Date: Night- Feb. 13th, Day- Feb. 14th
Lucid: Yes, Twice
Feelings: Happy, Exciting, Action-packed, Quite amusing
Locations: A Media Store, Some rolling hills, A house, A match of a shooting game, Someone's driveway, A small lake by a pool,
a large facility, someone's apartment.
Dreamsigns: Nothing.. no seriously.
Technique Used: Un-intentional Wake Back to Bed, DILD

Last night I had gotten ALOT of sleep because I was sick, so I had woken up quite a few times. This is what made the WBTB happen, but is also the reason why many of my dreams are fragmented.
I am preparing myself to type a wall of text here...because I know it will be long... Here we go.

Another Day on the Job

Okay. In the very first dream I remember I am working at a type of media store. Kind of like a Best Buy or Circuit City type of place. This dream is a little tough to recall, but I do remember some guys asking me if they could return a PC game if it didn't work, so I opened up the box to check the type of disc it was. I told them that I was sure it would be fine. They come back to me several minutes later and tell me that they aren't allowed to purchase the game because it's opened. I'm all confused as hell, because there is no reason they shouldn't be allowed to purchase an opened product. I'm talking abot it to one of my fellow employee's, and she says that they're firing me anyway, so I shouldn't give a shit. I inform her that I am just seasonal help, I'm not getting "fired". Regardless, that dream doesn't connect to any of my other dreams, so I assume I woke up at this point.

Flying through the Hills

I'm walking around in this goregous green valley, that has trees and all sorts of flowers blooming on the ground. There's a large rock face to the left of me and my two friends. I'm walking with what seems to be Ron and Harry from the Harry Potter movies. We're just walking, and chilling. We're admiring the scenery, when all of a sudden Ron starts flipping out. " GO GO!"

So I turn around, and see a shit load of little critter things in the distance... running at us. Yep, we're about to get raped by thousands of rodents. So I grab both of their hands, and start running. Theres a small hill up ahead. We're all laughing and stuff, so it's not like we're scared. I run off the hill holding both of their hands, and we shoot off in the air. We think we're good, but we land again. So I run off another hill, and this time I imagine Ron and Harry having wings, which keeps us up in the air.

Note: I wasn't lucid at this point, so it was odd that I intentionally imagined them having wings to help us fly.

So, we land a bit far away, and we're no longer in the valley. We're in a small neighborhood. We walk behind someone's house, and through a line of trees. Theres a decent sized body of water with a house in the center of it off on a peninsula. So, at this point.. I don't know what triggered it, but I held my nose and I could breathe. I doubled checked my looking at my hands. They were kind of wobbly, but I didn't have any extra fingers or anything, so I pushed my finger through my hand. At this point, I knew I was dreaming. I never got real excited, and the dream was vivid enough, so I kept going along with it. I was about to tell the two guys that I was going to leave, but then I see someone standing on the deck of the house in the middle of the lake. So, I look at him and try to will him away. That didn't work, so I tried to shoot a fireball at him, but nothing. I couldn't even Hadouken...
So I walk up to the house, and the mother of the house is getting pissed at me because I was in their backyard. I didn't give a fuck, obviously. I just kind of walked past her, inspecting the house. I laid down on one of the beds, bouncing up and down. I was just having a good time, when all of a sudden, the lights went out. I look around.. kind of confused. I notice I'm not in the same place anymore. Theres another person in a bed next time me, and a girl on the ground. I look at the girl on the ground, and oh boy.. let me tell you.. she's goregous. So I make out with her for about 10 minutes, and then all of a sudden, a siren goes off. I'm like.. WTFFF!

The Arena

So, for anyone whose ever played any kind of first person shooter game, you'll understand what I feeling throughout this section. Well... the siren goes off, and I'm like.. "Oh... That's great..."

All of a sudden, the guy that was on the other side of the bed appears in like, light armor holding a battle rifle kind of gun. I look at the girl again, and she's wearing the armor. Now theres like 5 other people around me, and they're wearing the armor too. Some gates open up in the front of the room, and everyone runs out. I look down, and I'm holding a gun, and wearing the armor too. So.. I follow them. I guess it's kind of like a first person online shooting game, except in real life. So, I'm running around, attempting to gun people down. After a while, I notice that I'm the only one left on my team, and theres two guys left on the other team. I find a bed sheet like thing in the corner, and hide under it. This way, I figure the timer will run out and the game will be a draw. Everything goes black really quick, like the game is paused or something. I appear (or respawn?) on this driveway. I assume I died or something, but I didn't feel any pain or pressure or anything. It appears as though I'm completely done with that shooting thing, and the girl and the other guy are nowhere to be seen.

The Giant Boss

So, here I am, in this driveway. Theres another kid there, and he's just shooting hoops. The house I'm in front of is just a medium sized two-story home. I have a can in my hand. It's like a really long thin can. I assume it held pop or an energy drink, but it's empty. I'm a good long distance away from the hoop, but I'm still lucid, so why not! I throw the can, and it hits the backboard, and bounces in. The other kid goes nuts, like.. "OH MY GOD! THAT WAS SWEEET!" and all this shit.

So, he's kind of throwing this can around, trying to get it in the hoop, when a car pulls up to his driveway. It's sitting at the bottom of the driveway, horizontally blocking the driveway. We walk up to it, but it drives off. We keep walking do
wn the street, and come to an above-ground pool. Theres a pool, and then a chain fence perpendicular to the side of the pool. We walk around the pool, and I notice it's now me, some girl, and some other guy. Sometime while walking down the street, I lost lucidity, so I'm just going with the flow right now. We walk over to the chain link fence, and theres a body of water. It looks like a kind of harbor, and we're standing on the docks. All of a sudden, some big mother fucking squid thing pops out of the water. It's really sylistic, not realistic looking at all. It pops out, and we all start shooting at it with guns that just popped into our hands. I'm laughing and having a great time, it's really fun. The thing pops up into the air and splashes into the water, making a HUGE wave that hits us and skids us across the ground. I'm basically underwater washing away. We come back up, and the other two people have already lost all their health. It's sorta like a videogame, so the thing actually comes out of the water. I'm like.. "SHIT."

I run over to the side of the pool and try to hide. I find a stone block. I pick it up and use it to fend off the monster's attacking tentacle. I run at it, and turn around. There's a pair of steps that leads into the pool, so I take a leaping jump, and jump off the steps into the pool. The monster jumps into the pool, and I try to crawl out the side. I get out, and start running. The monster is chasing me, and so I"m running for this huge facility I see in the distance. It's a giant building and theres a bunch of people outside of it. I'm gaining distance away from the monster, and a bunch of military guys around the base see it. I run into the base, and hear gunshots. I stand inside the facility and wait. All of a sudden, theres this giant shift. Like.. it's hard to explain. I know that the monster is defeated. I walk around the facility, and see two guys in doctor's outfits talking to each other.

The Apartment

I past them, and into this guy's apartment. Theres a bunch of people around, and I'm talking to them. We're talking about how to become lucid, and I automatically know I'm dreaming. For about 10 minutes I investigate the apartment, but eventually wake up.

Comments on Dreams

I really enjoyed this selection because I haven't been lucid in ages, and when I finally did become lucid last month, it was two in one night. It was quite amazing, and the vividness of the dream was just amazing. Besides that, I had SO much fun.