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    Recent Entries

    Dream - The Chicago Wrestler & I Want The Human

    by KarlaB18 on 07-24-2019 at 03:10 PM
    Date of Dream: SUN 2 JUN - 2019

    Dream No. 608 - Separated Sections

    Dream 608 A - The Chicago Wrestler

    I donít remember how this dream start. From where I do remember, WB was a foster child of the neighbours two houses up the court from us. I was hoping I would see WB at Carmenís curtain shop but this didnít seem to be the case. The next scene took place at my old house. My mum had finished making dinner which a roast chicken with roast potatoes, salad and gravy. My mum and brother were already sitting at the dining room table but she was being very accusatory towards him, yelling at him and seemingly belittling him about something.

    Meanwhile, I was on the sitting room with my dad and I could hear what was going on in the dining room. I didnít want to go over yet until the bickering had stopped and I didnít care if my dinner was going to go cold. To me, I thought my mum was saying some outrageous things, so I tried to yell out something in defence of my brother. It didnít seem to work and rather my mum just continued to grill him. They were done eventually though after a while and so I finally went to have my dinner. My mum asked me if I was okay having my dinner cold and I nonchalantly said yes as I knew she was saying I shouldíve come earlier.

    For the next scene, I was in some far away place and was trying to find my way back home by taking a freeway. On the entrance ramp, there was a really long truck trying to get on with me. Eventually, the truck went into my lane but was right in front of me and so this was really frustrating. Later on down the freeway, close to the tunnel, I found a way to overtake and then outrun the truck.

    I ended up at some sort of playground one of the service roads on Priness Hwy. I wanted to find some way to get to the McDonalds on Elonera Road which was the next block down but on the same side of the main road. I went down a hill and found some sort of railroad but it was a dead end, additionally a train was coming and so I had to move out of the way quickly before I would get run over. A lady then came and explained to me why this area was a dead end.

    I went back the way I came but when I looked over to the train area, there were stairs going upto McDonalds! The dream was supposedly tricking me about the dead end but for some reason, I thought the stairs would disappear if I went down there again; so I didnít. Back at the playground, three African boys were approaching me and it looked like they wanted to cause harm. I had to get away as fast as I could, so I ran and it seemed like I ended up on Elonera Road.

    The African boys werenít after me anymore but another menacing man was. It was some older, large, tough looking guy that resembled one of the security staff from my university campus in real life. I knew what was going on even before the guy could get close enough to hit me, it was already obvious that I was in danger. I ended up making a constant ďwee-ooĒ siren noise which seemed to last for ages; I would not stop until someone came to me rescue.

    Eventually, I was getting worried because no one was coming and so I made my sirens louder but soon after, I seemed to perceive a presence, but it wasnít that of a dream guide. The MNW version of Ed-B (wearing the exact same outfit as in the game) came out from the distance and he knew what he had to do, he was ready to have a face-off with the man that was threatening himself upon me.

    We seemed to get into this circle formation on the side footpath. EBo was standing next to me as to protect me and then the security guy was on the opposite side but then there were two characters also next to the guy; they were standing a bit more forward. It was Lucius Constantine (also from MNW) and then it was another version of Lucius that looked also identical but somewhat different as well. I made the discovery that Lucius likely had a brother.

    Lucius went away and EBo turned his attention to the man that was still haunting us with his presence. He went over to the man and tried out some of his wrestling moves on him. Once that man was out of the scene, EBo went over to me and actually picked me up. I ended up being attached to him for the rest of the dream.

    For the next scene, EBo was flying me across a crystal clear blue ocean; there was a reason though, something was about to happen to the secret database of Australia. Someone had infiltrated it and was changing all the city names. Most names had an ďooĒ sound in them but there were exceptions like one being called ĎDuneyluví. I sat, watching from EBo as our Philippine nation neighbours came to help restore the database. The dream ended there.

    Dream 608 B - I Want The Human

    I donít remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, I was calling out for 18-Volt, emphasising that I wanted the human version, not the paper version. Eventually though, a massive paper 18-Volt comes walking down the court, ending up in the driveway. I thought to myself, ďI will move his hands around me and if they stay, this is the human 18-VoltĒ. This was indeed the case. I canít remember anything about this dream.

    Dream 608 A
    Dream Guide: EBo (MNW)
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 608 B
    Dream Guide: 18-Volt
    Lucid?: No
    non-lucid , memorable

    Dream - The Ultimate Betrayal

    by KarlaB18 on 07-24-2019 at 02:47 PM
    Date of Dream: FRI 31 MAY - 2019

    Dream No. 606 - The Ultimate Betrayal

    I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at a distorted version of my real life university campus but I have forgotten what I was doing there. In the next scene, I was flying down some train tracks to attend some sort of event and I had my grandma and my primary school classmate Juliette, one of them pressed up under each arm. For some reason, it felt like I had some feeling of responsibility towards them in this scene.

    I then ended up in some unknown complex but what happened in this scene was most unfavourable. A wedding ceremony was taking place in the main hall but it was going to be between 18-Volt and 13-Amp! Originally, it was going to be for me and 18-Volt but as previously stated, this wasnít the case any more and I was made internally upset by this. I was supposed to lead the prayer but now 18-Volt had asked a priest to do it. The feeling was that 18-Volt didnít want me there but I had a gut determination to show him who I was. As the priest was up on the stage saying the Hail Mary, I said it with him in unison as loud as possible.

    After the prayer, I had gone to a small room at the side of the hall to pick a dress of the racks. I delicately handled one dress which was apparently supposed to be my would-be wedding dress. For this dream, the dresses that I wore/handled seemed to be in one style. The wedding dress was a cream colour with a stiff upwards collar, capped sleeves and a straight skirt. Though the second time I looked at this dress, the skirt seemed to be a bit wider (not as pencil like; more mermaid like).

    Later on in the dream, I had left the area to come to some young guy by the name of Anthony (not the real life family member). He seemed to be my dream guide in this dream or at least someone I felt I could speak to when I was upset. He asked me how the last scene (in the hall) went and I told him, I forgot what I had said though. He commended me as he said not many people could be so bold and confident in pulling off such a thing (loudly reciting that prayer to be heard) when they were upset.

    I realised that later on, I would be participating in an MNW wresting tournament but by going onto a Twitch channel, I could pick which tournament I was in. I had picked the tournament that had the closest line up of me facing 18-Volt. I was scheduled to face some floating flame guy and if I won against him, then I would be facing 18-Volt. There was a reason for wanting to face 18-Volt and this was once again to show him who I am and that I was not going to be played like that and trifled with.

    It was then time to determine what outfit I was going to wear for the tournament. I went back into the room next to the hall that I was picking dresses from earlier. For my wrestling outfit, it was a pine green lace dress with the same collar, bodice, and sleeves but this time, the skirt was pleated and flared. I then also picked the shoes which were there extremely sparkly, silver high heels. The look I had in mind for myself as a character was an ďOriental goddessĒ. The next thing I was going to do was apply make up that would make me look Asian and do my hair in a fancy way.

    Back out I went into the corridors and asked Anthony if he could give me the things I needed to make myself up. I got a hairbrush, a few hair-ties and a couple of other objects but I canít remember what they were. I went into the room with the double bed to make myself up but I had to be careful. Originally, this was going to be mine and 18-Voltís room but now it was 18-Voltís and 13-Ampís room, so 18-Volt would get mad at me if he saw me in the roomÖ This was the only room I felt was available to me though, so I sat on the bed and hurried to style myself.

    The main hall was now empty for the MNW tournament and I entered to meet my opponent. I was still angry about the betrayal though and so called out to the dream and protested that I wanted to face 18-Volt. The dream listened and I was automatically graduated from the flame guy to 18-Volt. He came into the room in his Warioware Gold appearance and stood across from me. Although this was supposed to be MNW, the current scene did not seem to express wrestling at all. Rather, there were a team of identical people beside me and the same beside 18-Volt.

    We were to fire arrows at each other within a given amount of time and whoever fired the most arrows (out of 30) before time runs out would win. I ended up firing 4/30 and 18-Volt seemed to be tied on 4/30 as well. With just a few seconds on the clock though, 18-Volt had managed to fire a 5th arrow and the dream had gone into slow motion, showing the arrow hitting me and actually knocking me out. I had lost the match and so I was now eliminated from the tournament.

    I had gone but apparently 18-Volt wasnít going to have his win. Trashman Jones (Takahata101) had come out of nowhere and lined himself up at the far end of the hall, the energy perceived by him was that he wasnít going to let 18-Volt get away with what he had done; Trashman was going to avenge me. Not only that but apparently this was going to be a tag-team match, the flame opponent joined Trashman as well. In this dream, Trashman Jones seemed to be wearing some fluro green vest over his black clothing.

    Both Trashman and the flame had closed in on 18-Volt; this was now a wrestling match. After Trashman kicking 18-Volt a few times, a couple of suplexes and then stamping his foot into him, followed by one final kick, Trashman and the flame had won. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream No. 606
    Dream Guide: Anthony
    Lucid?: No
    non-lucid , memorable

    Dream - The Minecraft Tower

    by KarlaB18 on 07-24-2019 at 02:39 PM
    Date of Dream: WED 29 MAY - 2019

    Dream No. 605 - The Minecraft Tower

    I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at home with my mum when I told her that I needed 18-Volt for something, I then ended up calling him. The dream scene somehow morphed without my knowledge that it was morphing. I now wandered into what looked like a slightly distorted version of my parentsí bedroom in my old house and saw 18-Volt in the bed. He was halfway between Warioware Gold and realistic appearance and he was comforting an exact copy of me. 18-Volt looked up and noticed me, inviting me to come over to him. I didnít want to inconvenience him, so I said Iíd get going but he insisted for me to stay. I sat on the side of the bed, 18-Volt still massaging the other me with one hand but now he had his other arm around me.

    I was then back at my current house but now 18-Volt was also there was well. He started carrying me down the court but in a different position to usual. He had me facing outwards but I felt like I was dangling, though he seemed to eventually noticed this and so adjusted me accordingly. Even though he was standing upright, it felt like I was somehow sitting on his leg (I donít know how the dream put me into such a strange angle but it worked).

    We were now just roaming the streets as I enjoyed his presence, relaxing as he carried me. I said to him that before the dream finished, I wanted him to walk me down the creek track as it would be a pleasant and tranquil experience. The streets he went down matched how the look in real life. Hilariously and effortlessly, when 18-Volt came across street curbs, he jumped over them like a hurdle. He then continued to walk me down the alley way and onto the track.

    On the track, in the distance, there was this huge, tall structure made of realistic Minecraft materials with large sized niches every metre or so. At this point in the dream, 18-Voltís jumping became very elastic; if he bent down low enough, he could jump very high. As 18-Volt levitated in the dream, he struggled to get onto one of the niches. It sounded like I was complaining but I was just frantically telling him what to do to get into one of the niches. Once we finally got into a niche, he turned out and slowly faced me out from left to right so we could enjoy the view.

    The scene then changed but I have forgotten what happened in the middle scene of the dream. The last scene took place at some sort of beach-side town on a cold and very cloudy day. I canít remember the exact details but my mum was putting pressure on me to do something; to go on a walk somewhere. I saw a guy outside on the coast though and he seemed to be freezing his backside off and also seemed to be struggling in the wind.

    I knew what the guy was going through and so I was going to call a dream guide to help him. Originally, I was going to call 18-Volt but then I thought that Dreamy WB would be better suited to this situation. I called and she came pretty quickly. Later on in the scene, I was with 18-Volt again but I have forgotten what happened. I woke up at 7:15 AM due to the morning alarm.

    Dream No. 605
    Dream Guide: Dreamy WB & 18-Volt
    Lucid?: No
    non-lucid , memorable

    Dream - Marking Ancient Assignments

    by KarlaB18 on 07-24-2019 at 02:36 PM
    Date of Dream: TUE 28 MAY - 2019

    Dream No. 604 - Marking Ancient Assignments

    I donít remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, MM was acting a high school history teacher even though she was teaching my university classmates. There were these assignments from students in 2009, which even though TMar. said to ignore, she insisted on marking them; papers from 10 years ago! The dream showed her marking these papers that belonged to a few Killester students. They were made into a booklets and were a collage of random images. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream No. 604
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

    Dream - Your Wish Is My Command & New Spotlight

    by KarlaB18 on 07-24-2019 at 02:32 PM
    Date of Dream: SUN 26 MAY - 2019

    Dream No. 603 - Separated Sections

    Dream 603 A - Your Wish Is My Command

    I donít remember much about this dream, although I can recall that this was a big dream. From where I do remember, every time something happened, I called for Dreamy WB and she would actually come straight away, like she was super responsive in this dream. She had the ladybug hairstyle and the clothing that she wore was something red/pink in colour but I have forgotten what the garment was; I think it was the jumper matched with black leggings and black canvas runners.

    She knew what to do in any situation; they happened sequentially one-by-one in this dream. At first, she would hug me but then in some of the later situations, she started coaching me and talking to me like a therapist. Also, in some other of the later issue, she did what she does best, dealing with them head on as she actually spoke to the person causing the problem. I recall that at one point, I became really upset after something happened and so she actually had an extremely long, deep and meaningful talk to me. Sadly, I canít remember any more details of this dream.

    Dream 603 B - New Spotlight

    I donít remember much of about this dream. From where I do remember, I was shopping at the Dandenong Plaza but it had seem to undergo some sort of construction modification in one area. There was a floor now below the level 2 food-court whereas in real life, there isnít. There was also a new Spotlight store that was open but it was odd as the store looked very empty and almost like a warehouse. I walked in and asked a lady where the craft supplies were. She said they could be anywhere in the store but I couldnít find them at all, they actually werenít shipped in yet. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream 603 A
    Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 603 B
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No