This was the coolest dream I've had so far. I never had a time where my body healed itself so quickly, and telling me in dream form. So here how it went..

I was sleeping last night on the ground with my blankets, with no AC. It was really hot covering myself up with the blanket to protect myself from mosquitoes. I kept hearing them buzz around me so obnoxiously. It was annoying and I doubted that I could sleep. Finally one bit the underside of my arm, and I could feel the bump immediately while it itched. I then finally drifted off to sleep, only to have the shortest dream ever.

I was in some place, but I couldn't make out my surroundings. All I knew that a presence was telling me that the "guardian" was now activated after a long time of being broken. I assumed it was some type of machine, but as it went over to me, it was only a red spirit-like presence. (Everything was so blurry that I didn't know what anything looked like.) A thing I did see clearly was the guardian placing his hand over my mosquito bite. It glowed for a while, and then I woke up.

I went to check my arm and to my surprise, I couldn't feel it anymore and it didn't itch. However the bite is still there, it dramatically reduced its size and itchiness after the dream. The mosquitoes also stopped buzzing around me as someone in the room turned on a little light.

I doubt that the dream actually healed me or something else that's superstitious did. I know that it's just my body trying its best to heal itself, but I never had this happen so I thought it was cool to share it. I know a mosquito bite is no big deal, but the way it kinda disappeared really had me questioning a lot of things.