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      I was the messiah.

      I dreamed last night that I was the new messiah. When I touched people they were overcome with a great love. One man had a badly damaged arm and when I laid my hand on it the damage was repaired and the arm came good again. As this was happening I was filled with amazement as I wasn't expecting it and wasn't used to it. It just seemed to suddenly happen.
      I am an atheist in waking life so I have no idea where this dream came from??

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      We are all messiah, that is the point, that is the coming of the Christ, the many messiah of the new age, and that is us. We are who we are waiting for. Don't need to be religious to know or feel the pinch that there is something greater than what we see. With all the galaxies and planets out there, don't you think there is something greater, a beginning of all of it?

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