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      14/11/2007 - The Escape and Advanced task attempt number 3

      The Escape and Advanced task attempt number 3

      This one I chose because I really enjoyed the aerobatics when leaping from the roofs and also towards the end I exerted some control in manipulating my environment which for me is the most enjoyable part of lucid dreams, I love to see the beauty of the land scape's im in.

      The Escape and Advanced task attempt number 3

      Im in a gym and its a large gym at that, I have been working out for 2 or 3 hours and my muscles are really hurting. I go back to the counter pay for another hour to use the gym, apparently its a pay as you go gym lol.

      Im using a step machine and my legs are killing me! and I dont think I can do it anymore so I head to do some bicep curls....

      The dream shifts and im preforming oral sex on a girl... I wont go into details.....

      Dream shifts again and im sitting in a small room talking to a bunch of Muslim guys, things are getting heated because I stuck up for a gay guy when they were bullying him.

      They are telling me that I am like one of "them" and its against their religon, I tell them that im not gay I just hate to see people hurt and I say "the reason I stuck up for him is because I once got bullied alot about this same type of shit and I know how bad it feels!"

      They start talking amongst them selfs in their language and I start to feel uncomfortable when suddenly they grab hold of me, one on each side and one holding my feet. They lift me off the ground and carry me out the shop.

      Im scarred now I think they are gonna kill me, one of the men closes the shutters of the shop and I reach out and grab the metal mesh. I start climbing and im on top of the roof. I run to the far side and start climbing down the shutters on the other side when I see one of the men come running round the corner.

      I climb back up and panic because im surrounded, I run and jump a meter or so to the next roof when I see one of the men climb onto the roof. I run and jump up onto a higher roof. I start to think that this is strange and I suddenly know that im dreaming!

      The Asian man is still chasing me and I jumping doing a forward flip in the air and land on another higher roof. I run and jump off the end of the building doing a back flip and I land crouched on a massive field. I have lost my persuer in the process.

      I fly up between 2 tall trees when the ground suddenly drops away and im maybe a thousand ft above the ground I can see a caravan park far below and floating close to the ground are clouds. The clouds look fake and uniform in shape and size they are also positioned in a grid like there is one cloud to each corner of the square of a grid.

      I fly down incredibly fast and land next to a caravan, I want to eventually crack this task so before I look at my reflection in the dark window I tell myself that I will be female when I look, but im not so once again I concentrate on changing my features but I cant!! im annoyed at this so I go to another caravan to see if I can find some woman to try to inhabit.

      My mind drifts and for a second I think about sex but instead I see some fat dude towel drying himself in the window which was strange! I fly a little way from the caravan park and land when things start to dim down so I start rubbing my hands together which look like a blur and I shout increase lucidity now!

      A small square patch of grass turns so beautifully bright and the flowers glow blue and white and yellow and they are so bright! the rest of the scene fades to nothingness and I wake up.
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      That sounds great, man.

      Jumping and acrobatics are definitely some of my favorite things to do, in lucid dreams. There's really nothing like it.

      And, the way those guys picked you up and took you that secluded room, I would have been freaking out, too!
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