so i and this dream months ago and i still remember it vividly i was at the park of course i dont remember how i got there because i never do but i was there and i found this dress a small yellow dress with pink flower drenched in blood than of course the girl appears see older than i thought but small about 15 only a few years younger than me i look at her shes a pretty girl pale skin dark hr what you would call ghostly and she talks to me she says something along the lines of "yes im dead you dont have to stare" but of course i do because me being the bisexual female that i am finds her attractive and mysterious so i follow her and were does she lead her parents house she wanted me to talk to them to say some last words to them and i did i had to tell her parent that the girl whose name i now remember to be anna said not ot go searching for her killer to let it go and let her rest in peace her parents finally come to terms with this and anna finally fades away ....i woke up crying