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    Dream - Ridiculous Contract

    by KarlaB18 on 02-18-2018 at 11:39 AM
    Date of Dream: SUN 18 FEB - 2018

    Dream No. 284 - Ridiculous Contract

    The dream started with me being in the Target store at Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre. It was dark in this Target and it was like there was a Christmas display and lightshow going on. In this scene, I was always mentioning how I had a performance coming up at 1:00 PM. When I first looked at my watch, it was 10:00 AM, at least that's how I perceived it in the dream, but the reality was that it was 10 past 12. Then then next time I looked at the watch, I said it was 11:00 AM but it was really only 5 past 12. The 12:00 time was accurate because both hands had to be on the 12, so there was no distortion of time perception.

    When it did reach 12:00 PM, I approached a man in the store and told him I had to go. I was at this random place that I knew nothing about in regards to my surroundings. I had gotten there just before 12:30 PM, so I went to find the stage technician who was going to help me set up for my performance. She was some tall, young Indian/Sri-Lankan lady who wore all black. She told me she had the amplifier, PA, mic and DI box but no laptop input. I pulled a short cable out of my back pack but she said that it wouldn't work for connecting to the PA. She did mention though that it could connect to a pre-amp.

    I told her I had a pre-amp but it wasn't with me at the moment. I was then in the car with my dad and I was talking to him about the pre-amp. He told me it was still with EW and so that idea was inconvenient. My dad did try to call EW but he said that he still needed it and so I couldn't have the pre-amp any time soon. I was then back at the event, telling the lady that we don't have the pre-amp. That's all of what I can remember for that scene.

    The next major scene was at Camelot Rise primary school but it served as all a primary, secondary and tertiary place of education. The first class was a tertiary class, tax revision with JLou. While she was going through the answers with MN, I listened in and independently corrected the work I did. Next, I was with the year 12 cohort, which I was a part of in the dream. Through rumours, I heard that it was Ms L's birthday and so everyone from the year level was lining up at her office to give their wishes.

    I was then roaming around the school, seeing what other classes were taking place. I ended up exploring most of the primary school section. While I was in that area, the class teacher of 1/2G was trying to get my attention but when I looked at my watch, I realised I had to get back to the year 12 area for my next class, so I couldn't talk to him. I ended up flying past his classroom and into obscurity.

    For a moment I was confident that I was heading back to the year 12 area but the surroundings were just becoming more and more unfamiliar. Soon, I came across a sign that said “Tasmania” and the school grounds were filled with all these hilly mounds of sand, like I was approaching some desert. I only became more and more nervous and when I knew I was truly lost, I started calling for Dreamy WB. For a while, there was no response and the degree of me getting lost was only getting worse.

    I called for her a few times, still nothing. So I added a few words onto that. Eventually, I said “Dreamy WB help me I'm lost! I'm going to be in trouble if I don't get back!”. After my last-ditch plea for help, I feel something. I'm not flying myself anymore and rather I become stationary in mid-air. I am then pulled back slightly, and then it starts. I am pulled in a backwards motion really fast, back towards the year 12 area. Over there, I try to find my class but I can't. I ask a few Killester teachers where mine might be and they said to either find Ms Gab. or someone else that I have forgotten the identity of.

    I can't find my Killester class teacher anywhere, now walking out of the year 12 area; that's when Dreamy WB comes out of invisibility and into her human form. She had her hair straight and she was wearing a black camisole with black leggings and black canvas shoes. We ended up in the central undercover area and that's when I questioned Dreamy WB about what I should do. We went up to the library but there was no one in there.

    Back at the central undercover area, I came up with an idea. I said to her that I was going to make an announcement for the teacher to come and find me. While rehearsing the idea in my head, a paper contract appears in my hands and in bold writing at the top was “Breach of Dream Contract”. I think to myself, “what a stupid preposition. Since when did my dreams have contract conditions?”. I had a good read of what it was and apparently I wasn't allowed to make public announcements to find my teachers. There were then some bullet points of consequences; I remember one being “deduction of K-points”.

    I found that contract so stupid that I was frowning and my nose was all screwed up, with my mouth being twisted in a sideways direction. I thought “bull****” as I then passed the contract onto Dreamy WB to read; I wanted her judgement on the situation. She was also pulling her face at the contract and then she told me not to worry about it. So then I decided to go with it and rehearse what I was going to say in the announcement.

    I didn't need any PA system or megaphone, apparently I could amplify my voice independently on command. As I took a breath in, the dream started the fading out process on me. During the fade out, I still found the power to rehearse and this is what I said; “Excuse me for this interruption but could the current classroom teacher of Karla Bader please make their way to the undercover area and present themselves to Miss W T. Thankyou”. As the dream was just about to end, Ms DeW. is coming up to the undercover area and just as she is approaching the stairs to come down to me and Dreamy WB, I wake up.

    Dream Trophies Achieved:
    - None

    Updated 02-19-2018 at 12:07 PM by KarlaB18

    non-lucid , memorable

    Dream - A New Menance

    by KarlaB18 on 02-18-2018 at 11:27 AM
    Date of Dream: THU 15 FEB - 2018

    Dream No. 283 - A New Menace

    I don't remember much of this dream. It was night time and I was in a 2D version of Paris based on the Sly games but the platforming style was like Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Sly was also roaming around but he wasn't a significant character. What was significant was a menacing 3D figure in the 2D background. It was Clockwerk and his eyes were a really bright yellow. He was really close as it eyes were locked onto me, watching my every move. That's all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream Trophies Achieved:
    - None

    Dream - You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours

    by KarlaB18 on 02-14-2018 at 01:51 PM
    Date of Dream: WED 14 FEB - 2018

    Dream No. 282 - You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours

    I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was in a renovated version of Waverley Gardens shopping centre which was four or five stories high. After looking in some shops of my own, like Kmart, I went back into the mall. I was now looking for some fancier clothes shops and at the same time, calling for Dreamy WB. I wasn't sure where the clothes shops were but eventually, someone told me they were on the third floor. I was on the second floor and so I had to go up one set of escalators. I called for Dreamy WB a bit before stepping up onto the escalators but I couldn't perceive anything, so I proceeded to the third floor.

    When I got to the third floor, I continued calling for her, at a more repetitive frequency. A middle aged lady approached me and said that Dreamy WB was on the second floor and that I should meet her down there. I quietly thought to myself, “I was just down there a minute ago, I'm not going back”. That interpreted to me saying to the lady, “Dreamy WB can come up here, as a dream guide she is very capable of it”. For the remainder of that portion of the scene, I just wondered aimlessly around the escalators on the third floor while continuing to call for her. She wasn't there and so I wondered a bit farther to see some people that looked like her but I could tell it wasn't her because there wasn't that special energy around yet.

    I eventually ended up near another set of escalators and I saw Dreamy WB near them, casually strolling as if she had gotten off them some time ago. In this dream, she looked very small and cute and was literally only half my size. Her hair was in the style of a ladybug split at the top with a small frizzy pigtail peering out the back. She was wearing a black singlet top and black jean-like pants... Dreamy WB always seems to wear all-black these days. We hugged for a very long time and then because she was so small, we swapped roles and I picked her up and carried her around the shops while looking around at the various stock on offer.

    After a while the scene changed and it was past midnight, in the early hours of the morning at my current house. I was in my bedroom but I forgot what I was doing in there. My mum came in there and said that she was going to go soon to take CK back to Melton. She said I should come with her and so I agreed. We ended up leaving after having a piece of Valentine's Day cake. It ended up being that the whole family went even though the dream specified that it was something like 2:00 AM in the morning. Only a short scene played after that where my mum and I were driving around this random suburb; it must have been Melton.

    The next scene played and it was on the way back from Melton. On the way back, the family were in two cars except the arrangement was weird. My mum and dad were in my mum's car and me and my brother were taking my dad's car. In real life, none of us are good at driving our dad's car and this reflected in the dream too. My brother was nervous because he didn't know who was going drive but eventually, I decided to do so.

    What's weird is that I was in the front seat but on the left side, not the right side where the steering wheel was. I did nothing and the car automatically went straight. It was only when approaching traffic lights that we had to do something. While still glued to the left-side seat, I put my foot over the gearbox and stretched to apply it onto the brake. I had to apply the same method a couple of times as traffic lights turned red on us.

    I found the method of driving okay until I found out we were about to approach the freeway and that's when I started panicking. Although I was nervous, I did go onto the freeway but things started to go wrong on there. Before we got too far away, I managed to somehow do a u-turn on the freeway and got off at the exit we originally got on from. When we were back on the normal roads, I found some way to pull over and get out of the car and then come back in and into the correct position, being the actual driver's seat. While we were driving back towards the freeway, I did make a comment to my brother, something like “This is ridiculous, mum and dad are in a car together and we're all by ourselves with no one skilled enough to instruct me!”.

    As soon as we drove ahead of their car and out of their sight, a faded hologram of Dreamy WB is seen floating within the passenger's seat of our car, not sitting down but rather half her body is seen upright and hovering as she looked directly towards me and my driving habits. I saw that she was wearing her white, red and black Oktoberfest outfit with her asymmetrical but neat afro. In this scene she didn't speak but rather pointed and made various smiling facial expressions to give me instructions. I was now confident behind the wheel and continued to drive with no sense of doubt until I woke up.

    Dream Trophies Achieved:
    - Invincible Dreamer (Receive 25 hugs from Dreamy WB)

    >> 1. Tight hug at the swimming carnival (136 A)
    >> 2. Hugged me after the hissing kitten (164 A)
    >> 3. Hugged me when I found her at the hairdressers (167 A)
    >> 4. Hugged me when the water was rising (183)
    >> 5. Held me in a hugging position before the dental appointment (201 A)
    >> 6. Held me in a hugging position on the board (201 B)
    >> 7. Gave both my mum and I affection when we were distressed (206)
    >> 8. Just randomly gave me a hug out of the blue (208)
    >> 9. Gave me heaps of affection before promising to put me to bed (216 B)
    >> 10. Hugged me when practising a position for the lift (223)
    >> 11. Hugged me outside when on the two chairs (225)
    >> 12. Hugged me when I found her around the corner (227)
    >> 13. Hugged me in the bathroom in front of the basin (228)
    >> 14. Felt like I was being hugged when she carried me down the hill (231)
    >> 15. Was hugged when I saw her on the oval (235 A)
    >> 16. Hugged each other in bed in the lucid dream (239)
    >> 17. Felt like I was being hugged when she strapped me in for fast travel (240 A)
    >> 18. Hugged me while carrying me through the nature walk track (245)
    >> 19. Held me while transporting me back to the TAFE (249)
    >> 20. Hugged each other at the end of the lucid component (251 B)
    >> 21. Hugged as she helped me with the lift situation (263)
    >> 22. Hugged as she helped me with the lift situation, again (273 B)
    >> 23. Comforted me when I was upset (275 B)
    >> 24. Hugged me and my family in the house (280 A)
    >> 25. Hugged each other when we met up at the shops (282)

    Updated 02-19-2018 at 07:19 AM by KarlaB18

    non-lucid , memorable

    Special - KarlaB18's Dream Trivia

    by KarlaB18 on 02-11-2018 at 11:56 AM
    After having approximately 280 dreams in the journalling system and some spectacular ones in there, I thought I'd compile some fun and amazing facts about my dreams. Some things you may have picked up already from reading my general entries and other things, they may have been a complete surprise until now. I'll update the facts every now and then so they're up to date. So without further ado, let's begin!

    Waking Life Journalling:
    - As of January 2018, dreams have been recorded into the journal over 273 nights.
    - With dreams each night being separated into A, B and further letters, there may be nearly 500 dreams.
    - The highest letter reached on the journalling system was F, which means that there were six dreams remembered in one night.
    - The first dream to be officially documented into the computer system was in 2012.
    - As of 31 January 2018, a total of 13 lucid dreams have been recorded.

    Dreamer Identity
    - No one has ever called me by my name in a dream.
    - Most dreams between 2012 and 2016 took place with my wearing my school uniform.
    - My dreams have never heavily distorted me.
    - Besides dream guides, I am the next most powerful and intelligent character in my dreams.
    - In the real world, I am 19 but in the dream world, I am still 18.

    - My elements are an exact replica of Spyro's set. What's different about them is the kind of attacks I perform as well as other abilities that Spyro does not have evident in games.
    - My primary element was ice, but in more recent dreams, this has been shifted to earth.
    - If I put my mind to it (literally), I can control an occurrence for any other dream character.
    - Controversially, I am stronger in non-lucids and weaker in lucids.
    - In one dream, I stopped Murray from falling to death by using my earth element to create an anti-gravity field around him.
    - In an encounter with flying robotic enemies, the electricity element had caused them to malfunction and the result was that they fell down, ultimately being destroyed on ground impact.

    Dream Guides:
    - There have been a total of 12 dream guides (9 males and 3 females) in the dream time-line.
    - Dream guides weren't formally recognized until Dreamy WB's début in Dream No. 76.
    - Initials of the current dream guide were originally supposed to be Dreamy WT but this was changed to reflect the comparison of identity to her waking life counterpart.
    - Dreamy TH, Noah, Dreamy NN and Murray are substitute dream guides for when situations do not allow the current assigned dream guide to be present.
    - Murray was not supposed to be a dream guide and rather, I was supposed to be his dream guide; but uncontrolled actions by him tended to replicate Dreamy WB's methods.
    - On serious occasions, Murray results to consulting me in my bedroom, preferably while having a hug with me under sheets.
    - Murray is the only dream guide that isn't human.
    - As of 31 January 2018, Dreamy WB has appeared in dreams over 81 nights.
    - Dreamy WB is the only dream guide with an alternate name.
    - Even though not in dreams together, dream guides must know about each other as Dreamy SW appeared when there was a crisis with Dreamy WB and she wasn't even asked in the first place.
    - Noah is the only dream guide that hasn't been thought of in waking life.
    - Dreamy WB is the most intelligent dream guide.
    - Dreamy WB is so advanced that she can pass on and teach techniques of guidance to other dream characters.
    - Dreamy WB's default race is African but she once appeared as European in Dream No. 216 B.
    - Dreamy WB is the only dream guide to be messed around and potentially bullied by the "Awareness Behind The Dream".
    - There is such a thing as an aggressive dream guide, Dreamy JSe was one of them.
    - Since Dream No. 231, Dreamy WB has developed the ability to appear even without request from the dreamer.
    - Dreamy WB is the most gentle and affectionate female dream guide.
    - All male dream guides after Dreamy WB in the time-line are equally as gentle and affectionate as each other but in their own unique ways.
    - The dream guide with the shortest amount of service time was Dreamy TH who only interacted with me when I was at one of his singing events.

    Dream Characters:

    - The most aggressive dream characters are my parents.
    - All immediate family members have appeared in at least one dream.
    - Most unknown dream characters seem to be quite strict and cold in their personality.
    - My brother is the most "pushed around" character in my dreams.
    - My cat is portrayed as ferocious.
    - LB is the weakest character, at least thought of by me in dreams.
    - Most teachers tend to have negative associations attached to them.

    Character Relationships:
    - I rely on my mum a lot in dreams where she is passive.
    - Dreamy WB has helped my mum out of trouble in two dreams to date so far.
    - In one dream, Dreamy WB and Murray worked in tandem to calm me down after an upsetting situation.
    - There was one dream with a DreamViews user in it but their identity was not revealed.
    - I am only ever severely bullied by male characters.
    - Although they have never met, WB and Dreamy WB are aware of each other (As of 9 February 2018).
    - As of 10 February 2018, WB and Dreamy WB have met but they do not get along with each other.
    - As of 31 January 2018, Dreamy WB had successfully disciplined my parents in 3 dreams.
    - On rare occasions, I have had to provide discipline to Logan (SML) although he is older than me.
    - Even I work with them, I am not a part of the Cooper Gang, nor do I want to be labelled with such description. Rather, I am their realm leader; without me, they would not be able to perform well in the dream world.
    - My deceased grandfather used to be a nightmare but through stong-willed techniques in the waking world, he has been transformed into a passive but friendly dream character.
    - I am always standing up for my brother in dreams where he isn't sided with my parents.
    side notes

    Dreams - Snacks At A Ransom Price

    by KarlaB18 on 02-11-2018 at 03:37 AM
    Date of Dream: SUN 11 FEB - 2018

    Dream No. 281 - Snacks At A Ransom Price

    I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was driving towards the area of Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre. Just as I was passing the Shell petrol station, I noticed that there was a problem with the way that other people on the roads were driving. In Australia, the laws are that you drive on the left side of the road but everyone was driving on the right side of the road, so I thought they would smash into my car. Thank goodness that actually didn't happen, rather, the cars went to the correct side of the road to overtake me but then they went back to the wrong side.

    As I was driving into the entrance of the Shopping Centre, I saw AD on the footpath but I forgot what she was doing specifically. I continued to drive into the carpark and the area was a lot different in comparison to real life. I soon realised what I was doing and that I was supposed to meet my mum in the shops later on in the dream; but for now, I just drove around the carpark, exploring it a bit. There were heaps of escalator and lift entrances, I parked near one of them. Looking on one of the shopping centre maps placed in the carpark, I saw a Kmart and realised that the shopping complex was a lot bigger than in real life.

    Behind the lift entrance, there was actually a convenience store in the underground carpark! I went into the convenience store which has heaps of food supplies compared to what would be in a normal petrol station. I decided to get a couple of snacks and so I went to the all the shelves to have a look around. I finally decided on some flavoured water as well as a double chocolate bar pack with a bonus Ferrero Rocher.

    When I got to the counter, I was shocked to hear the lady say that all these items came to a cost of $1,294.00. I didn't agree with the pricing and so I told her it was too expensive. There was some young Asian man next to me at the counter that was supporting the lady's methods. I wasn't happy and I said that they were charging a ridiculous amount. The man finally gave up and said that they would charge me $888.88 instead.

    I still wasn't happy, and to prove the ridiculous pricing to them, I went over to the shelves to check the marked prices for myself. I came back and I told them, “The water is $5.90, the chocolate pack is $4.39, therefore that should actually be coming down to $10.29. Now because of your stupidity I would be tempted to give you nothing, but because I am a good samaritan, I will give you the $10.30”. I reached into my bag and pulled out a 10 dollar note, putting it onto the counter when I then opened my purse and got out a 10 and 20 cent coin to make up 30 cents. The dream then changed scenes.

    For the last scene of the dream, I was at this random house; the house was unknown as shown from the outside. When it came to the inside of the house though, I was in my bedroom which appeared exactly the same as it is in real life. It's day time (probably the morning) when I am in bed and Murray, Sly 4 appearance, is lying down with me. He told me to get closer to him for a hug. So I slid slightly closer and he locked me into a lengthy, tight hug. This lasted until I woke up.

    Dream Trophies Achieved:

    - None

    Updated 02-11-2018 at 07:11 AM by KarlaB18

    non-lucid , false awakening