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      All to real to be unreal

      Hi fellow dreamers i j ust wish to share my dream last night and welcome any ideas or anything at all really,well here goes -

      I had a very realistic dream last night where i had just got back with my ex whom i have been in contact with a lot recently,but nothing apart from chatting on social network site,in my dream we had got back together,only a few days,when both of us where in this house i presume it was a house but it wasnt decorated or anything,we where just checking it out when my ex decided to go searching for how the water wasnt working,she had been away far too long and after shouting on her i never got a reply,so upon searching for her i found her in what looked like an old boiler like the copper ones only it had a lid,after lifting the lid i saw her under the water looking up at me with her eyes open but she was dead,dont know how,i presume drowned,i lifted her out and was in some state of shock,her body was lifeless,tried in vane to bring her back around but without luck,next in the dream was having to tell her family which was very realistic too,resulting in they wanted her buried in the back yard,which i seemed to get the planning permission for and the burial took place,i awoke just after sitting with her kids on my knee telling them how wonderful there mum was,i woke up saturated in sweat and very dissorientated from the dream and have been feeling strange all day,any ideas on this would be grateful,as i said i very rarely dream or i do but never remember them but this was so realistic right down to the detail,thanks anyone with ideas,

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      It was a realistic dream.
      During my most vivid lucid dream I have taken the time to study the textures, smells, details, tastes, sounds, and everything else from my dreams. Some of them have been absolutely and completely real to me. I remember looking out across my lawn and seeing millions of individual blades of grass.
      How can it be possible for my brain to process this kind of detail in a dream?
      The same way it's possible for me to process this kind of detail in real life. "The world" around us is nothing more than our brain's interpretation of our surroundings. Because of that, a dream can be every bit as realistic as real life, and even more so.

      I'm not trying to make light of what you are saying.
      I, even more than the average person I meet, knows just how damned real everything can look and feel. This is what makes lucid dreaming so fascinating to me.
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