Many years ago I was a child and lived with my family in a small house with an upstairs with two bedrooms;
and a main floor with a living room, dining room, and kitchen; and a basement with furnace, washer with dryer and
miscellaneous junk! When it rained, the basement doubled as a play room for kids.

In our town, about a half mile away, was a small shopping district where there was a store with a discount basement.
I liked it because there were toys for sale there, and they were inexpensive. I was allowed to buy something small there
from time to time.

Well, when I was very small I remember this dream I had about that interesting store basement, and I repeat it
I was dreaming and walking alone in our basement, and then I spotted it. Next to the furnace to the right of it
were a couple cardboard boxes and a old screen door. Behind the screen door I could see a light. After moving
the junk I could see a door that could only open to what was underground under our front yard. I opened the
door, and turned on the light and there to my amazement was an entire floor of a small store! It looked like
the discount basement of the store that I mentioned above, with the toys and interesting things in it! I could
see things that I wanted, and there was no one to tell me I could not have any of it that I desired! A dream come
true! This dream is the first that I can remember having, and the feeling of amazement I got from this dream is still
with me.