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      My Auction Dream

      This all happened several years ago when I was making plans the night before a Saturday,
      and in those days for me that meant auction day. I was a budding dealer in antiques
      and collectibles, although I was young, and hoping to learn prices as I bid on possible
      items to resale.

      I read the newspaper and found three possible auctions to go to after considering
      the list of items for sale and the location of the auction sites. I wasn't sure but
      decided to plan on the one sounding most interesting and I went to bed. But during
      the night I had this dream about one of the auctions, and it was not the one I
      had planned to attend. The dream was about my second choice auction, and in
      the dream it looked better than I thought and so in the morning I changed my
      plans and went to my second choice auction instead.

      When I got there it did look better than the list of contents and there
      for the first time I bought a whole large set of antique china, with a back mark
      that I had never before seen. I sold it over the next several months piece by piece, and made
      a good profit, yes, but I learned things from selling it that were better than
      the money.

      I listened to my dreams this time and it worked out right for me! Today, I
      am a small dealer who sets things out to sell in my booth at an antique mall,
      and I still try to listen to my dreams when I have them.
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