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      I'm going to wok on manifesting objects/people/creatures in my dreams

      Ok so i've decided to task myself with something fun and creative. I'm going to put myself on a regular napping schedule that should give me an LD a day at least. That's not the task, the task is that i'm going to draw a picture of something, and concentrate on it all day, keep it in my mind as much as possible, so that i can push it into my subconscious. Then when i've meditated on it, i'll nap and try to gain full lucidity. Then i will try to remember this task and remember what i drew that day and manifest it, building piece by piece, almost like drawing it in WL and then sculpting and breathing life into it in my Dream. I'm going to start simple, then work my way to tougher things...

      the things i want to end with, the things i want to manifest most are:

      The jabberwocky:

      A working replica of the ironman suit

      and lastly, something submitted by another member...

      "MementoMori, the lucid machine"

      "There's nothing better than knowing what it's like to fly like superman. Being fully aware of the air whipping by you, controlling every movement of every single atom in your body with a single thought. It's real freedom, and there's not a word good enough to describe it, so I'll just call it dreamy for now."

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      Sounds like a lot of fun. I hope it works out for you. Summoning is something I I'm planning to work on too.

      I'd definitely like to have a Lucid encounter with that jabberwockey.
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