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    Thread: My First Dream 11 Years Ago

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      My First Dream 11 Years Ago

      Today I started thinking about my dreams more and I remembered the first dream I can think of. Since I don't want my memories to be lost in time I decided to post it here.
      So, I was six years of age. Me and my mom were sitting at a table inside a huge shopping mall. In the center of that shopping mall there was a pyramid, exactly like the ones in Egypt. My mom told me to go play so I went inside the pyramid. Inside I saw my brother and a sphinx. They were throwing bombs (the black ball ones, like in the movies) and were destroying the inside of the pyramid. I was scared and looked at the sphinx. He told me don't worry its just a dream. I wasnt calmed down by his words and escaped the pyramid from the door I entered. I went out and took a left turn which lead to a jungle. In the jungle I saw a snake, exactly like the one from the movie Jungle Book, and he told me, "It's just a dream". I don't remember much afterwards. The snake simply went inside the jungle.

      Anyways, you might be woundering why I shared this dream with you. Well, I find it quite interesting how I was only six years old and I had a dream in which two "characters" tell me it is "just" a dream. Even more impressive is how I still remember it in details. I hope you enjoyed my little story. I would love to hear about your oldest dream memories.
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      I think sometimes when we're very young we get lucid spontaneously without really knowing what we're doing. Then all too often we get a little older and forget. It's great that you still remember that dream!

      If you want to keep records of your dreams in one place, try the "Dream Journals" link at the top of the page! It's specially formatted for entries like this.
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