while you're lucid, what exactly is keeping you from doing such things as flying, fighting, and summoning. It could just be a will-based problem; even though you want to fight, fly, and spawn objects and people, you may have a mental block expecting those things to not happen while you're lucid, which could be producing the lack of effects you're...."experiencing".

      Lucid dreams are based on and fueled by your willpower, so if you will something to happen, it should happen at least sometimes or to some degree, right? Keep trying is all I can say.
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